Chummer, Warband, and the Civilopedia My own little development projects


Chummer Build 238 Available

Build 238

  • A.I.s now use the correct Optimization plugin
  • Gear plugins now properly use their Rating when applying Improvements when added to a character
  • changing a Gear's Rating now correctly updates any Improvements they apply to the character
  • searching should now work with accented characters
  • augmented Attribute tooltips now use the translated object names when appropriate
  • advanced Contact option strings now read from the language file
  • fixed an issue where Critters with Skill Groups higher than Rating 6 would cause an error when being saved as Created and loaded in Career Mode
  • Commlinks and Commlink Operating Systems are now saved, loaded, and printed properly when added to a Vehicle



Chummer Build 236 Available

Build 236

  • fixed an issue that caused a Metatype's BP cost to be multiplied by the Karma multiplier when building a character with BP
  • Echoes and Metamagics now support Quality requirements
  • added a checkbox to the Select Metamagic window to show only Metamagics/Echoes the character can take
  • Knowledge Skills no longer ask for a Karma expense confirmation if the cost is 0 Karma (improving a Language with the Linguistics Adept Power)
  • A.I.s now have the Ergonomic and Optimization Program Options added to Matrix Programs for free
  • Markup field is now correctly hidden in the Select Vehicle window in Create Mode
  • fixed an issue that could prevent the Gear Qty field from being refreshed properly when selecting a different item in Create Mode
  • Enemy BP is no longer included in the Negative Qualities BP total on the Build Point Summary tab since it already has its own field
  • Update window no longer stays open if automatic updates are enabled and there are optional languages that are not installed but can be downloaded



Chummer Build 234 Available

Build 234

  • all items should now output their data in the selected language
  • translation file verification no longer compares against Ranges data file
  • translation file verification no longer checks for missing <code /> tags
  • translation file verification no longer checks <costs /> when checking Lifestyles content
  • Language Manager now attempts to translate selected Weapon Categories, Skills, and Skill Groups when displaying Qualities, Gear, and other items that ask for this information to be selected
  • added support for translating Advantages and Disadvantages for Mentor Spirits and Paragons (<advantage /> and <disadvantage /> in the translation file)
  • Weapon Mounts are now properly detected when trying to add a Weapon while using a non-English language
  • Advanced Lifestyle window now uses translated names
  • Advanced Lifestyle window now shows the source information for the currently selected Quality
  • Mechanical Arm Vehicle Mod can now be given a Weapon
  • Skills now only check for Skillsofts if the character has something that gives them access to Skillwires
  • added drag-and-drop support for re-ordering Lifestyles, Armor, Weapons, and Vehicles (base items only)
  • added support for the Recoil and Strength Optional Rule which adjusts a Weapon's RC based on the character's Strength (disabled by default)
  • Knowledge Skills are sorted in alphabetical order when a character is loaded
  • Additional Discount field in the Select Cyberware window (enabled by House Rule) now allows a negative modifier for glitched implant jobs
  • fixed an issue that caused the content of custom data files to be cached when attempting to cache content from the core data files, resulting in multiple copies of custom items



Chummer Build 231 Available

Build 231

  • adding free Qualities in Career Mode no longer asks you to confirm the Expense for 0 Karma
  • fixed an issue that prevented Lifestyles from being modified after being added to a character when using a non-English language
  • Enter key now rolls the dice when pressed in the Roll Dice window
  • included Accessories and Mods are now translated in the Select Weapon window
  • mount points are now translated in the Select Weapon window
  • added Arsenal French Content to list of sourcebooks
  • added additional Vehicles from the French version of Arsenal
  • added missing MicroWeave Spider and Medusa Extensions Drones from Attitude
  • Vehicles that come pre-equipped with multiple Weapons now place one Weapon on each Weapon Mount if possible
  • Advanced Lifestyles can now be modified by double-clicking on them
  • main character and general information sections can now be resized with a splitter
  • fixed an issue that would cause Bonding a Focus to attempt to create Improvements for the incorrect piece of Gear
  • translation file verification no longer compares against PACKS Kit data files
  • corrected the logic for verifying Metavariant translations
  • added a Notes tab in Career Mode to record general gameplay notes



Chummer Build 229 Available

Build 229

  • XmlManager now caches base data files and merged translation information which should reduce character load times by 50%-70% and make everything else a little quicker
  • added support for <drainresist /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a character's Drain Resistance pool
  • added support for <fadingresist /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a character's Fading Resistance pool
  • added a Verify Data File button to the Options window to verify the contents of data translation files (verifies only the content from selected books; like the Verify button, this is not needed unless you're working on translations)
  • added support for <rangebonus /> to Weapon Mods which increase or decreases a Weapon's Range by the specified percent
  • added <rangebonus /> to Barrel Extension and Barrel Reduction Weapon Mods
  • fixed an issue that caused Gear to assume that plugins should always consume Capacity, even when they do not contain square brackets to indicate that they should
  • Spell list is now sorted alphabetically within each Category
  • Complex Form list is now sorted alphabetically within each Category
  • Martial Arts list is now sorted alphabetically within each Category
  • Active Skills are now sorted in alphabetical order in non-English languages
  • Skill Groups are now sorted in alphabetical order in non-English languages
  • added Device field to the Vehicles tab to show the selected Vehicle's Device Rating
  • added <drainresist /> to Focused Concentration (Rating 1) and Focused Concentration (Rating 2) Qualities
  • fixed an issue with translations that had &amp; in their names or translated values throwing errors when attempting to load them
  • Bioware Grade list in Create Mode now reads from the Bioware data file and presents only Grades that are actually available to them
  • Cultured Bioware is now properly limited to non-Second-Hand Grades
  • Symbionts and Genetic Infusions are properly limited to Standard Grade only
  • added support for naming Armor



Chummer Build 225 Available

Build 225

  • fixed an issue where the plugins for Pre-Packaged Nexi were not given an Availability which would cause an error to be thrown when selected
  • added missing Evo Mobile Terminus Nexus to the Roving Hub Drone
  • Nexi now have access to the Commlink Modules Category as plugins
  • custom Nexi now have their context menus when added
  • fixed an issue where calculating Gear Capacity in regions that use something other than "." to separate decimal places would cause an error to be thrown
  • cost adding Gear to Armor now correctly includes the selected markup
  • added support for Markup to Select Armor, Select Armor Mod, Select Weapon, Select Vehicle Mod, Select Weapon Mod, and Select Weapon Accessory windows in Career Mode
  • added support for Markup to Select Vehicle window in Career Mode which applies the markup percentage AFTER any Used Vehicle discounts since they affect the Vehicle's base price
  • Technomancer Networks no longer cost Karma to join



Chummer Build 223 Available

Build 223

  • loaded Ammo now uses the translated Ammo names
  • loaded Ammo now shows the names of plugins attached to the Ammo
  • Reload window now uses the translated Ammo names
  • Reload window now shows the names of plugins attached to each Ammo
  • added a Stack checkbox to the Select Gear window in Career Mode
  • adding Gear no longer stacks with existing items unless the Stack checkbox is checked when the item is added (see below)
  • purchasing additional quantity of Gear that has plugins deducts the correct amount of Nuyen
  • added support for splitting and merging Gear stacks
  • fixed an issue where adding certain Gear would incorrectly add Gear of the same name from a different Category
  • added support for Hacked Program Options
  • Gear Capacity is now rounded down to a minimum of 1 if the expression results in a non-whole number
  • added Capacity to Matrix Program, Simsense, and Program Options
  • the free Copy Protection and Registration Program Options are no longer automatically added to Matrix Program that do not have access to them (such as IC)
  • added support for loading individual clips in multiple-clip Weapons (see below)

Stacking Notes
When Stacking, Gear is matched by the combination of Name, Category, Rating, and selected values (such as selected Weapon Category or text). When clicking the + button next to Qty on the Gear tab, the selected item is the stack you will be adding to. When clicking the Add Gear button, the application adds the item to the first matching instance of Gear it can find.

Multiple-Clip Weapons
Career Mode now supports loading each clip of a multiple-clip Weapon (like the Yamaha Sakura Fubuki) individually. Each can have its own type of Ammo loaded and their counts and stats are tracked individually. When an Ammo slot is selected, the Ammo count, Weapon AP, Weapon Damage, and Weapon RC are updated to reflect the currently-selected Ammo. Clicking the Fire and Reload buttons affect the currently-selected Ammo slot.


Chummer Build 221 Available

Build 221

  • added support for <swapskillattribute /> to the Improvement Manager which replaces the select Physical Attribute with the appropriate Mental Attribute for all Active Skills
  • added support for <exclude /> to the skillattribute Improvement
  • Commlinks and Operating Systems now properly save and load their Location
  • plugins are correctly listed under their parent items after being moved back to the default Gear location as a result of deleting their current Location
  • Gear Weapon bonus information is now written to the print XML if available (weaponbonusdamage and weaponbonusap)
  • Ammo now displays its Weapon Damage and AP modifiers when selected if applicable
  • the total Rating field for Active Skills is always enabled, even when the Skill is a part of a Group, so that its tooltip information is always available
  • Gear in the Foci and Metamagic Foci Categories only apply their bonuses when Bound to the character and are removed if the Focus is removed for Unbound
  • Power Focus now improves all MAG-related Active Skills when Bound except for Counterspelling since it is a situational modifier
  • added <swapskillattribute /> to the Mind Over Matter Adept Power
  • Viewer window now only shows files that end in .xsl
  • corrected Total Cost to only modify the cost of the base Weapon and its Modifications excluding Accessories
  • fixed an issue that prevented Gear from being deleted if it was not part of the Selected Gear Location
  • fixed an issue where new Knowledge Skills showed their Category as being Academic but the Skill believed its Cateegory was blank
  • Knowledge Skills that were accidentally saved with a blank Category now assume they are Academic to avoid errors
  • Skill Filter dropdown now repositions itself to avoid overlapping with other buttons
  • Dice Pool size is shown for the selected Weapon's Active Skill in Career Mode
  • Locations in the Gear list can now be reorganised using drag and drop (Selected Gear cannot be moved and is always the first Location in the list)
  • added tracking highlight when drag-and-dropping Gear and Locations



Chummer Build 219 Available

Build 219

  • added <categories /> to skills.xml
  • Knowledge Skill Categories now populate from the Category list
  • Active Skills can now be filtered in Create Mode
  • added the ability to filter Active Skills based on their Category
  • clicking Add & More in the Select Cyberware window when adding Cyberware to a Vehicle Mod now properly opens the Select Cyberware window again
  • added support for forcing Qualities to be added through other Qualities
  • fixed an issue where binding Foci in a particular order would throw and error
  • fixed an issue where reducing a Gear's quantity when it belongs to the non-default container would occasionally throw an error
  • moved Arrowheads to their own Category which can now be attached to standard Arrows and Bolts
  • added Payload Tip from Arsenal (German) to Arrowheads
  • moved Mortar Heads to their own Category which can now be attached to Mortars
  • moved Heavy Mortar Heads to their own Category which can now be attached to Heavy Mortars
  • moved Missile & Rocket Heads to their own Category which can now be attached to Missiles and Rockets



Chummer Build 217 Available

Build 217

  • fixed an issue where selecting a PACKS Kit that had Cyberware with plugins would throw an error
  • Enemy Group Rating now contributes to Enemy BP total
  • Enemy Group Rating is now correctly populated when loading a character
  • rewrote how Gear is written to custom PACKS Kits so that things are nested properly and no longer results in having only 1 item
  • added support for Total Cost multiplier to Weapon Mod costs which multiply the total value of the Weapon
  • Select Weapon Accessory and Select Weapon Mod windows now include the Weapon's Accessory and Modification multipliers to show correct cost information
  • fixed an error that caused the Cyberware Grade list to not populate correctly when loading certain characters with Cyberware