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Chummer Build 117 Available

Build 117

  • added support for <freespiritpowerpoints /> to Improvement Manager which grants additional Power Points to Free Spirit characters
  • added support for Free Spirit characters (see below)
  • added support for A.I. character (see below)
  • added A.I. Critters from Unwired
  • added Sprite Critters (big thanks to ShadowWalker for providing these)
  • added support for <gears /> to critters.xml so A.I. Critters can come pre-equipped with their Programs
  • Military Grade Armor now uses the proper BOD X 3 limit for Armor Encumbrance (having a single piece of Military Grade Armor equipped raises a character's Encumbrance limit, regardless of any additional Armor they may be wearing)
  • Shapeshifters now have access to the Critters tab and have been given their Critter Powers (which also lets them add/remove Vulnerability and Allergy Critter Powers for their Untouched By Silver optional rule)
  • Shapeshifters now have Metavariants which let them select a Metatype for their Not Quite Always Human optional rule
  • Select Critter Powers window now groups Powers by Category
  • unarmed damage now correctly rounds up instead of down
  • added an option to allow free Knowledge Skills for characters in Karma Build Mode (disabled by default)
  • added an option to allow CHA x 2 free points of Contacts for characters in Karma Build Mode (disabled by default)
  • Career Mode correctly uses the Metatype's maximum Essence as the baseline for determining Essence Loss penalties
  • Exotic Active Skills no longer eat up points for selecting their Specialization
  • added support for <inherited /> Quality Requirement which indicates the Quality can only be gained when it is part of a Metatype
  • Skill Ratings in critters.xml now support expressions

Free Spirit Characters
Magic replaces Force since they are the same Attribute for the Free Spirit. When you first create a Free Spirit character, your Attribute BP total will be very high but is technically correct. All of the character's Attribute start at 2 and have a Metatype Maximum of 2 (the Free Spirit's starting Force/Magic). This means that all of your Attribute costs are being calculated at their Metatype Maximum which adds +15BP per Attribute. (This technically breaks all of the other written rules saying only 1 Physical/Mental Attribute can be at it's Metatype Maximum.) When MAG 3 or higher is selected, this number drops back down since they are all no longer at their Metatype Maximum. (And who would play a Force 2 Free Spirit anyways?)

A.I. Characters
Resonance replaces Rating. Their free Programs can be purchased through Gear by selecting the Free! checkbox when purchasing.