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New Skaven Models Available!

Yay! After saying nothing for so long, GW has finally posted the pre-orders for the new Skaven models! Just ordered myself a set of the battle magic cards, a Doomflayer weapon team, and a Hell Pit Abomination. Guess I'm scrapping my current Hell Pit Abomination project now. It wasn't turning out quite like I had hoped and the new one just looks so rediculously cool!

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The New Bag

Yay! My new bag arrived today! Battlefoam's P.A.C.K. 720. I had mine made with all custom trays. I didn't quite work out the way I had expected - largely because I measured and made a few assumptions before the release of the Island of Blood set came out, but it all worked out better than I intended in the end. I can cram all of my Skaven in there except for the Night Runners, plus both of my Blood Bowl teams. If I remove the Blood Bowl guys, I'm sure I can get enough in of the Night Runners in there once they're assembled (I'm pretty sure I'll never field more than 30, so I think I'm OK). On top of that, there's enough room for two dice cubes, another tin of dice, the tape measure, all 3 templates, movement trays, Blood Bowl rule book, army book, and the small rule book that came with the Island of Blood Box. Gotta say I'm rather impressed. And even happier now that I no longer need to carry my large models around in my hand and can take the whole damn thing to work and head straight to the store after! It's about $30 more than GamesWorkshop's carrying case, but it really puts theirs to shame.

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Screaming Bell / Plague Furnace Base

The biggest chunk of the Screaming Bell and Plague Furnace is finally done! I managed to finish painting the base assembly today. The Plague Priest, crew and Furnace are the next pieces to tackle since they're the ones I'm using the most in the challenge league. With any luck I might actually get them done by next weekend.

Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace Base

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The Horde is Nearly Amassed

I realised yesterday that I've got 40 Giant Rats simply by taking the ones from the Plague Monk and Doomwheel boxes. Each of the Plague Monk boxes has 16 and the Doomwheel has another 8, so all I needed to do was pick up some extra bases from the store and start gluing. With the exception of my Night Runners and Gutter Runners, everything is assembled and primed. Here's how my horde looks right now:

Models completed:

  • 20 Clan Rats
  • 1 Doomwheel

Models left to assemble:

  • 40 Night Runners / Gutter Runners

Models left to paint:

  • 1 Lord Skrolk
  • 1 Ikit Claw
  • 1 Queek Headtaker
  • 1 Grey Seer
  • 2 Warlords
  • 1 Plague Furnace/Screaming Bell and crew
  • 2 Engineers
  • 100 Clan Rats
  • 40 Stormvermin
  • 40 Giant Rats
  • 2 Ratling Guns
  • 2 Poison Wind Mortars
  • 2 Warpfire Throwers
  • 10 Poison Wind Globadiers
  • 20 Plague Monks
  • 20 Plague Censer Bearers
  • 5 Jezzails
  • 6 Rat Ogres
  • 3 Pack Masters
  • 1 Hell Pit Abomination
  • 1 Warp Lightning Cannon

The idea with the Clan Rats is the have them interchangeable as Clan Rats and Skavenslaves. They'll be 3 blocks of 40 with each block of 3 different colours. One unit of 40 is entirely spears, the others are a mix of 20 spears and 20 hand weapons, using the front few ranks to show their weapon selection. Since I'm on vacation for the next 9 days, my goal is to get the Screaming Bell/Plague Furnace done and hopefully a few other bits. With Civilization V coming out on Tuesday, I'm thinking most of my time is going to be spent on that while the rest is at the store putting in some games for the challenge league. With any luck my new case will arrive next week so I can stop carrying the larger models loosely.



Warband is an application I have been writing to build Warhammer army lists. I started writing it shortly I started playing Warhammer and wasn't happy with the options that were out there. I've been working on it for the past 18 months and it has been used primarily by myself and a few friends, but it's time to make it publicly available. Be sure to check out the Warband section of my site for more information. It's completely free, so download it and enjoy!

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I had started to paint some of my Skavenslaves, but the Doomwheel was just begging to be painted. I finally caved and got it done over a weekend. Here's the final result.

Doomwheel Engineer

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The Reason for the Rats

When I decided to get into Warhammer 2 years ago, I narrowed down my army selection to Orcs & Goblins and Skaven. I went with the greenskins because they had their twisted humour and I liked the way the looked. A few months ago, Animosity became too much to stand. Every time I needed a unit to move, a squabble would break out and trap everything behind them. The became incredibly unreliable and just plain frustrating. I can deal with units being vaporised by friendly fire, wiped out in one go, and any other horrible fate that might befall them. At least they had a chance to move and do something. Spending most of the game squabbling and moving a staggering 8" in the whole game? That's just not fun.

When the Island of Blood Boxed set was announced, a friend of mine said he would be getting the box to bolster his High Elves, but had no need for the Skaven. I leaped at the chance to get my hands on Skaven and we ended up ordering 2 boxes. Before the release, I grabbed everything I figured I could ever want to field and started my adventure down the path of the Great Horned Rat. So far they've been rediculously fun. Yeah, they misfire a bunch and can be wildly unpredictable, but I'd rather deal with that and watch the carnage than just sit back waiting for the squabbling to stop.

But now I have a LOOOOONG road ahead of me. With about 300 or so models to paint, I'm going to be at it for a while. And with the Island of Blood and Points Challenge League tournaments that I'm in, I should have plenty of games with the Skaven under my belt by the end of the year. It's going to be an interesting few months!

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