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Chummer Build 241 Available

Build 241

  • Cyberware Weapons can now be reloaded using the appropriate Ammo type
  • Knowledge Skills list is now populated using the selected language if possible
  • Skill Specialization list is now populated using the selected language if possible
  • select text window now reads from the language file
  • attempting to add an Echo no longer throws an error when the window opens
  • Notes window can now be resized
  • editing Notes now marks a character as having changes
  • added Living Persona information to the Complex Forms tab
  • A.I.s no longer add a Rating to the Ergonomic Program Option since it doesn't actually have one
  • reorganised Gear Categories to more closely match those found in the Runner's Toolkit Compiled Tables booklet
  • removed most Gear Category restrictions from items since components can be purchased on their own and combined later and allow greater flexibility
  • selecting Undo Karma Expense or Undo Nuyen Expense without an item selected no longer throws an error
  • Essence Holes no longer count towards Bioware and Cyberware Essence totals and just affect the character overall
  • the Delete key now does the same thing as pressing the Delete button when a list item is selected (Qualities, Critter Powers, Metamagics/Echoes)
  • Metatypes and Metavariants now show their translated names in the Create and Career windows
  • Metatype and Metavariant source information is now shown below the Metatype label in the Create and Career window
  • Maximum Armor Modification and Armor Suit Capacity (both found on AR 44) are now Optional Rules (disabled by default)
  • Armor Capacity is now calculated properly for Armors without an inherent Capacity value according to the Maximum Armor Modification rule found on AR 44
  • tabs now show the character's Alias instead of their Name if they have an Alias
  • Weapon Dice Pool total in Career Mode now includes the bonus for the Smartgun System if the Weapon has a Smartgun System Accessory or Modification and the character has an item that provides a Smartlink
  • Select Gear window no longer shows Categories that have no items for its current context
  • Vehicle Mods now support <pilot /> to change a Vehicle's Pilot Rating
  • Vehicles now show their Firewall, Signal, and Response Ratings
  • added <movementwalk />, <movementswim />, and <movementfly /> to the printout XML to make displaying the Movement, Swim, and Fly speed easier
  • Skills in the printout XML now output their translated Attribute, Skill Group, and Skill Category