Chummer, Warband, and the Civilopedia My own little development projects


Chummer Build 60 Available

Build 60 is now available!

  • Gear now calculates and displays its Capacity and Capacity Remaining
  • Cyberware plugins that are added when selecting a base item now have their category populated
  • added the ability to search for Cyberware/Bioware in the Select Cyberware/Bioware window
  • added the ability to search for Armor in the Select Armor window
  • fiexd a bug that prevented Metavariants from receiving their Qualities when creating a new character
  • Metavariants now only cost the Metavariant BP, not Metatype BP + Metavariant BP
  • clicking Add & More when adding Bioware now correctly opens up Bioware instead of Cyberware
  • fixed a bug that cause Gear plugins to be limited to a Rating of 1
  • Initiation and Submersion information now appear on the character sheet when applicable
  • added Spare Clip to the Ammunition Category in Gear so that multiple clips can be purchased
  • Vehicle Mods that affect Acceleration no longer cause an error
  • all Cyberlimb Armor is now added to the character's total Armor Ratings instead of just using the highest valued Armor plugin
  • Cyberlimb Attributes are now factored into the character's Augmented Attributes totals
  • Cyberlimbs now show their Attribute values on the character sheet
  • Complex Forms now appear on the character sheet
  • clicking OK in the Select Metamagic window no longer causes an error
  • Add & More button in the Select Metamagic window now works
  • Select windows now only load their data once instead of each time it needs to look at something which should slightly improve performance and cut down on disk reads
  • Skills now show the Specialization dice total in the application and not just on the character sheet
  • attempting to add Enemies while building a character with Karma now longer causes an error
  • Sensors can now be added to Vehicles
  • Weapons now show the number of Slots they have remaining
  • selecting a Weapon Accessory or Modification now shows its information
  • Vehicle Weapons now show the number of Slots they have remaining
  • selecting a Vehicle Weapon Accessory or Modification now shows its information
  • added Print Multiple to the file menu which allows Game Masters to print multiple characters off in a summary format
  • added Game Master Summary printout sheet which displays a summary version of selected characters

NPC Save Files for SR4A NPCs and Contacts and Adventures Now Available

Save files for the NPCs found in the Shadowrun 20th Anniversary book and Contacts and Adventures are now available for download, a great resource for any Game Master. So download them now!


Chummer Build 57 Available

Build 57

  • added support for Initiation and Submersion (only enabled when bulding with Karma since these require Karma to select)
  • added support for <livingpersona /> to the Improvement Manager which adjust a Living Persona's Attributes
  • corrected the Improved Attribute Adept Power's bonus
  • Attributes are now capped at the Metatype's Augmented Maximum with any modifiers to that value instead of the base Metatype Augmented Maximum
  • added Print to the File menu
  • character sheet now includes Description, Background, and Concept if they were filled in on the Character Info tab
  • Qualities now display their sourcebook and page number on the character sheet
  • Essence is now correctly calculated with the the higher of Cyberware and Bioware deducting the full amount and the lesser only deducting half
  • corrected the Essence cost for Cybereyes Rating 4
  • removed the empty Edit menu which restores the ability to Cut, Copy, Paste, and Undo in a text field
  • Martial Arts cost now calculates correctly when building a character with Karma
  • added support for FixedValue to be speicifed for Cyberware Capacity, Avail, and Cost which allows it to use values that do not follow a standard formula
  • merged Cybereyes Basic System, Eyeband, Single Cybereye, Cyberears, Dermal Sheath, Move-by-Wire, Wired Reflexes, and Stirrup Interface into a single pieces of Cyberware instead one for each Rating
  • removed the Martial Arts Positive Quality and made the Martial Arts tab always visible
  • total cost for each piece of Cyberware now correctly ignores free plugins and deducts the right amount from character's Nuyen total
  • add Custom Placeholder to gear.xml to act as placeholders
  • Adept Power Points Remaining text has been changed to match the format for Cyberware Capacity Remaining to make it easier to understand
  • character sheet now includes Lifestyles

Chummer Preview Build 53 Available

Build 53

  • added <initiative /> support to the Improvement Manager which adjusts the character's Initiative
  • added <min /> support to <selectattribute /> and <specificattribute /> which adjust an Attribute's Minimum value
  • added support for <contributetolimit /> to qualities.xml which marks a Quality as not counting towards the BP limit for Positive or Negative Qualities
  • added <qualities /> support to metatypes.xml
  • moved <uneducated /> support to the Improvement Manager
  • <initiativepass /> now defines it own unique group in the Improvement Manager, meaning only the highest single <initiativepass /> Improvement is used as defined by the game rules
  • restructured the <forbidden /> element in qualities.xml to have work in the same way at <required />
  • sourcebook and page information is now shown in all Select windows and when items are selected in lists
  • character mugshots can now be added on the Character Info tab
  • added a notes field to the Character info tab to store notes about the character, gear, and any other desired information
  • added missing bonus information to Genetic Optimization Genetech
  • Bioware now correctly identifies itself as Bioware in the Improvement Manager again
  • Technomancer Living Persona "Commlink" now appears in the Commlink section of the printout
  • Technomancer Matrix Initiative and Matrix Initiative Passes are now calculated
  • corrected Metatype minimum MAG and RES values to 1 so that taking Qualities that grant these Attributes do not also cost 10 Attribute BP
  • Attribute Augmented Maximum values are now automatically calculated based on the Attribute's total Maximum value plus any bonuses, removing the need to specify <aug /> for the <specificattribute /> bonus tag which was technically incorrect and could lead to inaccurate Maximum Augmented totals
  • added Category filter to the Select Metatype window
  • added Sapient Critter and Shapeshifter Metatypes
  • updated BP cost of SURGE Qualities to compensate for the BP expendatures for their "free" Positive and Negative Qualities
  • Qualities that do not count towards the Positive or Negative Quality BP limit are coloured dark red
  • added Drake and Infected Positive and Negative Qualities

Chummer Preview Build 51 Available

Here's this weekend's update for Chummer. Just run Chummer's Update and grab everything that's there.

Build 51

  • added <weaponcategorydv /> support to the Improvement Manager which adjusts the Damage of all Weapons in a Category
  • added <cyberwareessmultiplier /> support to the Improvement Manager which multiplies the ESS cost of Cyberware
  • added <selectmentorspirit /> support to the Improvement Manager which prompts for a Mentor Spirit and applies its bonuses
  • moved <addattribute /> support to the Improvement Manager so anything can add MAG or RES to a character
  • moved <enabletab /> support to the Improvement Manager so anything can enable the special ability tabs for a character
  • added "limittoskill" support to <selectskill /> which limits the Skill list to only the Skills specified
  • added "excludeattribute" support to <selectattribute /> which excludes the listed Attributes from the Select Attribute window
  • EDG, MAG, and RES are no long subject to the one Physical or Mental Attribute at maximum rule
  • Lucky Positive Quality now affects EDG
  • EDG cannot be the selected Attribute for the Exceptional Attribute Positive Quality
  • Uneducated Negative Quality now prevents characters from putting BP into Technical Active Skills
  • Uneducated Negative Quality now removes access to Academic and Profesionally Knowledge Skills
  • added support for Martial Arts
  • added support for Mentor Spirits
  • added support for Bonded Foci
  • Select windows with Search now remember the Category of the item selected if a Search was performed
  • marked Rigger Adaptation and Weapon Mount (Normal, External, Fixed, Manual) Vehicle Mods as being from SR4
  • areas expand and contract with window size to play nicely in lower resolutions and maximized windows
  • adding an Enemy now updates the BP totals immeidately
  • Add Enemy now checks to make sure adding a new Enemy will not take you over the -35 BP for Qualities or -25 BP for Enemies limits
  • added Vehicle Weapons and Vehicle Missiles from Arsenal
  • Language Knowledge Skills are now correctly linked to INT instead of LOG
  • added support for Knowledge Skills to skills.xml (big thanks to whatevs for providing the content for it and pointing me in the right direction)
  • appropriate pieces of Arsenal Clothing now stack with each other for determining total Armor Ratings
  • Form-Fitting Armor now stacks
  • armors that start with "Form-Fitting" only contributes half of its values towards Armor Encumbrance
  • corrected an error that occured when selecting Adept Powers that affect an Active Skill
  • fixed an issue where Cyberware/Bioware with Ratings was calcuating ESS cost incorrectly in regions that use something other than "." to separate decimal places
  • added page number references to all item entries
  • page number is now shown on the character sheet (applies to items added to a character after this update)
  • added "Character Information" tab to enter general character information such as sex, age, height, weight, etc.
  • added general character information to character sheet
  • Nuyen amounts up to 999,999,999 are now properly formatted
  • new Knowledge Skills are placed in the correct location when the list is scrolled
  • added Essence and Nuyen Remaining information to the status bar
  • Gear can now have multiple <addoncategory /> entries
  • moved Sim Modules into their own Gear Category which can only be added to Commlinks and other devices that explicity refer to them in <addoncategory />
  • Matrix Programs can now only be added to Commlinks and other devices that explicity refer to them in <addoncategory />
  • Commlink Operating Systems can now only be added to Commlinks and other devices that explicity refer to them in <addoncategory />
  • added Basic User, Basic+, and Pro User Suites to Matrix Programs
  • added support for Commlink Response, Signal, Firewall and System upgrades
  • Commlinks now display their Reeponse, Signal, Firewall, and System values when selected in the Select Gear window
  • Commlinks now display their Response, Signal, Firewall, and System totals when selected on the Gear tab
  • Commlinks now display their Plugins on printouts
  • save files can now be linked to Contacts and Enemies
  • Weapon Modifications can now be added to standard Weapons
  • Vehicle Weapon Modifications now use Weapon Cost correctly for determine their own cost when applicable
  • adding Ammunition that starts with "Ammo:" now asks for a Weapon Category to be linked to
  • the Grade list is now properly disabled when adding a Cyberware plugin

Chummer Preview Build 43 Available

Found a couple of minor things that I couldn't let go un-fixed, so I fixed 'em. A few new additions are thrown in since they were what I was working on last night.

  • added Nanocybernetics to Cyberware
  • added Transgenic and Nanotech Gear
  • added Genetech to Bioware
  • Armor Mods that add to Avail can now include R or F
  • Gear Accessories can no longer downgrade their parent's Avail from Forbidden to Restricted
  • added <skillarticulation /> support to the Improvement Manager to properly support the Enhanced Articulation piece of Bioware
  • all Select windows now remember the last Category selected and re-open with it as the currently selected Category
  • Qualities that prompt for a value are now correctly removed from the character when the Quality is removed
  • selected values for Qualities now appear on the character sheet printout

Chummer Preview Build 42 Available

Big honkin' update this week

Build 42
in order to download and install the character sheet properly, please follow one of the follow two steps:

On to the actual update:

  • update now supports updating XSL character sheets
  • Spells now support selecting custom text and Attributes for those that require a choice (those with [] in their name)
  • multiple instance of Qualities like Addiction are no longer combined into one when loading a character
  • Vehicles now support Vehicle Modifications
  • Vehicles now support Vehicle Weapons and Weapon Modifications
  • added Cancel button to Choose BP window
  • added Cancel button to Select Metatype window
  • Armor Mods are now considered when checking for Armor Encumbrance
  • corrected Armor Encumbrance rounding error being over BOD x 2 impacts AGI and REA correctly
  • Cyberware with a Capacity of [*] can now be removed from a character if it is not a Cyberware plugin
  • select Cyberware/Bioware window now shows the correct title when selecting Bioware
  • removed Undo and Redo items from the Edit menu since they didn't do anything
  • ESS and ESS costs now correctly round to 2 decimal places
  • select item lists in Select X windows are now sorted
  • added support for custom data files (see below)
  • added Exotic Melee and Exotic Ranged Weapons from Arsenal
  • added Ammo to Gear
  • added all Grenades, Rockets, Missiles, Explosives and Demolitions equipment from SR4A and Arsenal
  • Gear that is also a Weapon (such as Grenades) also adds the appropriate Weapon (similar to Cyberware and Cyberweapons)
  • Gear can now have a minimum Rating
  • added Custom Cyberware plugins to Cyberware Enhancements category
  • reorganised the Skill Groups and Active Skills to display more information
  • added key mnemonics for Add buttons (Alt+A for the first Add button on a tab, Alt+D for the second)
  • right-clicking on items now displays a context menu identical to the one for the associated Add button
  • added a tooltip to each Skill Group that list the Skills within that Group
  • added missing tooltips to all fields on the Build Point Summary and Other Info tabs
  • window now closes after successfuly saving a character when Close Window is clicked
  • regions that use something other than "." to separate decimal places no longer causes errors when using numbers with decimals
  • increased the size of some fields and lists so that names do not get cut off or overlap with other information
  • Armor and Armor Mods can now be marked as Equipped. Armor/Armor Mods not Equipped are not factored into Armor Encumbrance or highest Armor Ratings
  • added Online Help to the Help menu which takes you to the Chummer Wiki (
  • the BP used for Sprites now appears in the correct location instead of replacing the Sprites heading
  • added "Ask for confirmation when deleting" to the Options window (on by default)
  • application now asks for confirmation when deleting objects if "Ask for confirmation when deleting" is turned on
  • the Delete key now does the same thing as pressing the Delete button when a list item is selected (Spells, Cyberware/Bioware, Gear, Vehicles)
  • added "Add & New" buttons to all Select windows which adds the current item to the character then re-opens the window so you can add another item

Chummer Preview Build 36 Available

The preview copy of Chummer has been updated to build 36. You can update your copy of Chummer by going to the Tools menu and selecting Check for Updates. A bunch of new stuff has been added for this build.

Most saves from previous builds will not work with this build due to a number of underlying changes.

  • added Cyberware from Augmentation
  • added support for +X to Avail for Cyberware
  • added support for cost multipliers for Cyberware
  • added full support for Gear
  • Save button in the toolbar now goes away after closing a the last character window
  • added tooltips for Armor Ratings to show how they are being calculated
  • removed the ability to tile and cascade windows since this caused rendering issues and confusion
  • only the highest value for each type of Cyberware Enhancement now applies to Attributes and Armor Ratings
  • Spells in the Select a Spell window are now listed in alpahbetical order for each category
  • added the ability to search for Spells in the Select a Spell window
  • added the ability to search for Weapons in the Select a Weapon window
  • Weapon Ammo is now populated when adding a new Weapon
  • added basic Vehicle/Drone support

Chummer Preview Build 32 Available

The preview copy of Chummer has been updated to build 32. You can update your copy of Chummer by going to the Tools menu and selecting Check for Updates.

´╗┐Build 32

  • added Save button to the toolbar
  • added Weapons from Arsenal
  • added support for Armor Modifications
  • added support for Cyberweapons
  • added support for Weapon Accessories

Public Preview of Chummer Now Available!

A public preview of Chummer is now available! By default, only content from the Shadowrun 4th Edition book is shown. To use content from other sourcebooks, select Tools > Options and select the books you would like to use. This was done in case there are Game Masters or players that want to limit their character options to only certain books. The sourcebook changes do not take effect until you load or create a new character - if you have one currently open when you make this change, it won't pick up the change until you save and reload it.

A bunch of data is still missing so if you don't see something, chances are it just hasn't been entered yet. My primary focus has been getting everything from the SR4A book entered. Information from other sourcebooks was put in since it introduced new functionality which was easier to put in during the early stages of development rather than trying to figure out how to work it in later.

The following is a list of things that are not currently supported:

  • Cyberware Weapons
  • Cyberware Capacity enforcement
  • Armor Mods
  • Weapon Mods
  • Ammunition
  • Most Gear
  • Vehicles
  • Programs for non-Technomancers
  • Printing

Please post comments and issues you find in the Dumpshock Forum thread for Chummer.

Chummer requires that you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed.

Download Chummer!