Chummer, Warband, and the Civilopedia My own little development projects


Chummer Build 490 Available

Build 490

  • corrected how Essence information is stored in regions that use something other than "." to separate decimal places would cause an error to be thrown
  • fixed an issue where ammoreplace values for Weapons were not being handled correctly
  • added an Option on the Miscellaneous tab: Karma cost for increasing Special Attributes is reduced with Essence Loss (see below)

Karma cost for increasing Special Attributes is reduced with Essence Loss
When the option is enabled, the Essence cost to improve MAG or RES is affected by Essence Loss. For example, the character an Essence Penalty of 1 and MAG of 3. Normally, Chummer calculates the cost based on its perceived MAG value of 4 (MAG 4 - Essence Penalty 1 = 3), meaning the cost of improving MAG would be for going from MAG 4 to MAG 5. With this option enabled, Chummer instead calculates the cost based on the shown value of 3, meaning the cost of improving MAG would be for going from MAG 3 to MAG 4. This only impacts Career Mode.

New Strings

  • Checkbox_Options_SpecialKarmaCost

Chummer Build 489 Available

Build 489

  • fixed an issue where the Mystic Adept MAG split would apply Essence Penalties to the Adept portion of MAG a second time
  • fixed an issue where using Save As would not fix MAG/RES correctly before moving to Career Mode; Save and Save As now use the same code

Chummer Build 488 Available

Build 488

  • corrected an issue where saving the character would not take regional number settings into consideration, causing Essence Penalties to be calculated incorrectly in regions that do not use "." to indicate decimal places

Chummer Build 487 Available

Build 487

  • changed when MAG/RES value is calculated when saving to Career Mode to hopefully get this working properly

Chummer Build 486 Available

Build 486

  • Essence value when access to MAG/RES is gained is now only recorded in Career Mode as intended

Chummer Build 485 Available

Build 485

  • fixed an issue where MAG/RES values are not saved correctly if the character has an Essence Penalty when moving to Career Mode
  • fixed an issue in Career Mode where the Magician/Adept MAG split was calculated based on Maximum MAG instead of actual MAG

Chummer Build 484 Available

Build 484

  • added support for <essencemax /> to the Improvement Manager which increases the character's maximum Essence
  • changed the Essence Custom Improvement to only affect the current value of the character's Essence as intended
  • characters now record their Essence when MAG/RES is added to them and use that point to determine Essence Penalties instead of basing it on the Metatype's maximum Essence value (corrects issues for Latent Technomancer/Latent Awakening)
  • fixed an issue where Melee Weapons would incorrectly believe they contained splash damage in their DVs and showed their DV formula instead of their calculated DV
  • changed how Weapons calculate their Ammo capacity to correct an issue with adding the Extended Clip Weapon Mod to Weapons that have multiple clips

Chummer Build 483 Available

Build 483

  • undoing a Removed Negative Quality Expense now adds the Quality back to the character
  • only Skills from currently active sourcebooks are shown in the Skills list
  • hopefully fixed the issue with MAG/RES, Essence penalties, and the Essence Loss Only Reduces MAG/RES Maximum house rule status
  • MAG and RES should no longer show values less than 0 in Career Mode
  • fixed an issue that caused non-Exotic Weapons that use an Exotic Weapon Skill to not appear properly in the Exotic Weapon Skill Specialization list
  • Nexi can now be marked as being a Home Node for an A.I.
  • added Vehicles Notes to the Vehicle Block sheet

Chummer Build 480 Available

Build 480

  • added support for <cyborgessence /> to the Improvement Manager which permanently reduces a character's Essence to 0.1.
  • Weapons that deal splash damage such as Grenades now have their bonus damage from More Lethal Gameplay and Weapon Mods calculated properly

Chummer Build 478 Available

Build 478

  • Gear now retains its given name when moved between a character's Gear and Vehicle
  • when moving Gear between the character's Gear and Vehicles, items must also have matching custom/assigned names and notes in order to be considered a match and stack
  • fixed an issue where Martial Art Advantages would show their ID instead of their Name in tooltips
  • fixed an issue where purchasing a Spell Formula would cause the Select Spell window to throw an error
  • changed how Essence Loss is calculated when the Essence Loss Only Reduces MAG/RES Maximum house rule is turned on in Career Mode
  • changed when Essence Loss is calculated when updating displayed Attribute values in Career Mode