Chummer, Warband, and the Civilopedia My own little development projects


Chummer Build 300 Available

Build 300

  • changed all references of to Chummer's new home:
  • changed how item name translations are handled which should result in save files loading about twice as fast when using a language other than English
  • changes to how controls subscribe to events and memory management

Chummer Build 299 Available

Yikes! As of this update, Chummer is now over 100,000 lines of code (not including the code to actually design the windows), and 111,000 lines of data!

Build 299

  • added support for Stacked Foci
  • Move to Vehicle button on the Weapons tab is no longer enabled if the character does not have any Vehicles
  • Active Skill filter list now includes options for filtering by Attribute and Skill Group
  • added Career Nuyen to Other Info tab in Career Mode which tracks how much Nuyen the character has gained over their career
  • Nuyen Expense window now shows the Refund checkbox to mark an income as not counting towards the character's career Nuyen total
  • fixed an issue where Power Focus was adding its Improvements to a character when added, before it is marked as Bonded (resulting in the same bonus being applied twice)
  • Skill Groups now show their tooltips when disabled

New Strings

  • Label_OtherCareerNuyen
  • Checkbox_Expense_RefundNuyen
  • Button_CreateStackedFocus
  • Message_CannotStackFoci
  • Message_StackedFocusMinimum
  • MessageTitle_CannotStackFoci
  • Message_DeleteStackedFocus
  • String_StackedFocus
  • String_SelectItemFocus

Chummer Build 296 Available

Build 296

  • Ammo qty is now properly labeled as "Qty" in the Reload window
  • expanding the Ammo dropdown in the Reload window no longer throws an error
  • Cloning Machine now uses the Select Number window instead of Select Text
  • Nexi now include the cost of their Signal component
  • fixed an issue where re-sorting the list of Cyberware/Bioware would cause the item to become deselected, making the Add & More button no longer work
  • added support for renaming Locations
  • added <iscommlink /> tag to Gear in the printout XML so Commlinks can be identified by their tag instead of by their string content
  • added <isnexus /> tag to Gear in the printout XML so Nexi can be identified by their tag instead of by their string content
  • added <isammo /> tag to Gear in the printout XML so Ammunition can be identified by their tag instead of by their string content
  • added <isprogram /> tag to Gear in the printout XML so Programs can be identified by their tag instead of by their string content
  • added <islanguage /> tag to Skills in the printout XML so Languages can be identified by their tag instead of by their string content

Chummer Build 294 Available

Build 294

  • attempting to improve a Skill when the character does not have enough Karma no longer throws an error
  • Complex Forms list is now grouped by type, similar to the Spells list
  • Spells added by a PACKS Kit are now placed into to the correct category in the Spells list
  • Cyberware list is now sorted in alphabetical order
  • fixed an issue where Program Options may not be removed from the Complex Forms list when undoing their Karma Expense
  • Reload Weapon window now shows the current quantity and Location of each Ammo to make identifying which stack the Ammo is coming from easier
  • list of Ammo in the Reload Weapon window now set its dropdown width to accommodate the longest string
  • added a BP Costs tab to the Options window where the BP costs for character creation can be modified (BP costs of Qualities must be done by overriding the qualities.xml file - see Chummer Wiki for more information)
  • revised Mentor Spirits and Paragons so that characters can select which of their "choose one" benefits they want
  • added support for exporting characters to Squad Manager (, found under File > Export for characters in Career Mode

New Strings

  • Node_SelectedAdvancedComplexForms
  • Node_SelectedAREComplexForms
  • Node_SelectedAutosoftComplexForms
  • Node_SelectedCommonUseComplexForms
  • Node_SelectedHackingComplexForms
  • Node_SelectedMalwareComplexForms
  • Node_SelectedSensorComplexForms
  • Node_SelectedSkillsoftsComplexForms
  • Node_SelectedTacticalARComplexForms
  • Tab_Options_BPCosts
  • Label_Options_BPAttribute
  • Label_Options_BPAttributeMax
  • Label_Options_BPContact
  • Label_Options_BPMartialArt
  • Label_Options_BPMartialArtManeuver
  • Label_Options_BPSkillGroup
  • Label_Options_BPActiveSkill
  • Label_Options_BPSkillSpecialization
  • Label_Options_BPKnowledgeSkill
  • Label_Options_BPSpell
  • Label_Options_BPFocus
  • Label_Options_BPSpirit
  • Label_Options_BPComplexForm
  • Label_Options_BPComplexFormOption
  • Label_SelectMentor_ChooseOne
  • Title_ExportCharacter
  • Label_ExportTo
  • Menu_FileExport
  • Menu_RenameLocation

Deleted Strings

  • Node_SelectedComplexForms

For those doing data translations, please see the details on the changes made to mentors.xml and paragons.xml on the Dumpshock forums.


Chummer Build 292 Available

Build 292

  • fixed an issue where entering custom text in the Select Item window would throw an error
  • added <include /> tag to Weapon Mod, Weapon Accessory, and Vehicle Mods in printout XML
  • added <firewall />, <signal />, <response />, <system />, and <devicerating /> to Vehicles in printout XML
  • added <min />, <max />, and <aug /> to Attributes in printout XML
  • Essence loss only reduces MAG/RES maximum House Rule works properly again
  • Select Cyberware window now uses the category of the selected item instead of the category selected in the category list to determine Essence and Nuyen cost discounts based on item category
  • fixed an issue where Setting names in the Select Setting window could map to the wrong file

Chummer Build 291 Available

Build 291

  • buttons on the Calendar tab now reposition themselves based on string lengths
  • Note tooltips now show the item's Notes, removing the need to open the window to read them
  • added an Improvements tab (see below)

New Strings

  • Button_AddImproevment
  • Title_SelectSkillCategory
  • Title_CreateImprovement
  • Label_ImprovementType
  • Label_CreateImprovementValue
  • Label_CreateImprovementMinimum
  • Label_CreateImprovementMaximum
  • Label_CreateImprovementAugmented
  • Label_CreateImprovementSelectedValue
  • Button_ChangeSelection
  • Message_SelectItem
  • MessageTitle_SelectItem
  • Message_ImprovementName
  • MessageTitle_ImprovementName
  • Checkbox_Active
  • Message_DeleteImprovement
  • Tip_Improvement_EditNotes

Improvements Tab
The Improvements tab allows players to create Custom Improvements to their character that can be turned on and off as needed. This finally adds support for conditional/situational modifiers! For example, if your character has the Attribute Boost (STR) Adept Power at Rating 3, you can now create a Custom Improvement that will allow you to boost your STR when the Power is active, then set it back when you've deactivated it. See the Creating Custom Improvements page on the Chummer Wiki for more information.


Chummer Build 289 Available

Build 289

  • added support for <selectrestricted /> to the Improvement Manager which lets the character pick from a list of Restricted items they have or enter their own value (used for Fake Licenses)
  • improved the way in which unsaved changes to characters are detected
  • Power Point cost for Adept Powers are no longer rounded to 2 decimal places to ensure Adepts are not being cheated out of Power Points when using discounts
  • added support for a weekly calendar to track weekly Tests, runs, when rent is due, etc.
  • fixed an issue where adding Commlink Upgrades or Commlink Operating System Upgrades directly to the character's or a Vehicle's Gear instead of as a plugin would cause the save file to become unusable
  • adding Improved Sensor Array Vehicle Mod to a Vehicle now automatically adjusts the current Sensor to the appropriate size
  • Vehicles and Drones now have their Armor Ratings limited as per AR 132 unless Ignore Rules is turned on
  • adding Cyberware plugins to a Vehicle Mod no longer causes an error to be thrown when attempting to print
  • Specialization list for non-Exotic Active Skills is now disabled if the Skill is part of a Skill Group or its Rating is 0

New Strings

  • Tab_Calendar
  • Button_AddWeek
  • Button_EditWeek
  • String_WeekDisplay
  • Title_CalendarStart
  • Label_CalendarStart
  • Label_Year
  • Label_Month
  • Label_Week

Chummer Build 283 Available

Build 283

  • Options window now resizes to fit the widest string in the window for the current language
  • Group Name and Notes on the Initiation tab are now properly saved and loaded
  • application no longer throws an error if it cannot find a string because of an out-of-date language file and instead displays the ID of the string it is looking for
  • progress bars in the Update window re-appear when it attempts to re-download failed files
  • Update process now verifies that an executable update it has just downloaded is valid and will re-attempt failures, leaving the original file in place to prevent the application from becoming unusable

Chummer Build 280 Available

Build 280

  • <specificskill /> now allows for a precedence to be set
  • added an Edit Expense button to the Karma and Nuyen tab
  • added Edit Expense to the context menu for Karma and Nuyen Expenses
  • MAG and RES can now be reduced to 0 in Create Mode if the character's Essence has been reduced
  • Sapient Critters now use the Uneducated Quality instead of the Uneducated Critter Power
  • Metatypes can now mark Qualities as removable and remove them in both Create and Career Modes (see below)
  • Genetic Infusions are no longer affected by Biocompatability (Bioware)
  • Karma costs for Foci are now set on the Karma tab in the Options window
  • Cyberware Modular Plugins are now restricted to only those with the Modular Cyberlimb or Modular Adaptation plugins
  • added a house rule for Allow characters to exceed 50% of points in Attributes
  • added a house rule for Characters can spend any number of points on Nuyen
  • fixed an issue where attempting to calculate the Avail Test for an item with "+" in its Availability would throw an error
  • fixed an issue where Gear with "+(Rating)" in its Availability would not have its correct Availability shown in the Select Gear window

New Strings

  • Button_EditExpense
  • Message_DeleteMetatypeQuality
  • Label_Options_Force
  • Label_Options_AnchoringFocus
  • Label_Options_BanishingFocus
  • Label_Options_BindingFocus
  • Label_Options_CenteringFocus
  • Label_Options_CounterspellingFocus
  • Label_Options_DiviningFocus
  • Label_Options_DowsingFocus
  • Label_Options_InfusionFocus
  • Label_Options_MaskingFocus
  • Label_Options_PowerFocus
  • Label_Options_ShieldingFocus
  • Label_Options_SpellcastingFocus
  • Label_Options_SummoningFocus
  • Label_Options_SustainingFocus
  • Label_Options_SymbolicLinkFocus
  • Label_Options_WeaponFocus
  • Checkbox_Option_AllowExceedAttributeBP
  • Checkbox_Option_UnrestrictedNuyen

Removable Metatype Qualities
Metatypes now have the ability to mark their starting Qualities as removable by setting the removable attribute to "true". These Qualities can be removed in Create Mode and Career Mode by selecting them and clicking the Delete Quality button. Removing these Qualities will cost the appropriate amount of BP or Karma. This is to allow Sapient Critters to buy off the Uncouth and Uneducated Qualities that they start with. This can be applied to older save files by locating the appropriate Quality and changing its <qualitysource> to MetatypeRemovable.


Chummer Build 277 Available

Build 277

  • added support for <unarmedap /> to the Improvement Manager which improves the Armor Penetration of Unarmed attacks
  • added support for <thresholdoffset /> to the Improvement Manager which modifies the number of additional boxes that appear before the character's first Condition Monitor penalty
  • added support for <affectbase /> to the Improvement Manager which marks an Improvement as affecting an Attribute's actual value
  • Damage Code for Unarmed attacks are now translated on printouts
  • added <cmthresholdoffset /> to printout XML
  • fixed an issue where Adept Powers were not affecting an Attribute's value properly (see below)
  • non-standard Flechette Ammo which does not explicitly add +5 to AP now reduce a Flechette Weapon's AP appropriately (which assume +5 AP from standard Flechette Ammo in their stats)
  • name of the Settings File in use now appears in the window's title bar
  • fixed an issue where Weapons with a Foregrip and Sling were not receiving their proper RC bonus
  • buttons in the Update window show correctly reposition themselves when using longer strings
  • failing to load a data translation file no longer throws an error and renders the application unusable
  • selected Mentor Spirits and Paragons are now correctly translated in the list of selected Qualities and on printouts
  • added an Installed option for Vehicle Mods to show that they are currently in use on the Vehicle and are contributing to the Vehicle's stats
  • fixed an issue where attempting to sort Expenses by amount in regions that use something other than "." to separate decimal places would cause an error to be thrown
  • fixed an issue where purchasing Gear that stacked in Career Mode would deduct the cost of the items already in the stack instead of the cost for the quantity purchased
  • increased the width of the Condition Monitor labels so that longer strings are not truncated
  • save files can now be opened using drag-and-drop

Adept Powers that Affect Base Attribute Scores
There has been a rather significant change (correction) to how a few Powers work in terms of affecting Attributes; namely Creative Eye, Improved Physical Attribute, and Keen Wits. The cost of these Powers were not being calculated correctly as they were not correctly modifying their Attributes' actual value, nor were they properly increasing the Karma cost of improving them in Career Mode. If your characters have any of these three Powers, you will need to remove them and re-add them so that things are calculated correctly.