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Chummer Build 353 Available

Build 353

  • fixed an issue where Gear that had an Avail of Rating + X would cause an error to be thrown when selecting its parent
  • adding Gear to a Vehicle no longer causes the character to incorrectly receive the Gear's Improvements
  • transferring Gear to a Vehicle now properly removes Improvements from the character
  • transferring Gear from a Vehicle now properly adds Improvements to the character
  • Select Metatype window no longer shows Categories that have no items for its current context

Chummer Build 352 Available

Build 352

  • added support for <selectsprite /> to the Improvement Manager which lets the character select an additional Sprite that they can compile
  • added a Create Critter item to the link Spirit/Sprite menu (see below)
  • fixed an issue where deleting a piece of Gear would not remove the Improvements created by any of its plugins
  • fixed an issue where selling a piece of Gear would not remove the Improvements created by any of its plugins
  • fixed a rounding error where the cost to purchase an Initiation/Submersion Rating could be off by 1 point

New Strings

  • MenuItem_CreateCritter
  • Message_SelectCritterType
  • Message_UnknownCritterType
  • MessageTitle_SelectCritterType

Create Critter for Spirits and Sprites

Spirits and Sprites now have a Create Critter item in their link menu when they are not currently linked to another save file. Selecting this automatically creates the Critter at the appropriate Force, puts it in Career Mode, saves it, links it to the Spirit/Sprite, and opens the file in one click.


Data File Update Notice of Translators

For anyone who is working on translations: the Critters, Streams, and Traditions data files have been updated.

  • critters.xml has been updated to include the Carnage Spirit, Contagion Spirit, and Smog Spirit from Street Magic
  • streams.xml and traditions.xml have been updated to use the name of the matching Critter in the Critters file (for example, "Guidance" and "Guide" have been changed to "Guidance Spirit")

Chummer Build 350 Available

Build 350

  • plugins that add to their parent's Avail are no longer considered as being outside of the character's Avail when attempting to move the character to Career Mode, resulting in 2 items over Avail instead of 1
  • confirm Karma Expense messages are now more verbose and include what the item's new Rating will be and the amount of Karma that needs to be spent
  • added support for Roommates to both Standard and Advanced Lifestyles
  • Standard Lifestyles can now be edited to change their % to Pay and number of Roommates
  • Vehicles now write their total Pilot Rating instead of base Pilot Rating in the printout XML
  • added <maneuver /> tag to Vehicles in the printout XML to make getting a Vehicle's Maneuver Autosoft Rating easier
  • added support for <childcostmultiplier /> and <childavailmodifier /> to Gear which multiplies the Cost and increases the Avail of all plugins attached to it respectively
  • added Spare Clip (HK Urban Fighter) to Gear which properly handles the increased Cost and Avail for Ammo for the HK Urban Fighter

Changed Strings

  • Message_ConfirmKarmaExpense
  • Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseSpecialization
  • Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseEnemy
  • Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseSpend
  • Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseRemove
  • Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseComplexFormOption
  • Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseFocus
  • Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseJoinGroup
  • Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseLeaveGroup
  • Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseJoinNetwork
  • Message_ConfirmKarmaExpenseLeaveNetwork

New Strings

  • Label_SelectLifestyle_Roommates
  • Menu_EditLifestyle

Chummer Build 347 Available

Build 347

  • selecting Possesion or Inhabiatation in the Select Metatype window when creating a Spirit Critter now always adds the selected Power instead of trying to replace the Materialization Power which they might not have
  • the number of Spells a character can know is now correctly limited to Spellcasting/Ritual Spellcasting Rating + Rating Modifiers instead of just the Skill's Rating
  • all Spirits now show the number of additional Powers they can take on the Critter Powers tab
  • fixed an issue where undoing a Cyberware/Bioware expense for a character that has MAG/RES would not restore their MAG/RES to its previous value
  • fixed an issue where the character's Starting Nuyen Expense Entry would be lost if the character was not saved again after making the initial transition to Career Mode
  • moving a character to Career Mode now uses the standard load character method instead of re-opening the character as-is in the Career Mode window
  • renaming a Group or Armor Bundle now marks the character as having unsaved changes
  • added support for grouping Custom Improvements

New Strings

  • Button_AddGroup
  • Message_DeleteImprovementGroup
  • Button_EnableAll
  • Button_DisableAll
  • String_Roommates

Changed Strings

  • Message_DeleteArmorLocation

Chummer Build 345 Available

Build 345

  • possessed Living Vessels now change their Alias to [Vessel's Alias] (Possessed)
  • possessed Inanimate Vessels now change their Alias to [Vessel Type] (Possessed)
  • added a checkbox to the Select Metatype window to replace Materialization with Possession or Inhabitation when creating a Spirit
  • Select Critter Power window now shows any Critter Powers that the Critter comes with by default that have been deleted
  • Select Critter Power window now includes Possession and Inhabitation if the Critter's Manifestation Critter Power has been removed
  • printout no longer automatically adds an Unarmed Attack Weapon to the character (replaced by the new Unarmed Attack Weapon that can be added and removed)
  • new characters automatically receive the new Unarmed Attack Weapon that can be added and removed as desired
  • fixed an issue where attempting to add Critter Powers to the non-Critter Free Spirit would throw an error

New Strings

  • Checkbox_Metatype_PossessionTradition
  • Tip_Metatype_PossessionTradition

Chummer Build 342 Available

Build 342

  • added a checkbox to the Dice Roller window to Hit on 4, 5, or 6 as per the Cinematic Gameplay optional rule (SR4 75)
  • added support for Possession and Inhabitation by Spirits (Possess/Inhabit Living Vessel and Possess/Inhabit Inanimate Vessel options in the Special menu if the Spirit has the Possession or Inhabitation Power)

New Strings

  • Checkbox_DiceRoller_CinematicGameplay
  • Menu_SpecialPossessLiving
  • Menu_SpecialPossessInanimate
  • MessageTitle_Possession
  • Message_VesselInCareerMode
  • Message_PossessionSave
  • String_Possessed

Chummer Endorsed by Pegasus Spiele

Chummer has been officially endorsed by Pegasus Spiele, the publishers of Shadowrun in Germany! Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen! :)

The original article from Pegasus Spiele's website can be found at

English translation:

Shadowrun Fan Keith Rudolph of Canada has developed the character generator "Chummer" for Shadowrun 4, in addition to its complete rule coverage, it is impressive that he is in active development and that bug reports and feature requests are promptly implemented.

In collaboration with Patrick "Aradaan" Hennig and members of the RPG community, "Drachenzwinge" have driven Pegasus and the German Shadowrun editorial staff the translation of Chummer, so that now German Shadowrun players can use the full scope of the program in their native language.

In the future, the editors will promptly provide updated language files for German publications.

Chummer is free and available directly from the author's website for download (see below), due to regularly appearing new releases, we will not offer the program on our site. All language files are included and can be switched via Tools->Options. The program's prerequisite is for the. NET framework on Windows to be installed. A platform-independent, Mono-ready version the program is being considered by the author, but has failed at present due to compatibility problems.

The program includes the rules and equipment of all previously published works and source control books. Characters can be generated using the points system, as well as karma, and the ongoing management of the character is possible in the career mode. A wide range of optional and house rules can be activated. Chummer also has an export function for Squad Manager, and an interface for Fantasy Grounds 2 is currently being developed.

Comments and questions to the German translation is gladly seen in our forum, bug reports and feature requests are best placed in the appropriate thread in Dumpshock.

Auf Deutsch:

Shadowrun-Fan Keith Rudolph aus Kanada hat den Charaktergenerator „Chummer“ für Shadowrun 4 entwickelt, der neben seiner vollständigen Regelabdeckung dadurch besticht, dass er aktiv weiterentwickelt wird und Fehlermeldungen sowie Erweiterungswünsche durch den Autor zeitnah umgesetzt werden.

In Zusammenarbeit mit Patrick „Aradaan“ Hennig und Mitgliedern der Rollenspiel-Community „Drachenzwinge“ haben Pegasus und die deutsche Shadowrun-Redaktion die Übersetzung von Chummer vorangetrieben, so dass nun auch deutsche Shadowrun-Spieler den vollen Umfang des Programms in ihrer Muttersprache nutzen können.

Auch in Zukunft wird die Übersetzung weiter gepflegt und die Redaktion wird zeitnah aktualisierte Sprachdateien zu deutschen Neuerscheinungen liefern.

Chummer ist kostenlos und kann direkt von der Homepage des Autors heruntergeladen werden, aufgrund regelmäßig erscheinender neuer Releases werden wir das Programm nicht auf unserer Seite anbieten. Sämtliche Sprachdateien werden mitgeliefert, über Tools->Options kann die Sprache umgeschaltet werden. Vorraussetzung für das Programm ist die Installation des .NET-Frameworks unter Windows. Eine Mono-fähige Version für einen plattformunabhängigen Einsatz des Programms ist vom Autor gewünscht und angedacht, scheitert derzeit aber noch an Kompatibilitätsproblemen.

Das Programm umfasst die Regeln und Ausrüstung aller bisher erschienenen Reglerwerke und Quellenbücher. Charaktererstellung ist nach dem Generierungspunktesystem sowie mit Karma möglich, die weitere Verwaltung des Charakters ist im Karrieremodus möglich. Eine große Bandbreite von optionalen und Hausregeln ist aktivierbar. Chummer besitzt zudem eine Exportfunktion zum Squad Manager, an einer Schnittstelle zu Fantasy Grounds 2 wird derzeit gearbeitet.

Anmerkungen und Fragen zur deutschen Übersetzung sind in unserem Forum gerne gesehen, Fehlermeldungen und Erweiterungswünsche sind am besten im entsprechenden Thread bei Dumpshock aufgehoben.


Chummer Build 340 Available

Build 340

  • fixed an issue that prevented Knowledge Skills from saving their selected Category (hopefully for the last time)

Chummer Build 337 Available

Build 337

  • fixed an issue that caused Melee Weapons to always use the STR of a Vehicle's limb, even when being wielded by the character
  • Upload Language button shows its text again