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New Skaven Models Available!

Yay! After saying nothing for so long, GW has finally posted the pre-orders for the new Skaven models! Just ordered myself a set of the battle magic cards, a Doomflayer weapon team, and a Hell Pit Abomination. Guess I'm scrapping my current Hell Pit Abomination project now. It wasn't turning out quite like I had hoped and the new one just looks so rediculously cool!

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Warband Released

This update takes care of a little issue that has been bugging me for a while. Every Daemon has their own distinct list of Daemonic Gifts they could take, meaning that I had to create a unique item name and include each one on its own. When you selected the Daemon, each one of this items appeared in its own little category with just that item. I've finally fixed the issue, meaning that all Daemonic Gifts will now appear in the Daemonic Gifts category instead of a bunch of different ones. Yay! As a result, the Daemons of Chaos data file had to be updated again.

  • data files are now allowed to specify custom groupings - this is done to support the Daemons of Chaos' Daemonic Gifts - multiple unique items can be grouped into one logical category instead of each being its own unique category
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Daemons of Chaos Data File Updated

Good news if you're a Daemons player - the Daemons of Chaos data file has been updated to correct some issues I apparently overlooked:

  • reorganised Herld standard bearer options into Magic Standards
  • corrected Daemon Prince's reference to Many Armed Monstrosity
  • corrected Bloodthirster of Khorne's reference to Spell Breaker
  • corrected Lord of Change's reference to Daemonic Robes
  • corrected reference to Torment Blade
  • removed all unused common magic items to reduce file size
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