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Chummer Build 274 Available

Build 274

  • corrected the positioning of items in the Other Info tab in Create Mode
  • Metavariant Qualities are now translated in the Select Metatype window
  • tooltip for the Advanced Contact Options button is now properly translated
  • number of real world Initiative Passes is correctly calculated for printout XML
  • Ballistic Encumbrance and Impact Encumbrance are now translated in tooltips
  • all Search labels now reposition themselves based on string lengths
  • added a new Karma value for Complex Form Skillsoft (default 1)
  • Skillsoft Complex Forms now cost an amount of Karma equal to the amount set in the Options window

New Strings

  • String_BallisticEncumbrance
  • String_ImpactEncumbrance
  • Label_Options_ComplexFormSkillsoft

Chummer Build 272 Available

Build 272

  • all controls now reposition themselves to accommodate longer strings for non-English languages

Chummer Build 271 Available

Build 271

  • added support for uploading language files through the application (translators, see for information)
  • Expense Entries can now be sorted by clicking on the column headings
  • fixed an issue where trying to edit old Expense Entries that cannot be edited would throw an error
  • removed the ability to select multiple Expense Entries from the same list as once as this had no use
  • "level" is now correctly translated in the Select Adept Power window
  • fixed an issue where the selected value for a Complex Form would appear twice after adding it to the character
  • fixed an issue that prevented Technomancers with the Biowire Echo from being able to add Skillsofts as Complex Forms
  • Skills now check Complex Forms for Skillsoft Ratings

Warband Data File Updates

The Ogre Kingdoms data file has been updated to apply the corrections from their 2.0 errata. The Skaven data and help files have been updated to apply the corrections from their 1.5 errata.

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Chummer Build 269 Available

Build 269

  • fixed an issue where the Equipped checkbox on the Gear tab in Career Mode would never get enabled
  • Living Persona Attributes show on the Complex Forms tab are now correctly limited by the character's RES Attribute
  • added an option for enforce Capacity limits (enabled by default)
  • Capacity limits are now checked when attempting to move a character from Create Mode to Career Mode when enforcing Capacity limits is enabled
  • Capacity limits are now checked when attempting to add items in Career Mode when enforcing Capacity limits is enabled
  • fixed an issue where trying to change the Rating of a Hacked Skillsoft in Create Mode would throw an error
  • Skillsoft Clusters can now be Hacked
  • moving Gear between a Vehicle and inventory now re-creates the proper plugins
  • added an optional for Use Restrictions to Recoil Compensation (AR 148) (enabled by default)
  • fixed an issue where language files were not mapped to the proper language in the Options window



Chummer Build 265 Available

Build 265

  • Biowires Echo now creates a Skillwire Improvement so that Technomancers with this Echo can thread Skillsofts
  • fixed an issue where Skillsofts were not being properly limited by the character's Skillwire Rating
  • quickly opening/closing groups in the Select Complex Form and Select Spell windows without an item selected no longer throws an error
  • Advanced Lifestyles can now be renamed when editing them
  • fixed an issue where selecting a custom PACKS Kit that contained custom Knowledge Skills would throw an error
  • Bonded Foci no longer attempt to re-create their Improvements when a character's Gear is updated
  • Improvement Manager now only removes access to Special Attributes, tabs, Uncouth, Uneducated, and Infirm if the Improvement being removed is the only remaining item granting access to that item
  • removing Critter Powers now correctly removes any Improvements it created
  • Critter Powers no longer show selected values twice
  • Active Skill tooltip now includes the Skill's Category
  • items with notes now appear in brown text for easier identification
  • Foci that should ask for a selected value now ask for and remember it when they are first added to the character instead of when their Rating changes
  • Foci now show their selected value when appropriate
  • Shock and Stun Weapons now have Ammo information and can be reloaded using Ammo: Stun Charge
  • added support for Override Data Files (see below)

Override Data Files
Similar to Custom Data Files, Override Data Files let you override individual items, replacing the base data with your own version (for example, changing the cost and damage for a Weapon). These follow the same naming rules as Custom Data Files but use "override" as their prefix (such as override_weapons.xml). Multiple Override files can exist for the same type (such as multiple Override files for Weapons), and the files are loaded in alphabetical order after loading the base data files. The item in the Override file completely replaces the base item. This is not intended to be used for holding your new custom data as the XML Manager will only overwrite existing items; it will not add items that do not exist in the base data files. Use at your own risk.


Chummer Build 263 Available

Build 263

  • fixed an issue where deleting a Vehicle Mod could cause other items to be deleted from the Vehicle at the same time
  • added <modcategories /> to vehicles.xml to allow support for translating Vehicle Modification Categories
  • added <limits /> to vehicles.xml to allow support for translating Vehicle Modification Limiters
  • added house rules for multiplying the cost of Restricted and Forbidden items (applies to Career Mode only)
  • fixed an issue where quotation marks in custom names for items could result in an error being thrown
  • Move to Vehicle button tooltip on the Weapons tab is now correctly translated
  • Complex Forms that use a device attribute for their Common Skill (System, Response, Firewall, Signal) no longer throw an error when selected
  • Commonly Used Skill on the Select Program Options tab is now translated properly
  • fixed an issue that prevented Spell Category names from being translated



Chummer Build 262 Available

Build 262

  • fixed an issue where Adept Powers over Rating 6 would cause an error to be thrown when loading a saved character
  • Adept Powers now have their maximum Rating properly set when being added to a character with a MAG higher than 6
  • added <rawdamage /> to the printout XML for Weapons which writes out the formula (not calculated) Damage for a Weapon
  • Update window now checks the downloaded files and re-downloads files that are accidentally written as 0 bytes in an attempt to avoid errors
  • added support for Protosapients and Technocritters Critters
  • purchase windows now include a Test field to show the Extended Availability Test for items
  • added support for editing the amount for manually-created Expense Entries



Chummer Build 259 Available

Build 259

  • added support for <composure /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a character's Composure Special Attribute Test
  • added support for <max /> to <specificskill /> in the Improvement Manager which improves a Skill's maximum Rating
  • when loading a saved character, Weapons, Skills, and Gear now replace "Hold-Outs" with "Holdouts" to match the SR4A errata
  • added a Close item to the File menu
  • default message for Expense Entries now reads from the translation file
  • double quotes in Knowledge Skill names should no longer cause an error to be thrown when loading a save file
  • automatically-created Copy Protection and Optimization plugins now have their Rating correctly set to 1 if their parents do not have a Rating
  • added Code of Conduct Qualities from Runner's Companion
  • fixed an issue where attempting to move a character to Career Mode could throw an error if the character had a Weapon with a Forbidden Avail while using a non-English language
  • fixed an issue where attempting to print a Critter with an Exotic Active Skill could throw an error
  • Cyberware now translates Attribute and Skill names as needed
  • Complex Forms and their Options now show their selected Rating in the Complex Forms list
  • Critter Powers, Complex Forms, and Complex Form Options now show their extra selection text if applicable
  • added an optional rule to use calculated Vehicle Sensor Ratings which uses the average Rating for all Sensor Functions plugins in the Vehicle's Sensor (disabled by default)
  • Weapons now support <allowmod /> which, when set to false, prevents them from being able to add Weapon Modifications
  • SR4 sheet now shows Lifestyle Name
  • Game Master Summary sheet now shows Critter Powers and Movement
  • Text-Only sheet now shows Lifestyles and Movement
  • added support for Armor Mods adding Cyberweapons (MilSpec Armor)
  • correct the Reach for Shapeshifters
  • Foot Anchor now creates a Foot Anchor Weapon