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Chummer Build 167 Available

Build 167

  • Adept Powers that affect an Attribute can now be marked as not doubling the Power Point cost when the affected Attribute exceeds its Metatype Maximum
  • Improved Reflexes Adept Powers no longer double the Power Point cost when raising REA above its Metatype Maximum



Chummer Build 166 Available

Build 166

  • Spirits and Sprites now have their Bound checkbox set correctly when loading a character
  • renamed Select Contact Connection Modifiers window to Advanced Contact Options
  • added Free Contact checkbox to Advanced Contact Options
  • clicking Cancel while selling a Weapon Accessory or Weapon Mod no longer sells the item
  • Armor Mods now display their calculated Availability when applicable
  • opening a linked Contact or Spirit now uses the same loading mechanism as other characters and properly sets the tab's title
  • added support for adding Notes to any item by right-clicking on an item and choosing Notes from the context menu (window can be quickly closed by pressing Esc which also saves the contents)



Chummer Build 164 Available

Build 164

  • added support for <damageresistance /> to Improvement Manager which grants a character additional dice for Damage Resistance Tests
  • added Ballistic Armor and Impact Armor fields to the Condition Monitor tab in Career Mode
  • added Dmg Resistance Pool field to the Condition Monitor tab in Career Mode which shows the total number of dice the character gets for Damage Resistance Tests
  • Advanced Lifestyle Qualities are now properly cleared when moving from one Advanced Lifestyle to another in Career Mode
  • Spirits and Sprites no longer have their number of services owed limited by an Active Skill in Career Mode
  • Adept Powers that improve Attributes now double the Power Points cost when going over the Attribute's Metatype Maximum
  • Armor now displays the selected value for its Improvement when applicable
  • Armor and Armor Mods now show their name instead of internal ID when asking for values to be selected for an Improvement
  • Metamagics and Echoes now show their name instead of internal ID when asking for values to be selected for an Improvement
  • Mentor Spirits and Paragons now show their name instead of internal ID when asking for values to be selected for an Improvement
  • Martial Arts Advantages now show their name instead of internal ID when asking for values to be selected for an Improvement
  • Metatypes and Metavariants now show their name instead of internal ID when asking for values to be selected for an Improvement
  • Improvement dialogues now show the name of the item adding the Improvement for clarification if it's provided
  • canceling an Improvement dialogue when selecting a Mentor Spirit or Paragon now properly cancels the Quality being added
  • fixed an issue where deleting the last existing Weapon Accessory on a Weapon would also delete the first Weapon Mod
  • Advanced Lifestyles now print their Comforts, Entertainment, Necessities, Neighborhood, Security, and Qualities
  • binding a Focus in Career Mode now creates a Karma Expense Entry instead of requiring a manual Karma Expense Entry to be made
  • un-binding a Focus in Career Mode now asks for confirmation
  • added ability to filter Active Skills by All, Rating > 0, and Total Rating > 0 in Career Mode
  • special path characters are now ignored by Omae when attempting to save the downloaded file



Chummer Build 160 Available

Build 160

  • fixed a logic error with Essence Loss and MAG/RES Attribute costs in Create Mode
  • fixed an issue where deleting an Adept Power would cause all other Powers below it to be delete as well
  • Metamagic and Echoes now show their sourcebook information when selected on the Initiation/Submersion tab
  • Mentor Spirit and Paragon information now appear on the Spells and Spirits and Sprites and Complex Forms tabs if a Mentor Spirit or Paragon has been selected
  • Armor now calculates its Armor Capacity if a value is not provided
  • Advanced Lifestyles can no longer go below 0 LP which would cause the application to throw an error
  • Advanced Lifestyle information is now properly cleared when selecting another Lifestyle from the list in Career Mode
  • Gear now supports items having a cost of Gear Cost * X



Chummer Build 157 Available

Build 157

  • losing access to the Adept Powers tab now properly clears the list of the Adept Powers
  • losing access to the Spells and Spirits tab now properly clears all of the spells from the Spell list
  • losing access to the Initiation tab now properly removes any Improvements from Metamagics/Echoes
  • Attribute Modifiers can no longer take a character's minimum value below 1 unless they are a Critter (previously applied to anyone with access to the Critters tab)
  • only installed Weapon Mods and Accessories count towards Concealability
  • fixed an issue that could cause Maximum and Augmented Maximum Attribute values to display a value less than 0
  • ESS Loss now decreases MAG/RES directly instead of lowering its effective value (in Create mode, this only lowers the Maximum Attribute value)
  • if MAG/RES ever drop to 0 from ESS Loss from Cyberware/Bioware in Career Mode, the character suffers burnout, losing access to all of their MAG/RES abilities and Attribute-linked Skills become Knowledge Skills
  • removing a Focus/Metamagic Focus from Gear properly removes the matching Bound Focus from the character
  • all Critters can now add Critter Powers from the Weakness category, even if they're not usually allowed to select additional Critter Powers
  • added tooltips for Augmented Attribute values to show how the Augmented value is being calculated
  • Omae now displays a message if a character cannot be downloaded instead of throwing an error
  • Omae now ignores special pathing characters in character names to avoid errors
  • Omae window can now be resized vertically to fit more characters in the window on larger displays

Chummer Build 155 Available

Build 155

  • added support for <avail3 /> and <avail6 /> to Gear
  • revised how searching for Gear works so that only items from the selectable Categories are searched for, and works when adding plugins
  • Weapon Mods now save their Rating and appear with the Mod's name when added to a Weapon
  • Gear now shows its Armor Capacity instead of standard Capacity when selected in the Armor list
  • Armor now adds any Armor Mods and Gear that comes with it by default
  • underbarrel Weapons now have 6 slots instead of 3
  • fixed an issue that prevented the Sensors category from being available to Vehicle Sensors in Career Mode
  • added Group Name to the list of fields for a Contact's Connection Modifiers
  • background Colour of Contacts can now be changed through the Contact's Connection Modifiers window



Chummer Build 153 Available

Build 153

  • fixed an issue with the Improvement Manager that forced values to be selected after changing the Rating of an Adept Power
  • character's Created status is now sent as part of their upload information for Omae
  • added support for filtering characters in Career or Create Mode to Omae
  • added a My Account button to Omae that appears after you are logged in which lets you add or change the email address for your account
  • added support for resetting your Omae password which emails your new password (must have an email address set for your account)



Chummer Build 152 Available

Build 152

  • fixed an issue that caused non-numeric Cyberware Plugin costs to throw an error when selected in the Select Cyberware window
  • fixed an issue where users who were not logged into Omae could impersonate an existing user



Tomb Kings Data File Updated

The Tomb Kings data file has been update to apply the minor corrections made in last week's 1.0 errata.

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Chummer Build 151 Available

Build 151

  • Omae no longer allows blank user names or passwords
  • fixed an issue that caused non-numeric Armor Mod costs to throw an error when selected after being added to a character