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Warband Released

New build of Warband is available to take care of a few minor things that have been bugging me recently.

  • selecting a unit in the unit tree now displays all of the unit's wargear, special rules, etc. in the same way as selecting a unit in your current warband
  • added an option to choose whether or not magic item descriptions are included in print outs
  • corrected spacing for the "up to XX pts on magic items and up to XX pts on a magic standard" string
  • options list now automatically expands each item category that has at least one selected option when viewing a unit
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Warband Released

New build of Warband is available to address a change that was made to High Elves thanks to the new 1.2 errata. High Elves are no longer allowed an unlimited number of each Special and Rare unit. They are now limited to 6 Special and 4 Rare (double the usual for everyone else).

  • ignoreunitcap flag now allows twice as many Special and Rare units instead of an unlimited number since the High Elf Special and Rare allotments changed in the 1.2 errata

Data and help files have also been updated to reflect the changes as needed.

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The New Bag

Yay! My new bag arrived today! Battlefoam's P.A.C.K. 720. I had mine made with all custom trays. I didn't quite work out the way I had expected - largely because I measured and made a few assumptions before the release of the Island of Blood set came out, but it all worked out better than I intended in the end. I can cram all of my Skaven in there except for the Night Runners, plus both of my Blood Bowl teams. If I remove the Blood Bowl guys, I'm sure I can get enough in of the Night Runners in there once they're assembled (I'm pretty sure I'll never field more than 30, so I think I'm OK). On top of that, there's enough room for two dice cubes, another tin of dice, the tape measure, all 3 templates, movement trays, Blood Bowl rule book, army book, and the small rule book that came with the Island of Blood Box. Gotta say I'm rather impressed. And even happier now that I no longer need to carry my large models around in my hand and can take the whole damn thing to work and head straight to the store after! It's about $30 more than GamesWorkshop's carrying case, but it really puts theirs to shame.

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