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Chummer Build 128 Available

Build 128

  • added support for <adeptpowerpoints /> to Improvement Manager which grants additional Power Points to Adepts/Mystic Adepts
  • added Additional Power Point Metamagic to cover the optional rule for Adepts/Mystic Adepts gaining Power Points in place of a Metamagic ability
  • melee Weapons no longer throw an error when selecting them
  • fixed an issue that caused the application to restrict underbarrel weapons to one per character instead of one per Weapon
  • Weapon Mods can now be added to Cyberweapons
  • added tooltip for the Contact Connection Modifiers button
  • added tooltips for the link icons for Contacts/Enemies and Spirits/Sprites
  • MAG/RES are now correctly affected by ESS loss
  • added support for the optional rule to limit dice pools to 20 dice or 2 x (Natural Attribute + Skill Rating), whichever is higher (disabled by default)
  • added a house rule that only reduces MAG/RES maximum from ESS loss