Chummer, Warband, and the Civilopedia My own little development projects


Chummer Build 133 Available

Build 133

  • Select PACKS Kit window now shows Staring Nuyen BP if a value is given
  • clicking in an empty space of the Kits list in the Select PACKS Kit window no longer throws an error
  • Gear plugins now have their Quantity set correctly when being added through a PAKCS Kit
  • added support for Complex Form Options to PACKS
  • added support for fully-defined Martial Arts to PACKS
  • added support for underbarrel Weapons to PACKS
  • added support for Vehicle Gear plugins to PACKS
  • added support for creating custom PACKS Kits based on a character through Special > Create PACKS Kit menu item in Create mode
  • Text-Only character sheet now prints Description, Background, Concept, and Notes sections when applicable
  • added Signal to the Build Nexus window
  • adding a Complex Form in Career Mode now asks for confirmation
  • Submersion History is now recorded properly
  • Undo for Submersion Grade Karma Expenses now works properly
  • Bound/Registered checkbox for Spirits/Sprites is now enabled in Career Mode
  • Vehicle Mods that come with a Vehicle can now be removed
  • Vehicles are no longer slowed down by the Armor they come equipped with by default (Armor Mods must exceed the Vehicle's standard Armor Rating to affect its Speed and Accel)
  • Free! and Do It Yourself now show the adjusted price in the Select windows
  • Enemies now allow for Connection Groups
  • A.I.s now have access to all of the Unwired A.I. Qualities, including those without BP values
  • unchecking Show only Qualities I can take in the Select a Quality window now works with A.I. characters
  • Physical and Mental Attributes can now be raised to their total maximum (Metatype Maximum + modifiers) instead of just their Metatype Maximum in Career Mode
  • Sprites now have access to the Sprites and Complex Forms tab
  • Sprites can now properly set their Complex Form Ratings to match their own Rating
  • individual character tabs now show just the character's name to make them easier to find

Chummer Build 130 Available

Build 130

  • multiple windows now appear as a series of tabs to make finding and switching between open character easier
  • Condition Monitor penalties are now applied to all Initiative scores in Career Mode
  • losing access to the MAG or RES special Attributes now resets their values back to the Metatype minimum in Create Mode
  • canceling an Improvement dialogue now rolls back all of the Improvements that would have been created by the selected item and prevents the triggering item from being added to the character
  • added System to list of Vehicle Modifications
  • Vehicles are now limited to +2 improvements to Response, System, Firewall, and Signal unless they have the Modular Electronics Vehicle Modification
  • added support for <selectmartialart /> to PACKS
  • added support for <lifestyles /> to PACKS

Chummer Build 128 Available

Build 128

  • added support for <adeptpowerpoints /> to Improvement Manager which grants additional Power Points to Adepts/Mystic Adepts
  • added Additional Power Point Metamagic to cover the optional rule for Adepts/Mystic Adepts gaining Power Points in place of a Metamagic ability
  • melee Weapons no longer throw an error when selecting them
  • fixed an issue that caused the application to restrict underbarrel weapons to one per character instead of one per Weapon
  • Weapon Mods can now be added to Cyberweapons
  • added tooltip for the Contact Connection Modifiers button
  • added tooltips for the link icons for Contacts/Enemies and Spirits/Sprites
  • MAG/RES are now correctly affected by ESS loss
  • added support for the optional rule to limit dice pools to 20 dice or 2 x (Natural Attribute + Skill Rating), whichever is higher (disabled by default)
  • added a house rule that only reduces MAG/RES maximum from ESS loss

Chummer Build 126 Available

Build 126

  • added Expense Undo support for Nuyen: Armor Mod, Nuyen: Weapon Accessory, Nuyen: Weapon Mod, Nuyen: Vehicle Mod, Nuyen: Vehicle Gear, Nuyen: Vehicle Weapon, Nuyen: Vehicle Weapon Accessory, Nuyen: Vehicle Weapon Mod, Nuyen: Increase Lifestyle, Karma: Add Spell, Karma: Skill Specialization, Karma: Skill Group Rating, Karma: Skill Rating, Karma: Metamagic/Echo, Karma: Initiate Grade, Karma: Add Martial Art, Karma: Martial Art Rating, Karma: Martial Art Maneuver, Karma: Add Complex Form, Karma: Improve Complex Form, Karma: Add Complex Form Option, Karma: Improve Complex Form Option
  • reorganised Options window into tabs so it is less cluttered
  • fixed an issue that prevented Technomancers from improving their Complex Forms when the maximum Rating equaled their RES Attribute
  • deleting a Complex Form Option now actually removes it from the Complex Form
  • Skillsofts Complex Forms and Complex Form Options now only cost an amount of Karma equal to the Complex Form Improvement cost (default 1)
  • Skillsofts Complex Forms now require the character to have the Biowire Echo
  • Select Quality window now lets any Quality be selected when Ignore Rules is turned on
  • selecting the Selected Vehicle item when any Vehicle has a Sensor Plugin no longer throws an error
  • added support for the optional rule to ignore Armor Encumbrance when only a single piece of Armor is worn (disabled by default)
  • list of sourcebooks in the Options window no longer requires the book to be selected before it can be checked/unchecked
  • Update window now appears when updates are downloading and Automatic Updates are enabled so it doesn't appear as though the application has hung
  • added support for changing a character's Metatype while in Create Mode (found in the Special menu)
  • Free Contacts and Free Knowledge Skills options now show the proper checked status after saving options
  • right-clicking on a file name in the most recently used list now makes it sticky so it always appears in the menu (right-click again to un-sticky)
  • Source labels now show the full book name in a tooltip when you hover over them
  • Qualities no longer add their Improvements to the character if they cannot be added because of BP/Karma limitations
  • Bioware, Cyberware, Gear, Armor, and Armor Mods no longer add their Improvements to the character if they do not have enough Nuyen to purchase them in Career Mode
  • Used Vehicles no longer throw an error when trying to add them to a character in regions that use "," to separate decimal places
  • Condition Monitor penalties have been corrected to use the highest value, not cumulative
  • Weapons now use the total ammo bonus modifier for all Mods instead of applying each bonus separately
  • added support for Additional Clip adding a second clip to the Weapon
  • Firing Selection Weapon Mods are now a separate item for each Mode that can be selected and add their Mode to the Weapon
  • Complex Form Options have been added to printout XML
  • Complex Form Options now appear on character sheets
  • Text-Only character sheet not prints Complex Forms when applicable
  • all Critter Powers are removed from the character if access to the Critters tab is lost
  • Infected Qualities now grant access to the Critters tab and add the appropriate Critter Powers

Chummer Build 123 Available

Build 123

  • added Expense Undo support for Nuyen: Armor, Nuyen: Weapon, Nuyen: Vehicle
  • 2 x CHA Free Contacts Option now applies to both BP and Karma build modes
  • fixed an issue that caused Free Contacts points to calculate per-contact instead of for the character as a whole
  • changed Free Contacts Option to allow the multiplier value to be specified
  • fixed an issue that caused precedence 0 Improvements to stack with others
  • High Pain Tolerance Positive Quality no longer stacks with other Condition Monitor Threshold Improvements
  • Impaired Attribute Negative Quality no longer allows EDG, MAG, or RES to be selected
  • Text-Only character sheet now prints EDG with the rest of the Attributes
  • Text-Only character sheet now prints Armor Mod Ratings when applicable
  • character sheets no longer display Rating 1 for Adept Powers that do not have a Rating
  • Advance Lifestyle Qualities list now clears when a different Advanced Lifestyle is selected
  • Weapons with AP -half no longer throw an error when selected in Career Mode
  • Armor Rating stacking modifiers from items like Form-Fitting Armor are now calculated separately and added to the highest Armor/Clothing Armor Ratings instead of being rolled into the highest Armor Rating

Chummer Build 121 Available

Build 121

  • removed temporary support for converting Qualities from the old format to the current format
  • removed the RES Attribute from A.I.
  • Metatypes that have an Attribute whose maximum is 0 (typically A.I.s) can now set any other Attribute to their Metatype maximum
  • Physical Attribute controls are disabled when creating an A.I.
  • free Positive Quality BP and free Negative Quality BP Improvements are now correctly loaded from saved characters
  • clicking on Add Metamagic/Add Echo in Career Mode when the character does not yet have an Initiate Grade no longer throws an error
  • added Ruger Thunderbolt w/ Smartgun Weapon (Laser Sight version was not added since the Mod can be purchased for the same price)
  • Camera, Trideo and Microphone now consume 1 slot instead of a number of slots equal to their Rating
  • underbarrel Weapons now show their halved Ammo capacity when selected, not just when reloading them
  • Complex Form Options now cost BP/Karma
  • Complex Form Options can now be improved in Career Mode
  • changing a character's RES now changes the maximum value for the Complex Form field without having to re-select a Complex Form
  • MAG and RES Active Skills are now disabled when a character does not have access to those special Attributes
  • Uneducated Negative Quality should now impact Skills and Skill Groups properly
  • added support for selecting individual aspects of Contact Connection Modifiers
  • began adding support for Expense Undo entries (see below)

Expense Undo Entries
This will be an ongoing project. By right-clicking on a Karma or Nuyen Expense, you can choose to undo the purchase. This will only be for Expenses that were created during the current session. They will not be saved with your character information, so once you have closed the character, the undo history is lost (largely to prevent undoing something done 10 game sessions ago without undoing anything else). Currently supported items - Karma: Attribute, Karma: Add Quality, Nuyen: Cyberware/Bioware, Nuyen: Gear. This only undoes the expense for the item you have selected. If you later added child items you should undo these expenses first - the undo function strictly undoes the single item that is selected, meaning anything that was added after and not undone will not be refunded. This is intended to undo your most recent few transactions only.


Chummer Build 118 Available

Build 118

  • A.I.s now have their missing Rating, System, Firewall, Signal, and Response Attributes
  • A.I. Condition Monitor, Matrix Initiative, and Initiative Passes are now calculated correctly
  • Commlink Software Suites, Program Packages, Software Suites, and Skillsoft Clusters now have their Programs added as Gear
  • added Martial Art variants from Runner's Companion
  • adding missing Software from War!
  • added support for Software going to Rating 10 from War!
  • added support for Rating 10 Nexi Components
  • Nexi Components now populate their Availability when added
  • Gear marked as Free! now correctly sets the price to 0 when in Create Mode
  • removed Biofeedback Filter and Program Packages from list of Complex Forms
  • Vehicle Speed and Acceleration can no longer go below 0
  • corrected an error where discounted Adept Powers got progressively cheaper after saving and loading
  • there is now a distinction between Dice Pool modifiers and Rating modifiers for Skills with only Rating modifiers being subject to the maximum modified Rating rule
  • Skill tooltips now provide a distinction between Rating modifiers and Dice Pool modifiers and report "X of Y" of the character's total Rating modifiers being used because of the maximum modified Rating rule

Chummer Build 117 Available

Build 117

  • added support for <freespiritpowerpoints /> to Improvement Manager which grants additional Power Points to Free Spirit characters
  • added support for Free Spirit characters (see below)
  • added support for A.I. character (see below)
  • added A.I. Critters from Unwired
  • added Sprite Critters (big thanks to ShadowWalker for providing these)
  • added support for <gears /> to critters.xml so A.I. Critters can come pre-equipped with their Programs
  • Military Grade Armor now uses the proper BOD X 3 limit for Armor Encumbrance (having a single piece of Military Grade Armor equipped raises a character's Encumbrance limit, regardless of any additional Armor they may be wearing)
  • Shapeshifters now have access to the Critters tab and have been given their Critter Powers (which also lets them add/remove Vulnerability and Allergy Critter Powers for their Untouched By Silver optional rule)
  • Shapeshifters now have Metavariants which let them select a Metatype for their Not Quite Always Human optional rule
  • Select Critter Powers window now groups Powers by Category
  • unarmed damage now correctly rounds up instead of down
  • added an option to allow free Knowledge Skills for characters in Karma Build Mode (disabled by default)
  • added an option to allow CHA x 2 free points of Contacts for characters in Karma Build Mode (disabled by default)
  • Career Mode correctly uses the Metatype's maximum Essence as the baseline for determining Essence Loss penalties
  • Exotic Active Skills no longer eat up points for selecting their Specialization
  • added support for <inherited /> Quality Requirement which indicates the Quality can only be gained when it is part of a Metatype
  • Skill Ratings in critters.xml now support expressions

Free Spirit Characters
Magic replaces Force since they are the same Attribute for the Free Spirit. When you first create a Free Spirit character, your Attribute BP total will be very high but is technically correct. All of the character's Attribute start at 2 and have a Metatype Maximum of 2 (the Free Spirit's starting Force/Magic). This means that all of your Attribute costs are being calculated at their Metatype Maximum which adds +15BP per Attribute. (This technically breaks all of the other written rules saying only 1 Physical/Mental Attribute can be at it's Metatype Maximum.) When MAG 3 or higher is selected, this number drops back down since they are all no longer at their Metatype Maximum. (And who would play a Force 2 Free Spirit anyways?)

A.I. Characters
Resonance replaces Rating. Their free Programs can be purchased through Gear by selecting the Free! checkbox when purchasing.


Chummer Build 114 Available

Build 114

  • added support for <overflow /> to the Improvement Manager which improves the number of Overflow Condition Monitor boxes the character has
  • Physical Condition Monitor in Career Mode now includes boxes for Overflow
  • added Overflow to the Condition Monitor on the Shadowrun 4 Character Sheet
  • Other Info tab now shows a character's Career Karma (Career Mode only) and Movement
  • corrected how the maximum modified Skill Rating is calculated (total maximum modified Rating = 1.5X the skill's base Rating)
  • added support for the special Vintage Weapon Mod from Gun Heaven which doubles the cost of all Accessories and Modifications
  • Initiation/Submersion Grades now record if a Group/Network and Ordeal/Task was used for each Grade
  • added a list to the Initiation tab which shows which options were used for each Grade
  • fixed an issue that caused the Weapon created by the Drone Mortar Gear to throw an error when selected or attempting to print
  • Elemental Strike and Elemental Resistance Adept Powers now ask for a value to be selected
  • <specificattribute /> Improvements now include support for precedence attribute which determines how they stack with other Improvements to the same Attribute (see below)

specificattribute precedence
This has been included to (and should only be used for) Cyberware, Bioware, and Powers that affect Initiative and/or Reaction which either does not allow it to stack with any other enhancement, or only certain ones. A precedence of 1 ignore all other Improvements and uses the COMBINED value of all other precedence 1 items (Wired Reflexes, Move-by-Wire, and Reaction Enhancers). A precedence of 0 ignore all other Improvements and uses the single highest precedence 0 Improvement the character has (Synaptic Booster). Short version: nothing you need to actually worry about - the necessary items have already been updated and Chummer figures out what it should use. :)


Chummer Build 112 Available

Build 112

  • added a bunch of <forbidden /> elements to Qualities
  • Swap Quality excludes the selected Quality from Forbidden checks which prevented a Quality from being upgraded/downgraded to a different Rating
  • fixed an issue that caused Cyberware with bundled subsystems to throw an error when being added when the <bonus /> nodes between parent and child didn't match or exist
  • Born Rich Positive Quality now correctly affects characters built using Karma
  • removing the Born Rich Positive Quality now removes its bonus from the character when the Quality is removed
  • resizing the window no longer causes the BP/Karma and Source fields on the Common tab to jump into the Quality list