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Chummer Build 327 Available

Build 327

  • Omae character uploads now require an Alias (on the Common tab) instead of Name (on the Character Info tab)
  • when uploading a character to Omae, you can choose to display either the character's Alias or Name (if filled in)
  • added an option for Allow dice rolling for Skills which adds a button to each Skill to open the Dice Roller window with the Skill's dice pool already set (disabled by default)
  • Dice Roller window is now limited to a single instance to reduce confusion (all Dice Roller clicks bring this window into focus)
  • fixed an issue where the child window icon was not properly being set to the Chummer icon until it was resized

New Strings

  • Message_Omae_NPCPackDownloaded
  • Checkbox_Option_AllowSkillDiceRolling
  • Tip_DiceRoller

Chummer Build 325 Available

Build 325

  • added support for <throwrange /> to the Improvement Manager which increases the character's effective STR for determining the range of Throwing Weapons
  • added Dice Pool to the Sprites and Complex Forms tab in Career Mode
  • Weapons now support <useskill /> which forces them to use a particular Active Skill when calculating their Dice Pool
  • fixed an issue where Missile: Mine would cause an error to be thrown when trying to print the character

Chummer Build 324 Available

Build 324

  • fixed an issue where attempting to print a character without having the sheets\omae directory would throw an error
  • current and maximum Edge now appear beneath Remaining Edge on the Condition Monitor tab in Career Mode

Chummer Build 323 Available

Build 323

  • XML Manager now actively filters out duplicate items found in custom data files based on their name
  • sourcebook list in the Options window is now correctly sorted in alphabetical order when including custom books
  • Adept Powers now include a notice that their cost is being doubled when applicable in their tooltip to clarify why their cost has increased
  • fixed an issue where Vehicle Gear defined in the data file would not correctly set its quantity if one was provided
  • added support for Armor Bundles (Locations for Armor)
  • added support for sharing Custom and Override data through Omae
  • added support for sharing custom Character Sheets through Omae

New Strings

  • String_Omae_NoData
  • Message_Omae_CannotFindData
  • MessageTitle_Omae_CannotFindData
  • Message_Omae_CannotFindSheet
  • MessageTitle_Omae_CannotFindSheet
  • MessageTitle_Omae_DeleteData
  • Message_Omae_ConfirmData
  • Message_Omae_DataDeleted
  • Message_Omae_DataDeleteError
  • Message_Omae_DataDownloaded
  • MessageTitle_Omae_DataDownloaded
  • MessageTitle_Omae_DeleteSheet
  • Message_Omae_ConfirmSheet
  • Message_Omae_SheetDeleted
  • Message_Omae_SheetDeleteError
  • Message_Omae_SheetDownloaded
  • MessageTitle_Omae_SheetDownloaded
  • Message_OmaeUpload_DataName
  • MessageTitle_OmaeUpload_DataName
  • Message_OameUpload_DataDescription
  • MessageTitle_OmaeUpload_DataDescription
  • Message_OmaeUpload_DataSelectFiles
  • Message_OmaeUpload_CannotUploadSheet
  • Message_OmaeUpload_SheetName
  • MessageTitle_OmaeUpload_SheetName
  • Message_OameUpload_SheetDescription
  • MessageTitle_OmaeUpload_SheetDescription
  • Title_OmaeUploadData
  • Title_OmaeUploadSheet
  • Button_Omae_UploadData
  • Message_DeleteArmorLocation
  • Button_AddBundle
  • Button_EquipAll
  • Button_UnEquipAll
  • Tip_Power_DoublePoints

Changed Strings

  • Message_OmaeUpload_UploadFailed
  • Message_OmaeUpload_UploadComplete
  • MessageTitle_OmaeUpload_UploadComplete

Chummer Build 321 Available

Build 321

  • maximum Rating for all Skill Groups and Skills are now set to match the Critter's highest maximum Skill Rating when Force or D6 is a selectable value in the Select Metatype window
  • added support for the alternate Complex Form cost optional rule from UN 39
  • added support for the optional rule to allow any Bioware to be converted to Transgenics with the GM's approval from AU 93
  • characters are now correctly limited to a number of Metamagics/Echoes equal to their Attribute + Initiate or Submersion Grade
  • Gear on the Gear tab can now be transferred between other Gear (move a plugin from one device to another, move a device to become another device's plugin, or move a plugin to a location to become its own device) by dragging-and-dropping using the right mouse button
  • added a house rule to allow players/GMs to custom mark Weapon Accessories and Mods as being part of the base Weapon
  • Cyberweapons now show their calculated damage using their limbs STR when selected on the Weapons tab

New Strings

  • Message_AdditionalMetamagicLimit
  • Message_AdditionalEchoLimit
  • Checkbox_Options_AlternateComplexFormCost
  • Checkbox_Options_AllowCustomTransgenics
  • Checkbox_Option_AllowEditPartOfBaseWeapon
  • Checkbox_Transgenic

Chummer Build 320 Available

Build 320

  • fixed an issue where Re-Apply Improvements would throw an error when checking Gear plugins whose parent item could no longer be found because of changed Gear categories
  • Re-Apply Improvements now records any selected values in the same manner as selecting them for the first time
  • pressing the up and down arrows while the search field has focus now selects the next/previous item in the list in most windows
  • added support for Large Dice Pool and Really Large Dice Pool rolling option from War! to the Dice Roller window
  • Cost/Month in the Advanced Lifestyle window when working on a Safehouse is now correctly changed to Cost/Week
  • maximum Power Level for Mystic Adept Powers is now correctly limited by their total MAG
  • custom Improvements now appear in a tree
  • custom Improvements can now be sorted using drag-and-drop
  • added support for editing custom Improvements
  • Active Skills now show their tooltips when grouped
  • fixed an issue where broken Skill Groups would no longer show their tooltip in Career Mode
  • reloading a Weapon can now draw ammo from secondary containers such as Spare Clips

New Strings

  • String_DiceRoller_Standard
  • String_DiceRoller_Large
  • String_DiceRoller_ReallyLarge
  • Node_SelectedImprovements
  • Button_EditImprovement
  • Button_DeleteImprovement

Vampire Counts Data File Updated

The data and help files for the new Vampire Counts army book is now available!

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Chummer Build 317 Available

Build 317

  • Improvements can now contain multiple <spellcategory /> tags
  • added support for Bolt Holes and Safehouses from the new Safehouses sourcebook
  • Advanced Lifestyle window now filters Qualities based on the selected sourcebooks
  • fixed an issue where selecting an Underbarrel Weapon that had no Accessories or Modifications in Career Mode would throw an error
  • fixed an issue where undoing the Karma Expense for increasing an Active Skill would not re-enable the Skill Group control when appropriate
  • Select Gear window now shows a checkbox for Inherent Program for selected software for Metasapients that can select Inherent Programs

New Strings

  • Menu_BoltHole
  • Menu_Safehouse
  • Label_SelectLifestyle_CostPerWeek
  • Label_SelectGear_InherentProgram

Chummer Build 314 Available

Build 314

  • added support for <spellcategory /> to the Improvement Manager which adjusts the size of a character's Spellcasting Dice Pool for Spells of the specified Category
  • selecting a Spell now shows the Dice Pool the character receives for casting the Spell
  • added Dice Pool to the Weapons tab in Create Mode
  • added Street Cred, Notoriety, and Public Awareness to the Character Info tab in Create Mode to see how Qualities are affecting their values during character creation
  • added Re-apply Improvements to the Special menu which attempts to update the Improvement information for all of the applicable items on a character
  • added Limited Spell checkbox to the Create Spell window
  • entering 0 BP or Karma in the Choose BP Amount window creates the character in a free-style creation mode (see below)
  • fixed an issue where the first category in the Select Metatype window was not selected when creating a Critter
  • fixed an issue where Attributes whose Metatype minimum and maximum were the same would incorrectly add the 15 additional BP as though they had been purchased up to the Metatype's maximum, resulting in incorrect costs for A.I. and Free Spirit characters
  • burning out in Create Mode now reduces the Attribute's cost to 0 since no points would have realistically been put into it (you've essentially burned away the 1 free point from your Quality gave you or the points your Metatype gave you)
  • Reflex Recorders now only apply their bonus to Combat Active and Physical Active Skills
  • added a Donate button to the About window (see below)
  • Sensor Software now counts as Software for Commlinks (can be marked as running, counts towards Total Response, etc.)
  • fixed an issue where Metamagics/Echoes would incorrectly believe they do not meet Metatype or Quality requirements

New Strings

  • Menu_SpecialReapplyImprovements
  • Message_ConfirmReapplyImprovements
  • MessageTitle_ConfirmReapplyImprovements
  • Title_SelectSpellCategory

Free-Style Create Mode
When 0 BP or 0 Karma is entered in the Choose BP Amount window, the Create window now lets you create a character with an unknown amount of BP/Karma. As BP/Karma is spent, the character's point total is automatically calculated. This also tracks the minimum amount of points the character must be based on the Primary Attributes in an attempt to enforce the rule of no more than 1/2 of the character's points total may be spent on Primary Attributes. The BP/Karma field will turn red when the character's Primary Attributes are forcing the character to be calculated at a higher point total than the number of points that have actually been spent.

Donate Button
Enough people have asked for it, so a Donate button has been added to the About window. Please remember that you're not buying a license, the software, or priority support. All donations go towards purchasing additional Shadowrun books as they're released which means more content for Chummer. 😉


Chummer Build 311 Available

Build 311

  • added support for <notoriety /> to the Improvement Manager which adjusts the character's Notoriety rating
  • Street Cred, Notoriety, and Public Awareness now automatically calculate based on the formulas from SR4 265 in addition to using the GM-awarded bonus fields that are already present
  • fixed an issue where Cyberware Essence costs would occasionally round to 3 decimal places instead of 2
  • fixed an issue where Cyberware would always be added as Standard Grade when in Create Mode, regardless of the Grade that was selected in the Add Cyberware window
  • standard Gear can now include <system>, <response>, and <firewall> to assign these attributes for non-Commlink devices
  • fixed an issue where MAG/RES cost was not being calculated correct in Create Mode when building with Karma and the character has reduced their essence through Cyberware/Bioware

New Strings

  • Message_BurnStreetCred
  • MessageTitle_BurnStreetCred
  • Label_StreetCred
  • Label_Notoriety
  • Label_PublicAwareness
  • Tip_BurnStreetCred
  • String_CareerKarma
  • String_StreetCred
  • String_BurntStreetCred
  • String_Notoriety