Chummer, Warband, and the Civilopedia My own little development projects


Chummer Build 184 Available

Build 184

  • corrected an issue with Spirits and Sprites that had any Attribute, Skill, or Complex Form with a Rating expression that involved division
  • window contents should no longer be affected by the selected text size in Windows
  • setting a Credstick's Rating to 0 no longer throws an error
  • added support for specifying Program Options for Complex Forms to metatypes.xml and critters.xml
  • added support for specifying a Program Category for Optional Complex Forms to metatypes.xml and critters.xml
  • plugins are now saved when creating a custom Cyberware Suite



Chummer Build 182 Available

Build 182

  • added support for <adeptlinguistics /> to Improvement Manager which lets a character buy Rating 1 for Language Knowledge Skills for free
  • updated the SR4 character sheet to include the page breaking solution by KeyMasterOfGozer
  • Armor that has a Ballistic or Impact starting with "+" no longer doubles its value if it is the only piece of Armor the character is wearing
  • added support for <fullburst /> and <suppressive /> to Weapons and Weapon Mods which changes the number of rounds fired in Full Burst and Suppressive firing modes respectively
  • Miniguns, High Velocity Weapons, and Weapons with the High Velocity Weapon Mod now consume their correct ammo amounts when firing in Full Burst and Suppressive firing modes
  • added support for creating custom Cyberware Suites based on a character through Special > Create Cyberware Suite menu item in Create Mode (all Cyberware must be of the same Grade)
  • added a house rule for No Armor Encumbrance (disabled by default)
  • added a house rule to use BOD+STR as the Armor Encumbrance Threshold (disabled by default)
  • selecting Free! in the Select a Quality window without having a Quality selected no longer throws an error
  • fixed a logic error where Condition Monitor tooltips would only show if the total modifier was greater than zero instead of not equal to zero
  • fixed a logic error where Movement Speed was only printed if the character had Movement Speed Improvements
  • Armor Capacity for Armor is now calculated in the Select Armor window



Warband Data File Updates

All of the Army Data Files (except for Daemons of Chaos and Dwarves since the change doesn't affect them) have been updated to include the latest Warhammer Fantasy 1.5 errata which changes the description for Power Scrolls.

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Civilopedia is Live

The online Civilopedia is now live! You can find it at The only thing that requires any sort of manual effort is extracting new images, so it should be updated within a day or so of a patch or piece of DLC going live. Enjoy!

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Chummer Build 180 Available

Build 180

  • added support for <ammocategory /> for Weapons which overrides the type of Ammo a Weapon uses (typically for Grenade Launchers that are found in the Assault Rifles category)
  • marked Grenade Launchers for Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles as using Grenade Launchers Ammo (minigrenades)
  • added support for <careerkarma /> requirement condition for Qualities which requires a character to have earned an amount of Career Karma before the Quality can be selected
  • added Legendary Quality from Street Legends
  • added support for naming Vehicles
  • corrected a logic error in the Essence cost calculation for Basic Bioware when a character has both the Type O System and Biocompatibility (bioware) Qualities
  • increasing Submersion Grade in Create Mode now costs the correct amount of Karma and puts the proper Grade number in the list
  • added Tradition and Stream information to printouts
  • Movement Speed Improvements no longer affect Fly or Swim Movement Speeds which throw errors (and shouldn't be modified)
  • Vehicles now show their Sensor's Signal Rating (next to the Sensor field when a Vehicle is selected)
  • added the ability to search for Weapon and Vehicles Mods in the Select Mod window
  • broke Reality Amplifiers into their individual types
  • Reality Amplifiers can now be added as Plugins for Commlinks



Civilopedia Progress

Things have been going pretty smoothly so far. The idea for discovering files and looking up strings has worked perfectly. The real challenge is in trying to figure out how some strings get associated, how to figure out a Civilization's Unique Improvements, and filtering Units/Great People and Buildings/National Wonders/World Wonders. Those should be the last real hurdles left in this project!

Completely Done:

  • Game Concepts

Mostly Done (just need some cleanup, promotion images, and category sorting):

  • Technologies
  • Units
  • Promotions
  • Policies

Missing Some (or most) Logic:

  • Buildings
  • Wonders
  • Civilizations and Leaders
  • Terrain and Features
  • Resources
  • Improvements

Completely Missing:

  • Great People
  • City-States
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Civilopedia Project

The online Civilopedia at was great. The problem is that it has been out-of-date for a while now and the author has said nothing about updating the site. Sites like the one on Wikia are also nice, but unfortunately they need to be manually updated every time a patch or piece of DLC is released, their update frequency is sporadic, and is littered with inconsistencies and inaccurate information.

So I've started working on my own version of an online Civilopedia as a personal project. The community seems to want one, and trying to piece this information together seemed like an interesting challenge. I think I've come up with a way to make updating it with each patch/DLC relatively painless (I guess I'll find out after the first update!). The generator itself is given a series of template pages and a list of file name prefixes (for example, all Units files start with "CIV5Units"). It then scans the game directory for every XML file that starts with the defined prefixes, then pulls out their contents and creates a page for each item using the appropriate template. In theory, a patch would mean just telling the generator to rebuild all of the pages and it would rebuild them all using the updated data on its own; the only real work that would need to be done on subsequent updates is to create images for new items that are introduced through DLC or substantial updates like new Civilizations, Wonders, Units, etc.

The logic for finding all of the appropriate files, strings, and formatting them is already in place and working, the templates are already created, I believe all of the necessary images have been pulled out and created, and the Game Concepts and a few other sections are mostly working as a proof-of-concept and it's all working beautifully. Now I just need to figure out how the &@#% you determine a Unit's/Building's era and it should be clear sailing. With any luck, I'll actually have something to put up next week!

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Chummer Build 177 Available

Build 177

  • Drain tooltips no longer throw an error for spells that contain a formula not based on the Spell's Force
  • Drain tooltips now calculate the Drain correctly in regions that use "," to separate decimal places
  • added Redmond to list of specializations for Area Knowledge: Seattle
  • Black Market Quality now prompts for additional information when added
  • Sapient Education no longer counts towards the Positive Quality total since it is not technically a Quality in RC
  • Weapons now show their total Ammo value which includes Modifications and Underbarrel Weapon adjustments on printouts
  • Supernatural Toughness Adept Power has been broken out into Supernatural Toughness (Physical) and Supernaturall Toughness (Stun)
  • added missing Emergency Field Dressing Gear from War!
  • Chaser Autosoft can now go up to Rating 4
  • added Greater Forms for Spirits from Street Magic



Chummer Build 176 Available

Build 176

  • Weapon Modifications and Accessories can now be added to Underbarrel Weapons
  • Vehicle Mods that come pre-installed with a Vehicle are no longer considered for Availability restrictions when marking a character as Created
  • Weapon Modifications and Accessories are no longer considered for Availability restrictions when marking a character as Created



Chummer Build 175 Available

Build 175

  • reducing a character's Initiate/Submersion Grade in Career Mode now reduces the Attribute's Maximum accordingly
  • Skills now properly use their Skillsoft's Rating when printing
  • revised Vehicle context menu so that Add Gear and Add Weapon appear in the Gear and Weapons menus respectively and is more intuitive
  • added a tooltip to DV on the Spells tab which shows the base DV for the selected Spell at all of the Forces the Magician can cast the Spell at
  • increasing a Skill to Rating 7 now correctly doubles the cost in Create Mode
  • Foci with <selecttext /> now appear in the Focus list properly
  • fixed an issue where attempting to bond a Weapon Focus in Career Mode would throw an error
  • added missing Vehicles from War!
  • added Grenade Plugin: Gecko from War!
  • added missing Heavy Mortar and Howitzer Ammo from War!
  • added range information for Heavy Mortar and Howitzer
  • new Contacts are placed in the correct location when the list is scrolled
  • new Enemies are placed in the correct location when the list is scrolled
  • date can now be changed when editing an Expense Entry
  • added support for Cyberzombies (Special > Convert to Cyberzombie)
  • added an optional rule for Metatypes cost Karma equal to their BP (disabled by default) to accommodate the German books which say that Metatypes cost Karma when creating a character with Karma