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Civilopedia is Live

The online Civilopedia is now live! You can find it at The only thing that requires any sort of manual effort is extracting new images, so it should be updated within a day or so of a patch or piece of DLC going live. Enjoy!

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Civilopedia Progress

Things have been going pretty smoothly so far. The idea for discovering files and looking up strings has worked perfectly. The real challenge is in trying to figure out how some strings get associated, how to figure out a Civilization's Unique Improvements, and filtering Units/Great People and Buildings/National Wonders/World Wonders. Those should be the last real hurdles left in this project!

Completely Done:

  • Game Concepts

Mostly Done (just need some cleanup, promotion images, and category sorting):

  • Technologies
  • Units
  • Promotions
  • Policies

Missing Some (or most) Logic:

  • Buildings
  • Wonders
  • Civilizations and Leaders
  • Terrain and Features
  • Resources
  • Improvements

Completely Missing:

  • Great People
  • City-States
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Civilopedia Project

The online Civilopedia at was great. The problem is that it has been out-of-date for a while now and the author has said nothing about updating the site. Sites like the one on Wikia are also nice, but unfortunately they need to be manually updated every time a patch or piece of DLC is released, their update frequency is sporadic, and is littered with inconsistencies and inaccurate information.

So I've started working on my own version of an online Civilopedia as a personal project. The community seems to want one, and trying to piece this information together seemed like an interesting challenge. I think I've come up with a way to make updating it with each patch/DLC relatively painless (I guess I'll find out after the first update!). The generator itself is given a series of template pages and a list of file name prefixes (for example, all Units files start with "CIV5Units"). It then scans the game directory for every XML file that starts with the defined prefixes, then pulls out their contents and creates a page for each item using the appropriate template. In theory, a patch would mean just telling the generator to rebuild all of the pages and it would rebuild them all using the updated data on its own; the only real work that would need to be done on subsequent updates is to create images for new items that are introduced through DLC or substantial updates like new Civilizations, Wonders, Units, etc.

The logic for finding all of the appropriate files, strings, and formatting them is already in place and working, the templates are already created, I believe all of the necessary images have been pulled out and created, and the Game Concepts and a few other sections are mostly working as a proof-of-concept and it's all working beautifully. Now I just need to figure out how the &@#% you determine a Unit's/Building's era and it should be clear sailing. With any luck, I'll actually have something to put up next week!

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