Chummer, Warband, and the Civilopedia My own little development projects


The Problem with SR4 Sample Characters

As part of testing to make sure everything that's in place currently work the way it should, I thought trying to enter the sample characters in the SR4A book would be a good idea. Tunrs out there are a number of problems with these sample characters that just makes my head spin. Characters spend more than their alloted amount on Attribute BP, Attributes aren't affected by armor encumbrance, some of the totals don't add up...

At least by going through these I'm re-checking everything and making sure that what Chummer is producing is correct according to the math and rules.


Chummer Preview This Weekend

Save and Load is now done along with characters being completely isolated, meaning you can work on multiple characters at once and save them! All of the big show stopping bugs have been squashed and a number of tweaks are being made to correct some problems I've been noticing while mucking about. Barring anything suddenly breaking, a preview should be available for download some time on Saturday!


Chummer Preview Coming Soon

A big bunch of changes have been made to get Chummer nearly usable and ready for a public preview. A bunch of stuff with be fairly basic in the preview (for example, you can select weapons but not ammo or weapon mods), and some things like Gear will be missing completely, but the bulk of character creation stuff should be in and working. There are two big changes that need to be made before I can release the public preview: the Save and Load system needs to be finished off (the bulk of this is done, some work just needs to happen to get the last few items to load), and the app needs to be able to support multiple characters being worked on at once. For some reason I had made the Character a universal item to make working with it a little easier, but it ultimately screwed me because you can open multiple New Character windows at once to create more than one character a time. If you open a second New Character window right now, you're secretly modifying the first one without seeing it. Whoops!


Chummer Progress Report

Well, things have come along quite nicely in the past week. The Cyberware system is in place and working nicely and is able to pull double-duty, working with both Cyberware and Bioware. There's still some work to do on cleaning things up, but it's working. Moved all of the Build Point information to its own area that is always visible instead of leaving to make things much easier to read, and some general clean-up, moving things around, and fixing things that were broken.

The next big thing on my list is to put in a update system which will allow the application and data files to be updated by users over the internet. The idea being that if I can get that in place, I can start making this availble to people whom are interested in poking around and testing things out as I continue to do work on it. With any luck I'll have this in place in the next little while.


The Cure for the Cyberware Blues

Finally have the Cyberware problem figured out and it looks like it will work the way I want it to, so it's full steam ahead on it! With any luck I should be able to reuse the code for the Weapons section which should make things a lot easier.


Chummer: A Brief Introduction

Chummer is a character generator and manager for Shadowrun 4th Edition. After running a few games, I quickly found that the NPCs listed in missions were a nightmare to deal with. They listed the armor, weapons, and cyberware that they had, but you have to flip through the book to find all of these damn pieces and figure out important things like their weapon damage and armor values which slowed things down and was generally more of a pain in the butt than it needed to be.

I figured a character generator would solve that problem for me. Problem is, there is a disturbing lack of actual character generators out there. Sorry, but Excel files just don't do it for me. They're clumsy, slow, give very little information, usually difficult to use, and don't actually enforce anything. Not to mention you cannot filter the content down to just specific books.

I had been wanting to learn C# for a while and was looking for a project to tackle with it. A Shadowrun character generator seemed like the perfect idea. So now I'm developing it in my free time, trying to make it as useful as possible.

The initial version will simply be the character generator itself which will let you build a character from scratch and print it. Once I have that taken care of some of the bigger bugs, the next step will be to tie in the character manager which will essentially be the same as the character generator but working with the Karma system to improve the character over time. I'm hoping the printed character will look fairly similar to the SR4 character sheet so everything is familiar. However it ends up looking, it will all be done with XSLT so eventually you'll be able to write your own character sheet if you prefer a different format.

The project started back in mid-December and there have been a few breaks in between, so it's not too far along just yet. I have no idea when this will be done, but I'd love to have at least the basic generator available before summer. No promises - I'm working on this in my spare time. :)

What's done so far?

  • Support for Metatypes and Metavariants from SR4 and Runner's Companion
  • Support Qualities from SR4, Runner's Companion, Unwired, Street Magic
  • Support for Skills from SR4
  • Support for Adept Powers from SR4
  • Support for Contacts and Enemies
  • Support for Spirits and Sprites
  • Basic Spell selection
  • Basic Armor selection and stacking
  • Basic Technomancer program selection

Next on the list of things to get working:

  • Filter content based on selected books. If your game is only using SR4 and Runner's Companion, for example, only material from those books should be presented.
  • Cyberware. This is probably the biggest snag for me right now. Now that the Improvement system has been centralised and re-worked to handle all of the heavy lifting itself, getting Cyberware to work should be a lot easier. The real problem lies in trying to figure out how to present things in a way that makes sense.

Orcs & Goblins Data File Updated

The data and help files for the new Orcs & Goblins army book is now availble, so grab your boyz and bash some 'eadz!

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Warband Released

  • the existing files in a help directory are removed before a help update is applied to ensure there are no orphaned files
  • the message box saying you cannot have more than X-number of a given unit is now affected by its "countas" value - this should now display the correct number of units like the Goblin Spear Chukka where 1 to 2 of them count as 1 choice
  • added support for XD6 bonuses being applied to XD6 stats
  • addmodel is no longer restricted to adding units with a type of "Upgrade" and can now add any model in the army
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