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Chummer Build 207 Available

Build 207

  • added support for <swimpercent /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a character's Swim speed
  • added support for <flypercent /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a character's Fly speed
  • added support for <flyspeed /> to the Improvement Manager which gives a character a Fly speed if they do not already have one
  • fixed an issue that prevented the proper Gear Categories from being available to Armor and Career Mode
  • added swimpercent information to Cyberfins and Functional Tail (Paddle)
  • added swimpercent information to Power Swimming
  • added flyspeed to Wingsuit Jetpack
  • opening a save file with no Movement information no longer throws an error and instead reads the missing information from the Metatypes/Critters file, adds it to the character, and saves the updated file
  • A.I. characters should no longer throw an error when creating or loading due to their "Special" Movement rate
  • fixed an issue that caused the list of books being used to filter content in Select windows to be based on the Settings file of the first character loaded instead of the current character
  • Exotic Active Skills are no longer hard-coded and have been moved to the skills.xml data file to allow custom Exotic Active Skills to be defined
  • Select Side window now shows the name of the item being installed to reduce confusion, especially when adding a Cyberware Suite with multiple limbs
  • added a house rule for Allow Cyberware Essence costs to be discounted (see below)
  • Rating and Gear Rating on the Vehicles tab have been merged into one field since they both reflect the selected item's Rating and only one was ever used at a time
  • Matrix Programs now have the Copy Protection and Registration plugins attached to them for free if Unwired is selected in the character's Book Options
  • added support for Gear Locations to keep track of where stuff is stored



Ogre Kingdoms Data File Updated

The data and help files for the new Ogre Kingdoms army book is now available!

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Chummer Build 203 Available

Build 203

  • added support for multipliers to the Metatypes cost Karma equal to their BP Optional Rule (default 1)
  • added Limbs for Standard Characters option to pick which limbs count towards the limb count total
  • average Attributes are now calculated across the chosen number of Cyberlimbs
  • tagged all Skull Cyberlimbs as occupying the head limb slot
  • fixed an issue that caused the Select Armor Mod window to allow Military Grade Armor Mods to be added to standard Armor
  • added Swim speeds to Metahumans (see below)
  • broke Movement out into separate fields for Movement, Swim, and Fly

Movement Changes
New Metahuman characters will automatically pick up their Swim speed information. If you want to apply this to saved characters, you must manually edit the save file. Open your save file in any text editor such as Notepad. Look for the tag called <movement> (it will be very close to the top). Using a Human as an example, it should read <movement>10/25</movement>. Change this to read <movement>10/25, Swim 5</movement> (you can find your Metatype's correct Swim speed below). Make sure to include the comma and spaces as shown. Save the file and you're set.
Dwarf: 4
Elf: 6
Human/Ork: 5
Troll: 7


Chummer Build 198 Available

Build 198

  • Buy Ammo button is now properly disabled when non-Ammo Gear is selected in Career Mode
  • Vehicles can now come pre-equipped with Weapons
  • added Stoner-Ares M202 to Edgecrusher
  • Skillsofts Complex Forms can now select their appropriate Program Options
  • added support for Hacked Programs and Software
  • added support for Gremlins to the Dice Roller window
  • Attribute tooltip now shows when the Attribute is being affected by a Cyberlimb
  • fixed an issue where "BP" being translated in the selected language to throw errors when adding certain Qualities in Create Mode
  • Armor from Helmets and Shields and SecureTech PPP System Categories no longer count towards Armor Encumbrance
  • fixed an issue that prevented Active Skills from display at the proper width in Career Mode
  • clicking the Change Specialization button for an Active or Knowledge Skill now puts the focus on the Specialization field
  • rejecting the Karma cost or not having enough Karma when changing an Active or Knowledge Skill Specialization now puts it back to its old value instead of erasing it entirely
  • Metatype no longer inherit bonuses from their parent Metatype



Chummer Build 197 Available

Build 197

  • Sell Item window title now populates from the selected language
  • Character Name field now repositions and resizes itself to avoid overlapping with the Character Name label
  • tooltips for Gear + and - buttons are now populated from the selected language
  • Attribute names are now populated from the selected language
  • changing the Equipped status of Armor now removes or re-adds any Improvements for the Armor and its Armor Mods and Gear
  • changing the Equipped status of Armor Mods or Armor Gear now removes or re-adds any Improvements for them
  • added a button to speed up the process of purchasing more Ammo of the selected type in Career Mode
  • context menu for Underbarrel Weapons is now set properly when loading a saved character
  • added support for adding Underbarrel Weapons to Vehicle Weapons
  • loading a saved character that has joined a Group/Network is no longer asked to spend Karma on joining the group again
  • controls should resize better when using a font size larger than the Windows default
  • Enter and Escape keys now work in the Advanced Lifestyle window
  • changed how the lists in Select Armor, Select Armor Mod, Select Weapon, Select Weapon Accessory, and Select Gear windows work (should not see any difference in how this works hopefully, but it this is the first step towards allowing data to be translated)
  • Metavariants no longer inherit Qualities from their parent Metatype
  • Metatypes now have their vision Qualities as free Positive Qualities

Chummer Build 195 Available

Build 195

  • Tip_OtherCMPhysical and Tip_OtherCMStun are now bound to the proper fields
  • Label_DiceRoller_Result now displays for all results an intended, not just Critical Glitches
  • fixed a number of text alignment issues
  • buttons now resize and reposition themselves based on their string length
  • String_SelectBP_BPSummary properly initialises in the selected language
  • Ignore Rules checkbox now reads its tooltip from the language file
  • Physical and Stun labels on the Condition Monitor tab are now translated correctly
  • tooltips for the tool bar are now populated from the selected language
  • tooltips for the Armor Equipped and Weapon Installed checkboxes now come from the language file
  • menus are now merged properly when using the non-default language
  • added support for setting markup amount when purchasing Gear in Career Mode

Chummer Build 193 Available

Build 193

  • corrected the tooltip information for improving Skill Groups
  • corrected the tooltip information for Knowledge Skills when loading a saved character in Career Mode
  • \n in language strings is now parsed properly
  • Matrix Initiative on printouts now uses the character's proper Matrix Initiative and Initiative Passes
  • Cyberware Plugins can now be added to Vehicle Mods that are marked to allow them (currently only Mechanical Arms)



Chummer Build 192 Available

Build 192

  • Roll button in the Dice Roller window now reads from the language file
  • clicking Remove Character in the Print Multiple window with no character selected no longer throws an error
  • Build Method lists now read BP/Karma strings from the language file
  • Omae login and filtering fields are now properly translated
  • Select a Side window now reads from the language file
  • corrected the translation tag for Impact on the Armor tab so it no longer incorrectly appears as "Ballistic Armor"
  • Matrix Initiative now compares using a Commlinks total Response instead of its base Response so Custom Commlinks will now affect Matrix Initiative properly
  • added missing Matrix IP information to Sim Module Cyberware
  • added Join Group/Network Karma cost to Options window (default 5)
  • added Leave Group/Network Karma cost to Options window (default 1)
  • added support for joining and leaving Groups/Networks

Chummer Build 190 Available

Build 190

  • all language information now comes from language files which can be found in the lang directory
  • attempting to bind a Power Focus in Career Mode no longer throws an error