Chummer, Warband, and the Civilopedia My own little development projects


Chummer Preview Build 53 Available

Build 53

  • added <initiative /> support to the Improvement Manager which adjusts the character's Initiative
  • added <min /> support to <selectattribute /> and <specificattribute /> which adjust an Attribute's Minimum value
  • added support for <contributetolimit /> to qualities.xml which marks a Quality as not counting towards the BP limit for Positive or Negative Qualities
  • added <qualities /> support to metatypes.xml
  • moved <uneducated /> support to the Improvement Manager
  • <initiativepass /> now defines it own unique group in the Improvement Manager, meaning only the highest single <initiativepass /> Improvement is used as defined by the game rules
  • restructured the <forbidden /> element in qualities.xml to have work in the same way at <required />
  • sourcebook and page information is now shown in all Select windows and when items are selected in lists
  • character mugshots can now be added on the Character Info tab
  • added a notes field to the Character info tab to store notes about the character, gear, and any other desired information
  • added missing bonus information to Genetic Optimization Genetech
  • Bioware now correctly identifies itself as Bioware in the Improvement Manager again
  • Technomancer Living Persona "Commlink" now appears in the Commlink section of the printout
  • Technomancer Matrix Initiative and Matrix Initiative Passes are now calculated
  • corrected Metatype minimum MAG and RES values to 1 so that taking Qualities that grant these Attributes do not also cost 10 Attribute BP
  • Attribute Augmented Maximum values are now automatically calculated based on the Attribute's total Maximum value plus any bonuses, removing the need to specify <aug /> for the <specificattribute /> bonus tag which was technically incorrect and could lead to inaccurate Maximum Augmented totals
  • added Category filter to the Select Metatype window
  • added Sapient Critter and Shapeshifter Metatypes
  • updated BP cost of SURGE Qualities to compensate for the BP expendatures for their "free" Positive and Negative Qualities
  • Qualities that do not count towards the Positive or Negative Quality BP limit are coloured dark red
  • added Drake and Infected Positive and Negative Qualities