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Chummer Build 106 Available

Build 106

  • added support for <fresspositivequalities /> to Improvement Manager which allows a number of BP in free Positive Qualities
  • added support for <fressnegativequalities /> to Improvement Manager which allows a number of BP in free Negative Qualities
  • replaced the Changeling BP Adjustment Qualities with <freepositivequalities /> and <freenegativequalities /> Improvements as needed
  • Enforce Skill Rating Maximum option now saves its value to the correct place instead of overwriting the value for the Skill Defaulting Includes Modifiers option
  • adding Gear to a Vehicle now gives you the Free! option
  • adding Nexi to a Vehicle now gives you the Free! option
  • item 10 in the File menu's most recently used list now uses 0 as its mnemonic and loads correctly
  • Condition Monitor penalties now affect Defaulted Active Skills when the option to include Modifiers in Defaulted Skills is diabled
  • Character is now responsible for calculating its own Initiatives/Initiative Passes, Condition Monitors, and Armor Encumbrance instead of the Create and Career windows doing it
  • Active and Knowledge Skills no longer show a negative number for the dice pool since they cannot go lower than 0
  • added a button to the Gear tab to reduce the selected piece of Gear's Quantity by 1
  • Adepts are no longer required to have a Magic Tradition selected when moving to Career Mode
  • character sheet now shows the correct number for Nuyen
  • dates can now be selected when creating Karma and Nuyen Rewards/Expenses
  • returned Improved Physical Attribute Adept Power back to its SR4A cost since the cost Powers in the Runner's Tool Kit are apparently wrong
  • re-wrote Qualities to be a class instead of a series of strings (see below)
  • added support for swapping Qualities in Career Mode
  • Minigrenades now add a Minigrenade Weapon instead of Grenade which have the correct Grenade Launcher ranges
  • added Skillsofts and Activesofts to Vehicles where appropriate
  • Gear in the Gear list can now be reorganised using drag and drop

Changes to Qualities
Qualities have undergone a complete re-write. Existing character will convert their Qualities over to the new format when they are loaded. It is recommended that you immediately save your character after opening it to keep these Quality changes. The code to convert these Qualities will be removed around June 20 (update notes will be posted to inform of the change). Qualities are now handled like other items in that they can be added/removed using the Add and Delete buttons and are listed in a single tree. The Select a Quality window by default lists only the Qualities that the character may take - a checkbox is provided to show all Qualities, regardless of qualification.