Chummer, Warband, and the Civilopedia My own little development projects


Chummer Build 254 Available

Build 254

  • added support for <matrixinitiativepassadd /> to the Improvement Manager which stacks additional Matrix Initiative Pass bonuses on top of the highest value
  • added support for <initiativepassadd /> to the Improvement Manager which stacks additional Initiative Pass bonuses on top of the highest value
  • added <matrixinitiativepassadd /> to Simsense Booster and Simsense Accelerator
  • added <initiativepassadd /> to Acceleration
  • editing an Advanced Lifestyle no longer resets its number of pre-paid months to 1
  • added support for naming standard Lifestyles
  • melee Weapons mounted in Cyberlimbs now use the limb's STR for calculating their Damage
  • reverted the change to Mystic Adept Power levels: as per the FAQ, their maximum level is based on your Adept MAG, not total MAG
  • updated the Max. Spirit Force House Rule to also encompass Mystic Adept Power Levels
  • Adept Powers now show their source and page information in a tooltip
  • added support for transferring Weapons between a character's Inventory and Vehicles
  • fixed an issue where purchasing additional Ammo could result in a divide by zero error
  • Critter Powers tab is now properly cleared when access to Critter Powers has been lost



Chummer Build 251 Available

Build 251

  • added an optional rule for Armor Degradation (disabled by default)
  • added support for Armor Degradation in Career Mode
  • added support for transferring  Gear between a character's Inventory and Vehicles
  • fixed an issue where removing the last of a Gear that also created a Weapon entry would not remove the appropriate Weapon
  • fixed an issue where adding Gear that resulted in a stack would create a duplicate copy of its Weapon
  • attempting to move a character to Career Mode no longer throws an error when checking item Availability using a non-English language



Chummer Build 250 Available

Build 250

  • A.I.s can now select Commlink and Vehicles as their Home Node
  • corrected the tooltip for Career Karma
  • printout XML no longer includes object GUIDs
  • Gear now includes <bonded /> and <equipped /> in the printout XML
  • Gear and Vehicles now include <homenode /> in the printout XML
  • Adept Powers are now correctly limited by the character's total MAG instead of the MAG allocated only to the character's Adept aspect
  • Settings File list is now sorted correctly to prevent file mismatches
  • Hacked and Do It Yourself Gear now apply the correct cost modifiers to Gear when added as plugins to Vehicles
  • Autsofts and Skillsofts can now be Hacked
  • fixed an issue that caused a Technomancer's Biofeedback Filter to never be given a Rating on printouts
  • fixed an issue that caused newly added Cyberware to select Standard Grade immediately after being added
  • fixed an issue that could cause Gear quantities to be incorrectly updated when selecting an item for the first time in Create Mode
  • fixed an issue where adding Gear as a plugin could cause the quantity of the parent item to be modified
  • added the ability to search for Complex Forms in the Select Complex Form window
  • added options to automatically add Copy Protection and Registration plugins individually to Matrix Programs (enabled by default)
  • added house rules for allowing a character to exceed 35 BP worth of Positive and Negative Qualities
  • added an option to start the application in fullscreen mode (disabled by default)
  • added a conext menu entry to edit Advanced Lifestyles
  • Search field is now selected by default when opening windows with the ability to Search
  • Gear Capacity should now calculate correctly when dealing with decimals in regions that use something other than "." to separate decimal places
  • removed redundant "Chummer" from the window title and put character Alias before the current operating mode
  • changing the number of months for a Lifestyle in Career Mode now marks the character as having unsaved changes
  • Skills now include <source /> and <page /> information on the printout XML when appropriate
  • Active Skills now show their source and page information in a tooltip
  • removed the close box from a number of limited-selection windows that require a value to be selected
  • Gear now displays the correct quantity when added as a plugin
  • added a Buy Ammo button to the Weapons tab in Career Mode which allows you to select a type of Ammo and automatically assigns the correct Weapon Category for the currently-selected Weapon
  • ampersand characters in Category and item names should no longer confuse the XML Manager when trying to match translated items
  • Drain and Fading Attributes are now translated
  • Ammo Category is now translated in the Out of Ammo message
  • Quality names are now translated in the Swap Quality message
  • Martial Art name is now translated in the Martial Art Advantage limit message
  • Complex Form and Quality names are now translated in the Confirm Karma Expense messages
  • Attribute, Skill, Skill Group, Martial Art, Complex Form, and Program Option names are now translated when creating Karma Expenses messages
  • all Improvement dialogues should now show translated item names when appropriate
  • Skill name is now translated in the Break Skill Group message
  • Radius in Weapon Damage is now translated
  • Skills now show the translated Attribute abbreviation
  • Weapon Mount is now translated for Weapon Accessories
  • Weapon Firing Modes now read from the translation file
  • Spell Descriptors, Type, Range, Damage, Duration, and DV are now translated
  • Critter Power Type, Action, Range, and Duration are now translated
  • Cyberware, Bioware, and Gear Weapons now have their Category name translated on the Weapons tab
  • included plugins that come with Cyberware (such as Cybereyes) are now properly translated when added to the character
  • Commonly Used Skill on the Complex Forms tab are now translated



Chummer Build 246 Available

Build 246

  • Weapon reloading methods are now read from the translation file
  • Weapon Accessories now show their mount points when selected
  • Weapon Mods now show their mod slots when selected
  • selecting a Weapon Accessory or Weapon Mod now updates the Range information to match the Weapon it's attached to
  • loading a character with a Commlink Operating System Upgrade attached to a Commlink Operating System no longer throws an error
  • Commlinks now check for Operating System Upgrades within their Commlink Operating Systems in addition to within the Commlink itself
  • added <currentammo /> to the Weapon information in the printout XML which gives the name of the Ammo currently loaded in the Weapon
  • Skills affected by Incompetent are now correctly marked as not allowing Defaulting
  • Quality type is now translated in the printout XML
  • Contact type is now translated in the printout XML
  • Weapon RC now always displays as a whole number (no brackets) since it always shows the Weapon's RC based on the currently installed plugins (the brackets just made things more confusing)
  • XML indenting/formatting is preserved when adding a custom Cyberware Suite or PACKS Kit to an existing custom file
  • FIRE! and Reload buttons and Ammo selection list are now only enabled when an appropriate Weapon is selected
  • Vehicle Weapons now show their Dice Pool (Targeting Autosofts must be given a value that matches the Weapon's Category, otherwise it assumes that the highest-rated Targeting Autosoft should be used)
  • Increased Cylinder Weapon Mod now properly changes the Weapon's Ammo to 8(cy)
  • added Hollow Cyberlimb and Hollow Cybertorso to the Post-Mortem Modifications Category in Gear
  • Save As now uses the character's Alias instead of their Name
  • fixed an issue where converting the Metatype of an older character would throw an error if their MAG or RES were set to 0



Chummer Build 244 Available

Build 244

  • Character Name has been shortened to Name and moved to the Character Info tab (swapping places with Alias which now appears on the Common tab)
  • editing a Nuyen Expense now properly shows the Nuyen labels instead of Karma ones
  • Skillsofts and Autosofts now come with the Copy Protection and Registration Program Options when added
  • Weapon Modifications and Accessories now show their calculated cost instead of "Weapon Cost"
  • options in the FIRE menu are now translated names
  • Gear now shows its translated Category properly
  • Metatype and Metavariant are now translated in the printout XML
  • Weapon Modification Category name in the Select Weapon Mod window is now translated
  • Avail fields now show their translated Avail code
  • Expense Entries that are created automatically now use the translated names of the items affected/added
  • added missing tooltip for Metatype Source
  • Notes can now be added to Bioware
  • Gear, Armor, and Cyberware now support items that have a variable Cost that is not tied to Rating
  • Select Weapon Category message when purchasing Ammo now reads from the translation file
  • Weapon Damage and AP codes now read from the translation file
  • Edit Expense window now uses the system's current date and time format for displaying date and time information
  • editing an Expense with an amount of 0 no longer throws an error



Chummer Build 242 Available

Build 242

  • attempting to Bond Foci that do not provide Improvements no longer throws an error
  • Improvement Manager now ignores all attempts to create Improvements when no Improvement information is provided
  • verify data file process now correctly ignores all custom data files
  • Skill Specializations no longer allow a value of all spaces
  • fixed the way that discounted Adept Powers are calculated and rounded (Points x Rating x Discount, rounded instead of (Points x Discount, rounded) x Rating)
  • time on Expense Entries can now be modified
  • Vehicles now show their System Rating



Chummer Build 241 Available

Build 241

  • Cyberware Weapons can now be reloaded using the appropriate Ammo type
  • Knowledge Skills list is now populated using the selected language if possible
  • Skill Specialization list is now populated using the selected language if possible
  • select text window now reads from the language file
  • attempting to add an Echo no longer throws an error when the window opens
  • Notes window can now be resized
  • editing Notes now marks a character as having changes
  • added Living Persona information to the Complex Forms tab
  • A.I.s no longer add a Rating to the Ergonomic Program Option since it doesn't actually have one
  • reorganised Gear Categories to more closely match those found in the Runner's Toolkit Compiled Tables booklet
  • removed most Gear Category restrictions from items since components can be purchased on their own and combined later and allow greater flexibility
  • selecting Undo Karma Expense or Undo Nuyen Expense without an item selected no longer throws an error
  • Essence Holes no longer count towards Bioware and Cyberware Essence totals and just affect the character overall
  • the Delete key now does the same thing as pressing the Delete button when a list item is selected (Qualities, Critter Powers, Metamagics/Echoes)
  • Metatypes and Metavariants now show their translated names in the Create and Career windows
  • Metatype and Metavariant source information is now shown below the Metatype label in the Create and Career window
  • Maximum Armor Modification and Armor Suit Capacity (both found on AR 44) are now Optional Rules (disabled by default)
  • Armor Capacity is now calculated properly for Armors without an inherent Capacity value according to the Maximum Armor Modification rule found on AR 44
  • tabs now show the character's Alias instead of their Name if they have an Alias
  • Weapon Dice Pool total in Career Mode now includes the bonus for the Smartgun System if the Weapon has a Smartgun System Accessory or Modification and the character has an item that provides a Smartlink
  • Select Gear window no longer shows Categories that have no items for its current context
  • Vehicle Mods now support <pilot /> to change a Vehicle's Pilot Rating
  • Vehicles now show their Firewall, Signal, and Response Ratings
  • added <movementwalk />, <movementswim />, and <movementfly /> to the printout XML to make displaying the Movement, Swim, and Fly speed easier
  • Skills in the printout XML now output their translated Attribute, Skill Group, and Skill Category