Chummer, Warband, and the Civilopedia My own little development projects


Chummer Build 377 Available

Build 377

  • Ammo in a container such as a Spare Clip now shows its container's name and Location (if applicable) in the Reload window
  • added a Pets and Cohorts tab to the Street Gear section so that character can create links to any pets or other companions they might have
  • Gear such as Ammo that is typically sold in stacks of 10 can now be purchased at a quantity lower than its stack size (must enter the number manually - the up/down arrows increase/decrease by the stack size)

New Strings

  • Tab_Pets
  • Button_AddPet

Chummer Build 376 Available

Build 376

  • dates for Expenses are now saved in a standardised format, regardless of system settings, to make them easier to load and move between systems that may have different date settings
  • list items with Notes (such as Qualities and Gear) now show their Notes in a tooltip when hovered over
  • Gear that use a formula to calculate their price now show their total price instead of the formula used when selected on the Armor tab
  • fixed an issue where Armor Mods with a Rating would throw an error when trying to calculate their cost
  • added support for <forcegrade /> to Cyberware since certain items (namely all Transgenics) are limited to a single Grade
  • Armor Gear and Weapon Gear are no longer limited to how many layers deep they can go
  • Gear can now be added to Vehicle Weapon Accessories

Chummer Build 375 Available

Build 375

  • Qualities can now add Weapons to the character when selected
  • added Create Natural Weapon to the context menu for the Weapons button which allows character to create Natural Weapons that can come from other sources such as Critter Powers
  • added an option to print Notes as part of the printout XML
  • Shadowrun 4 Base and Commlink sheets now print Notes for most major items when the option is enabled
  • Gear can now be copied from Armor, Weapons, and Vehicles
  • Weapons can now be copied from Vehicles
  • Armor Mods, Weapon Mods, Weapon Accessories, and Gear Plugins are now responsible for calculating their own total cost
  • cost of selected Weapon Accessories and Weapon Mods should now be correct when their cost is based on a formula including the Weapon's cost
  • Armor Mods that use a formula to calculate their price now show their total price when selected instead of the formula used
  • Weapon Accessories now include any Gear plugins in their total cost
  • Cyberware Plugins now include any Gear plugins in their total cost
  • equipping Armor now only re-creates Improvements for Armor Mods and Armor Gear that are equipped
  • equipping Armor Mods and Armor Gear now only re-creates Improvements if the Armor they're attached to is also equipped
  • Enter and Escape keys now work in the Select Martial Art Advantage window
  • characters that ignore rules and move to Career Mode will now start with 0 Nuyen instead of a large negative number
  • added Black Market Pipeline Discount checkboxes to the Cyberware, Armor, Weapons, Gear, and Vehicle tab in Create Mode which reduce the cost of the selected item by 10% which appear when the character gains the Black Market Pipeline Quality

New Strings

  • Message_CannotRemoveQualityWeapon
  • MessageTitle_CannotRemoveQualityWeapon
  • Label_ActiveSkill
  • Menu_AddNaturalWeapon
  • Checkbox_Option_PrintNotes
  • Checkbox_BlackMarketDiscount

Chummer Build 371 Available

Build 371

  • added a tooltip to all Source fields in Select windows which show the full name of the sourcebook
  • Underbarrel Weapons that have a Cost of 0 Nuyen no longer consume Mod slots (so Weapons such as the Ares Alpha can now properly attach their Grenade Launcher as an Underbarrel Weapon without consuming Mod slots)
  • Weapons that come with an Underbarrel Weapon as part of their initial configuration now receive them automatically
  • Select Armor window now creates the Armor to determine its correct Avail with any Armor Mods it comes equipped with by default instead of relying only on the Armor's own Avail
  • added support for Copying and Pasting in Create Mode (see below)
  • the default Unarmed Attack is no longer exported when creating a PACKS Kit

Copying and Pasting
Copying and pasting is currently only available in Create Mode until everything is figured out. At the moment only Lifestyles, Armor, Weapons, Gear, and Vehicles can be copied. Lifestyles, Armor, Gear, and Vehicles can only be copied to their own tabs. Weapons can be copied to the Weapons and Vehicles tabs. Gear can be copied to the Armor, Weapons, Gear, and Vehicles tabs where Gear is normally allowed. These items can be copied between characters, so you can copy a Vehicle that Character A has and paste it into the Vehicles tab for Character B. The Copy and Paste toolbar buttons and menu items are only enabled when the operations are allowed.

New Strings

  • Menu_Main_Edit
  • Menu_EditCopy
  • Menu_EditPaste

Chummer Build 368

Build 368

  • Adept Powers now check an Attribute's total Metatype maximum including any bonuses such as those from Exceptional Attribute to determine when the Power Point cost should be increased
  • fixed an issue where adding or selecting a piece of Gear attached to Armor would occasionally throw an error
  • Skills no longer double the bonus from Improvements that have a precedence
  • Improvements that increase or decrease a Skill's maximum Rating now unlocks or locks the Skill control as appropriate if it is already at its maximum in Career Mode
  • added support for more Improvement options to the Create Improvement window
  • advanced versions of Leadership and Arcana now set their Category to the base Skill's Category instead of its Skill Group
  • when reloading from a Spare Clip, the quantity of the Clip is reduced instead of the amount of Ammo in each one (leftover Ammo is dropped into the Selected Gear container as a new piece of Gear)

Chummer Build 365 Available

Build 365

  • pressing the up and down arrows while the search field has focus now selects the next/previous item in the list in the Select Spell and Select Complex Form windows
  • fixed an issue where selecting Gear that is a Cyberware plugin could occasionally result in an error being thrown
  • deleting a Vehicle Location no longer asks you to confirm deleting the item twice
  • all buttons that delete items are now simply labeled as Delete since the tab and selected item provide the context (and were never consistently applied using their old ones)

Delete Strings

  • Button_DeleteQuality
  • Button_DeleteSpell
  • Button_DeleteComplexForm
  • Button_DeleteCritterPower
  • Button_DeleteMetamagic
  • Button_DeleteEcho
  • Button_DeleteLifestyle
  • Button_DeleteArmor
  • Button_DeleteWeapon
  • Button_DeleteGear
  • Button_DeleteVehicle
  • Button_DeleteMod
  • Button_DeleteAccessory
  • Button_DeleteImprovement

Chummer Build 363 Available

Build 363

  • <safehousecosts /> in lifestyles.xml is now ignored when validating the contents of data file translations
  • Hacked Skillsofts are now correctly applied to Skills
  • character Gear and Vehicle Gear are no longer limited to being 4 layers deep
  • attempting to move Gear to one of its plugins now prevents the attempt instead of throwing an error
  • added support for Locations within Vehicles (Gear can be moved to Locations by dragging and dropping with the right mouse button in the same manner as the Gear tab)
  • setting MAG or RES to 0 when it is not forced to this value because of burnout now reduces its BP/Karma cost to 0
  • added a Re-Roll Misses button to the Dice Roller window to re-roll all dice that did not score a Hit
  • corrected the tab order in all windows

New Strings

  • Button_DiceRoller_RollMisses

Chummer Build 360 Available

Build 360

  • fixed an issue where equipping a Hacked Skillsoft would throw an error
  • Drain Resistance and Fading Resistance values in the printout XML now include their bonuses
  • fixed an issue where selecting a Vehicle Weapon Accessory in Career Mode would believe it was Gear and throw an error
  • adding Gear to a Weapon Accessory in Career Mode now adds the proper context menu to the newly-created item so that plugins can be added without having to save and reload the file
  • Weapons are no longer limited to one Underbarrel Weapon
  • Underbarrel Weapons can now be marked as Installed
  • new Lifestyles added in Career Mode are now correctly set to 0 months pre-paid
  • when manually selecting updates in the Update window, selecting either Chummer or English (US) language file automatically selects the other since they require each other to work properly

New Strings

  • Message_SelectVehicleLocation
  • Message_DeleteVehicleLocation

Deleted Strings

  • Message_WeaponUnderbarrelLimit

Chummer Build 358 Available

Build 358

  • selecting the blank Magic Tradition or Technomancer Stream after already having one selected no longer throws an error
  • Gear that has a cost multiplier that includes a decimal no longer causes the program to throw an error when a odd numbered Rating is selected
  • added options to print alternate uses for the Leadership and Arcana Skills on the character sheet (from War! and Street Magic respectively)
  • reorganised the General tab in the options window to reduce clutter and make their grouping more logical
  • fixed an issue where RES may not be reduced to 0 even when the character's Essence penalty indicates that it should

New Strings

  • String_SkillCommand
  • String_SkillDirectFire
  • String_SkillArtificing
  • String_SkillMetamagic
  • Tab_Options_Global
  • Tab_Options_Character
  • Tab_Options_Miscellaneous

Chummer Build 356 Available

Build 356

  • Skill Specializations can now be set when an Active Skill is Grouped in Career Mode, though doing so breaks the Skill Group
  • fixed an issue where breaking a Skill Group in Career Mode would unlock the Skill Specialization fields for the now-independent Active Skills
  • Skill Groups can no longer be re-combined if any of their Active Skills have a Specialization
  • Dice Pool for the selected Spell now includes any Spellcasting Specialization bonus if applicable
  • added a Dice Roller button for Spells, Drain, Complex Form, Fading, Weapon, and Vehicle Weapon dice pools that appear if the Dice Roller option is enabled
  • added an option to save a backup copy of a character before moving them to Career Mode (disable by default) (see below)
  • fixed an issue where the programs added from a Program Package would not be correctly associated with their parent and would throw an error when selected until the character was saved and re-loaded
  • fixed an issue where adding Gear from a custom PACKS Kit could cause packaged items such as Program Packages to create their plugins twice
  • selecting a Cyberware Plugin attached to a Vehicle Mod no longer throws an error
  • validating a character when moving to Career Mode now includes checking Cyberware Availability
  • Gear can now be added to Cyberware and Weapon Commlinks (see below)
  • windows and controls should now be more large font friendly
  • Skill tooltips now show all Rating and Dice Pool modifiers instead of only positive modifiers
  • fixed an issue where undoing the Nuyen Expense for a Bioware purchase would not remove the Bioware's Improvements properly

Changed Strings

  • Checkbox_Option_AllowSkillDiceRolling

New Strings

  • Checkbox_Option_CreateBackupOnCareer
  • Title_CreateMode
  • Message_CyberwareGear
  • MessageTitle_CyberwareGear
  • String_ExpensePurchaseCyberwearGear
  • String_ExpenseSoldCyberwareGear
  • Message_WeaponGear
  • String_ExpensePurchaseWeaponGear
  • String_ExpenseSoldWeaponGear

Creating pre-Career Mode Backups
When enabled, the Create backup of character before moving them to Career Mode option saves a copy of the character to your Chummer\saves\backup directory before they are actually placed into Career Mode, allowing you to go back and make changes to them in case they were placed into Career Mode prematurely.

Cyberware and Weapon Commlinks
Commlinks can now be added to the Commlink Cyberware and Weapon Commlink Weapon Mod items. This is still a little experimental, so please save a backup copy of your character before playing with these. These can only be applied to character-held devices; this behaviour will not be applied to Vehicles.