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Chummer Build 98 Available

Build 98

  • put Improved Reflexes Adept Power costs to their SR4A values which have been confirmed as being the correct values by the SR product line manager
  • applied Street Magic errata to Traditions
  • applied Arsenal errata to Martial Arts
  • removed Deformity Qualities (10 BP - 20 BP) which should not have existed
  • corrected duplicate categories of Weapons (should have been their range instead of a duplicate category)
  • corrected reach for Rock Lizard
  • added Elemental Attack (Fire) for Scintillant Albatross
  • added Biomonitor to Armor Mods
  • removed Agent and IC Complex Forms
  • changed Chatty Positive Quality BP cost back to 10 as per Unwired errata
  • corrected BP cost of Vomeronasal Organ
  • Weapons installed on Weapon Mounts that are a part of a Vehicle's base configuration now count towards its total cost
  • Technomancer Stream field is properly populated after loading a character
  • learning a new Complex Form in Career Mode now creates a Karma Expense
  • Karma and Nuyen Expense Entries no longer throw an error when the computer's date setting are not set to en-US
  • selecting a piece of Cyberware/Bioware as Free in Career Mode is now actually free
  • fixed the anchoring for the splitter panels on the Skills tab in Career Mode
  • Ignore Character Rules no longer prevents the Starting Nuyen window from appearing when moving a character to Career Mode
  • saving a new character that is marked to move to Career Mode no longer causes the character to be opened twice after saving

Chummer Build 96 Available

Build 96

  • added support for <selectparagon /> to Improvement Manager which allows a character to select a Paragon
  • Sprite list now populates based on the selected Stream in the same was a Spirits and Magic Traditions (big thanks to ShadowWalker for providing the Streams/Sprites list)
  • added support for Paragons (another big thanks to ShadowWalker for providing the list of Paragons)
  • added Clean Car Coating to Vehicle Mods which was missing its information in the Spy Games book
  • added support for multiple custom data files of the same type (see below)
  • Genetic Heritage now shows the Free item for any Genetech selected, not just Trangenics
  • Nuyen BP is now correctly populated when loading a character that has spent more than 50 BP on Nuyen
  • moved the Advanced Complex Forms from Unwired out of the Autosoft category and into the Advanced category
  • corrected the Shield Complex Form to be marked as allowed for Complex Forms
  • adding a Weapon Accessory to a Weapon with a name no longer throws an error
  • Extended Clip Weapon Mods now affect the Weapon's Ammo Capacity
  • corrected an issue that prevented Vehicle Sensors from only being able to add Sensor plugins
  • adding missing Sensor Software from Arsenal
  • all items in programs.xml can now be taken as Complex Forms
  • added Skillsofts, ARE Software, Sensor Software, and Tactical AR Software to Complex Forms
  • Complex Forms now save/load source book and page number
  • added support for Technomancer Streams
  • only worn Armor now counts towards Armor Encumbrance
  • maximum Force of a Sprite during character creation is properly set
  • loading a character with RES higher than 6 and a Sprite during character creation no longer throws an error
  • added Critters from Parazoology
  • added a splitter to the Skills tab to allow the Active Skills and Knowledge Skills sections to be resized as needed
  • added a splitter to the Common tab to allow the Contacts and Enemies sections to be resized as needed
  • changed the colour of the splitter bar on the Karma and Nuyen tab to make it noticeable
  • added missing Barrel Extension Weapon Mod to Ares Desert Strike
  • Vehicle Weapon Mounts have their context menu restored when loading a saved file
  • Weapon Mounts that come as part of a Vehicle now have their context menu attached
  • added support for Group Intiation/Network Submersion and Initiation Ordeal/Submersion Tasks to Career Mode to discount the Karma cost of Initiation/Submersion
  • added missing Gear from Unwired
  • added missing Drones from Unwired
  • moved helmets and shields out of Armor Mods and into the Helmets and Shields Armor Category
  • fixed an issue that caused the maximum Rating for Vehicle Mods to be set to the Rating that was selected when the Mod was first added
  • Condition Monitors on the printout are now correctly calculated based on the total value of the Attributes
  • Skill Groups in Career Mode can now be raised above 4 without throwing an error

Support for Multiple Custom Data Files
Rather than making people merge multiple XML documents on their own any time someone makes a change to a custom file, Chummer now supports multiple custom data files for each source. Custom files must start with "custom" and end with "_[filename.xml]". Using books.xml as an example, "custom_books.xml", "custom_Nebular_books.xml", and "custom_ThatGuy_books.xml" are all valid names. The base file (books.xml) is loaded first, then the contents of the other files are merged in one-by-one.


Chummer Build 91 Available

Build 91

  • Drain Value for a Tradition now uses the total value of the Attribute instead of its base value
  • Karma and Nuyen Expenses in Career Mode are now properly sorted in reverse chronological order
  • Vehicles that should have additional slots now have them included in their slots total
  • Adapsin now has its own set of Cyberware Grades
  • added Skinlink as a Bodyware so it can be added as a plugin to pieces of Cyberware
  • Genetic Heritage Positive Quality now affects Nuyen cost instead of Essence cost
  • Bioware cost multipliers are now correctly set before being given to the Select Bioware window so prices should now be accurate when these modifiers exist
  • added missing Shield, Simrig, and Smartlink Complex Forms
  • only Weapon Mods marked as Installed that are not included with the Weapon consume Mod Slots
  • added support for Underbarrel Weapons
  • Armor from Adept Powers no longer count towards Armor Encumbrance in Career Mode
  • Weapon Damage should no longer appear as "NaN" if it is a non-numeric value

Tomb Kings Data File Updated

The data and help files for the new Tomb Kings army book is now available!

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Chummer Build 88 Available

Build 88

  • added support for <selectside /> to Improvement Manager which allows a character to select which side of the body a piece of Cyberware is implanted on
  • Critter Power list is now sorted in alphabetical order
  • Spirits can now be linked to save files in the same way as Contacts and Enemies
  • fixed an error that cause improving an Active Skill that is a part of a Skill Group to not properly remove the remaining Active Skills from the Group
  • the 10 most recently opened/saved character files are now displayed in the File menu
  • adding a Spirit after improving your MAG through Initiation no longer causes an error
  • Spirits can have a Force up to twice the character's MAG Attribute in Career Mode
  • printout now shows the correct Essence value for a character when they have both Cyberware and Bioware
  • total remaining ESS and total value for Attributes and Skills have been added to the character save to make importing Chummer files with external applications easier
  • added an option for automatic updates which is enabled by default
  • adding an Enemy in Career Mode no longer attempts to check how many BP/Karma have been spent on Negative Qualities and cause an error
  • Ignore Rules option should now ignore all character creation rules and limitations
  • Metamagic now supports requirements in the same way as Echoes
  • Karma cost for Knowledge Skills in Build Mode is now calculated correctly
  • Armor from Adept Powers no longer count towards Armor Encumbrance since they are considered to be a magical source
  • fixed an issue that caused character to become unable to select a Skill or Attribute for Adept Powers and Qualities after improving an Adept Power's Rating
  • removed the Category restriction on Cyberware plugins so things like Datajacks can be added to Cyberlimbs
  • added Spoof Chip to the General Category in gear.xml
  • Gear Rating on the Gear tab is now a read-only field in Career Mode
  • added support for naming Weapons
  • added Cyberware to the list of Weapon Categories in the Select a Weapon Category window so ammo can be used by Cyberware Weapons
  • added the ability to mark Karma Gained as a Refund which will not count towards the character's Career Karma
  • Injection Ammunition and chemical weapons can now accept Drugs/Toxins/Chemicals plugins as appropriate
  • Vehicle and Drone Sensors can now accept Audio and Visual Enhancements and Accessories as plugins
  • Street Cred, Notoriety, and Public Awareness can now be set on the Character Info tab in Career Mode

Chummer Build 85 Available

Build 85

  • added support for <movementpercent /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a character's Movement speed
  • additional support for Critters
  • all Critters from Running Wild and SR4A are now entered
  • Personalized Grip Weapon Mod now provides its RC bonus
  • Unseen Hands Adept Power now applies its bonus to the Stealth Skill Group
  • Unseen Hands Adept Power now has levels enabled
  • Celerity Positive Quality now provides its Movement bonus
  • Condition Monitors now correctly calculate based on the Attribute's total value and not just its augmented value
  • number of Spells, Spirits, Complex Forms, and Sprites a character can have is no longer capped in Career Mode
  • RES now properly limits the maximum Rating for Complex Forms

Chummer Build 84 Available

A bunch of data still needs to be added, but Chummer now supports Critters!

Build 84

  • added Movement values to Metatypes (this will only be applied to new characters)
  • added Movement to character sheets
  • maximum MAG and RES are now based on the Metatype's maximum ESS instead of 6
  • added support for Critters

Chummer Build 81 Available

Build 81

  • added support for <selectspell /> to Improvement Manager which asks the character to select a Spell
  • added Revision History to the Help menu to view the revision history of the application
  • added Spells, Gear, Traditions, and Powers from Digital Grimoire
  • added Empathy Software and Emotitoys from Arsenal
  • added Lifestyle Drones from Runner's Companion
  • broke Counterspelling, Spellcasting, and Sustaining Foci into multiple items for each Spell Category
  • Combat, Detection, Health, Illusion, and Manipulation Spell Formulae now ask for a Spell to be selected
  • window contents immediately resize when the Create and Career windows open to accommodate smaller screen sizes and eliminate the need for manually resizing the window to trigger this
  • loading a character with Qualities gained through a Metatype no longer cause the application to complain about spending too much on Positive/Negative Qualities
  • Active and Knowledge Skills are no longer limited by the character creation rules in Career Mode
  • adding Enemies during Career Mode no longer attempts to check that you are within Negative Quality BP limits
  • Magic Traditions list now filters on source book

Chummer Build 79 Available

Build 79

  • Vehicles now have a Condition Monitor in Career Mode
  • Burst Fire Mode no longer allows Full Bursts since this requires Full Auto Mode
  • Vehicle Weapons now limit the Firing Modes they can used based on the Weapon's Firing Modes
  • Vehicle Weapons now show their correct Ammo Source in Career Mode
  • total number of Drain Resistance dice now appears next to the Drain Attributes on the Spells and Spirits tab
  • Initiative and Initiative Passes now show both their base and Augmented values in the same way as the character sheet
  • Weapon Ranges are now displayed on the Weapons and Vehicles tabs when a Weapon is selected (Vehicle Weapons in Career Mode only)
  • Critical Strike Adept Power now increases Unarmed Damage
  • Killing Hands Adept Power now changes the character's Unarmed Damage to Physical
  • Kinesics Adept Power now improves Social Active Skills
  • corrected Natural Immunity and Mystic Armor Adept Powers (Natural Immunity had Mystic Armor's Armor bonus by mistake)

Chummer Build 78 Available

Build 78

  • added support for <sensitivesystem /> to Improvement Manager since Sensitive System explicity doubles the final Essence cost rather than applying a +100% cost modifier
  • Essence modifiers are now added together to determine a total percentage which is then deducted from an item's Essence cost
  • linked Contacts and Enemies now open in their correct mode (either Build or Career)
  • clicking Add & More when adding a Weapon Mod to a standard Weapon now correctly goes through the process again instead of trying add a Mod to a Vehicle Weapon
  • PACKS Kits now support the new Exotic Skill setup
  • updated Exotic PACKS Kits to include all Exotic Skills
  • Essence Loss now correctly impacts MAG and RES
  • added an option to support the More Lethal Gameplay optional rule (off by default)
  • added support for Weapon Ranges
  • added support for SoftWeave Armor Mod
  • resizing the window no longer causes the Notes field on the Character Info tab to slide behind other fields
  • opening the Metamagic window as a non-Technomancer no longer causes an error
  • Armor Mods with no Rating no longer have the Rating field enabled
  • Weapon Mods and Accessories that come with a Weapon can now be removed
  • removed Weapon Accessory Mount tracking since Accessories can be swapped and removed during play and places too much restriction on Accessory selection
  • Melee Weapons now show the damage they will do and their full Reach based on the character's Attributes in the Select a Weapon window
  • added an Installed option for Weapon Mods and Accessories to show that they are currently in use on the Weapon and are contributing to the Weapon's stats
  • re-wrote how Weapon RC is calculated (see below)
  • fixed an issue that could cause data and character sheet files to be saved to the wrong location during an update
  • added a Condition Monitor tab in Career Mode which records the character's Condition Monitors and applies penalties to Skills

Weapon Recoil Changes
Since Weapons can now have their Mods and Accessories added and removed, the Weapon's RC now shows what it is with the items currently attached to it. When selecting a Weapon, the Select a Weapon window may show the lower RC number as being slightly different than it appears in the source book, however the number IS CORRECT since it comes with all of the attachments already installed. This happens because in SR4A, some Stocks were removable and some were not. With the addition of the Stock Accessory in Arsenal, they all effectively became removable items.