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Chummer Build 195 Available

Build 195

  • Tip_OtherCMPhysical and Tip_OtherCMStun are now bound to the proper fields
  • Label_DiceRoller_Result now displays for all results an intended, not just Critical Glitches
  • fixed a number of text alignment issues
  • buttons now resize and reposition themselves based on their string length
  • String_SelectBP_BPSummary properly initialises in the selected language
  • Ignore Rules checkbox now reads its tooltip from the language file
  • Physical and Stun labels on the Condition Monitor tab are now translated correctly
  • tooltips for the tool bar are now populated from the selected language
  • tooltips for the Armor Equipped and Weapon Installed checkboxes now come from the language file
  • menus are now merged properly when using the non-default language
  • added support for setting markup amount when purchasing Gear in Career Mode