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Chummer Build 123 Available

Build 123

  • added Expense Undo support for Nuyen: Armor, Nuyen: Weapon, Nuyen: Vehicle
  • 2 x CHA Free Contacts Option now applies to both BP and Karma build modes
  • fixed an issue that caused Free Contacts points to calculate per-contact instead of for the character as a whole
  • changed Free Contacts Option to allow the multiplier value to be specified
  • fixed an issue that caused precedence 0 Improvements to stack with others
  • High Pain Tolerance Positive Quality no longer stacks with other Condition Monitor Threshold Improvements
  • Impaired Attribute Negative Quality no longer allows EDG, MAG, or RES to be selected
  • Text-Only character sheet now prints EDG with the rest of the Attributes
  • Text-Only character sheet now prints Armor Mod Ratings when applicable
  • character sheets no longer display Rating 1 for Adept Powers that do not have a Rating
  • Advance Lifestyle Qualities list now clears when a different Advanced Lifestyle is selected
  • Weapons with AP -half no longer throw an error when selected in Career Mode
  • Armor Rating stacking modifiers from items like Form-Fitting Armor are now calculated separately and added to the highest Armor/Clothing Armor Ratings instead of being rolled into the highest Armor Rating