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Chummer Preview Build 42 Available

Big honkin' update this week

Build 42
in order to download and install the character sheet properly, please follow one of the follow two steps:

On to the actual update:

  • update now supports updating XSL character sheets
  • Spells now support selecting custom text and Attributes for those that require a choice (those with [] in their name)
  • multiple instance of Qualities like Addiction are no longer combined into one when loading a character
  • Vehicles now support Vehicle Modifications
  • Vehicles now support Vehicle Weapons and Weapon Modifications
  • added Cancel button to Choose BP window
  • added Cancel button to Select Metatype window
  • Armor Mods are now considered when checking for Armor Encumbrance
  • corrected Armor Encumbrance rounding error being over BOD x 2 impacts AGI and REA correctly
  • Cyberware with a Capacity of [*] can now be removed from a character if it is not a Cyberware plugin
  • select Cyberware/Bioware window now shows the correct title when selecting Bioware
  • removed Undo and Redo items from the Edit menu since they didn't do anything
  • ESS and ESS costs now correctly round to 2 decimal places
  • select item lists in Select X windows are now sorted
  • added support for custom data files (see below)
  • added Exotic Melee and Exotic Ranged Weapons from Arsenal
  • added Ammo to Gear
  • added all Grenades, Rockets, Missiles, Explosives and Demolitions equipment from SR4A and Arsenal
  • Gear that is also a Weapon (such as Grenades) also adds the appropriate Weapon (similar to Cyberware and Cyberweapons)
  • Gear can now have a minimum Rating
  • added Custom Cyberware plugins to Cyberware Enhancements category
  • reorganised the Skill Groups and Active Skills to display more information
  • added key mnemonics for Add buttons (Alt+A for the first Add button on a tab, Alt+D for the second)
  • right-clicking on items now displays a context menu identical to the one for the associated Add button
  • added a tooltip to each Skill Group that list the Skills within that Group
  • added missing tooltips to all fields on the Build Point Summary and Other Info tabs
  • window now closes after successfuly saving a character when Close Window is clicked
  • regions that use something other than "." to separate decimal places no longer causes errors when using numbers with decimals
  • increased the size of some fields and lists so that names do not get cut off or overlap with other information
  • Armor and Armor Mods can now be marked as Equipped. Armor/Armor Mods not Equipped are not factored into Armor Encumbrance or highest Armor Ratings
  • added Online Help to the Help menu which takes you to the Chummer Wiki (
  • the BP used for Sprites now appears in the correct location instead of replacing the Sprites heading
  • added "Ask for confirmation when deleting" to the Options window (on by default)
  • application now asks for confirmation when deleting objects if "Ask for confirmation when deleting" is turned on
  • the Delete key now does the same thing as pressing the Delete button when a list item is selected (Spells, Cyberware/Bioware, Gear, Vehicles)
  • added "Add & New" buttons to all Select windows which adds the current item to the character then re-opens the window so you can add another item