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Chummer Build 244 Available

Build 244

  • Character Name has been shortened to Name and moved to the Character Info tab (swapping places with Alias which now appears on the Common tab)
  • editing a Nuyen Expense now properly shows the Nuyen labels instead of Karma ones
  • Skillsofts and Autosofts now come with the Copy Protection and Registration Program Options when added
  • Weapon Modifications and Accessories now show their calculated cost instead of "Weapon Cost"
  • options in the FIRE menu are now translated names
  • Gear now shows its translated Category properly
  • Metatype and Metavariant are now translated in the printout XML
  • Weapon Modification Category name in the Select Weapon Mod window is now translated
  • Avail fields now show their translated Avail code
  • Expense Entries that are created automatically now use the translated names of the items affected/added
  • added missing tooltip for Metatype Source
  • Notes can now be added to Bioware
  • Gear, Armor, and Cyberware now support items that have a variable Cost that is not tied to Rating
  • Select Weapon Category message when purchasing Ammo now reads from the translation file
  • Weapon Damage and AP codes now read from the translation file
  • Edit Expense window now uses the system's current date and time format for displaying date and time information
  • editing an Expense with an amount of 0 no longer throws an error