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Chummer Build 388 Available

Build 388

  • fixed an issue where clicking the Enable All or Delete All buttons on the Improvements tab with a group selected would throw an error
  • fixed an issue where Underbarrel Grenade Launchers that come as part of a Weapon were not being properly marked as Underbarrel Weapons which caused errors to be thrown when adding Weapon Accessories and Mods until the file has been saved and reloaded
  • Equip All and Unequip All buttons for Armor Bundles now correctly add and remove Improvements for Armor Mods and Gear
  • Underbarrel Weapons that come as part of a base Weapon (such as the Ares Alpha Grenade Launcher) no longer have their Ammo cut in half when loading a save file
  • Underbarrel Weapons now set their available options under the FIRE! button correctly
  • added a checkbox to the Critter Powers tab to control whether or not each Critter Power counts towards the Critter's Power Point limit
  • changed how Spirits calculate their number of used Power Points
  • added a Blood Spirit checkbox to the Select Critter window when the Spirits category is selected which automatically adds the additional Critter Powers a Blood Spirit receives for free
  • added tooltips to the Fading, Drain Resistance, and Spell Dice Pool fields
  • Attributes now include <bp /> in their printout XML to indicate the amount of BP/Karma that has been spent on them (only accurate for characters that have not yet spent Karma on improving Attributes after starting their career)
  • Skills now include <bp /> in their printout XML to indicate the amount of BP/Karma that has been spent on them (only accurate for characters that have not yet spent Karma on improving Skills after starting their career)
  • adding a Fake License to a character that only has one Restricted item no longer automatically selects the item and instead keeps the Select Item window open, letting you choose the one item or enter a custom name

Chummer Build 386 Available

Build 386

  • fixed an issue where the cost of plugins was not calculated correct for Ammo that is sold in quantities greater than 1
  • Ally Spirits now get their correct number of Critter Power Points
  • added support for <dvbonus> and <apbonus> to Weapon Mods
  • High-Power Chambering Weapon Mod now grants the Weapon bonuses instead of the High-Power Ammo so that Weapon stats are properly represented when empty
  • High-Power Ammo now correctly applies a -2 Dice Pool modifier instead of a -2 RC modifier
  • clicking OK in the Select Spell window without having a Spell selected no longer throws an error
  • clicking OK in the Select Complex Form window without having a Complex Form selected no longer throws an error
  • fixed an issue where the FIRE! options became disabled when using a language that has translated values for the different firing modes for a Weapon
  • Underbarrel Weapons now correctly show their own Ammo remaining and Range information instead of the information for the parent Weapon
  • added a tooltip to the Dice Pool on the Weapons tab in Career Mode to show how the Dice Pool is being calculated

Chummer Build 385 Available

Build 385

  • added support for Ammo affecting the Dice Pool of the Weapon they've been loaded into
  • fixed an issue where selecting a Weapon attached to a Vehicle Weapon Mount would occasionally throw an error

Chummer Build 384 Available

Build 384

  • fixed an issue where the Spirit/Sprite control would throw an error when loading a saved character or attempting to add a new Spirit/Sprite

Chummer Build 383 Available

Build 383

  • when creating a character with Karma, the cost for Special Attributes is now included in the maximum cost calculation as per RC 42
  • fixed an issue where Spells were not being translated when loading a saved character
  • Spirit and Sprite names are now properly translated when adding a new Spirit or Sprite to a character and use the proper Critter Metatype when creating a linked Critter
  • fixed an issue where clicking the Add & More button in the Select Weapon Accessory window would throw an error when trying to add additional Accessory to a non-Vehicle-mounted Weapon
  • fixed an issue where the Advanced Lifestyles window would put some Lifestyles into the High category instead of Middle if their LP fell within a certain range
  • corrected a stupid mistake where Limited Spells were adding +2 to their DV instead of +2 to the Resistance Dice Pool

Chummer Build 380 Available

Build 380

  • added support for <selectweapon /> to the Improvement Manager which asks the character to select one of the Weapons (or enter text if being applied to a Vehicle)
  • print window (when open) automatically refreshes when the character is modified in Create Mode
  • Weapon printout XML now includes <ammoslot1 />, <ammoslot2 />, <ammoslot3 />, and <ammoslot4 /> to show which Ammo is loaded in each Ammo slot
  • Weapon printout XML now correctly looks for Ammo anywhere on the character/Vehicle
  • characters that are built with unlimited BP/Karma and have the Character can spend any number of points on Nuyen House Rule enabled are no longer forced to having 0 points in Nuyen
  • Limited Spells now include their +2 DV bonus in their displayed DV when selected
  • fixed an issue where canceling a Skill Specialization for a Grouped Skill in Career Mode then re-entering it would cause the Skill Group to remain intact and the Specialization to cost 0 Karma
  • Gear that require a value to be selected now correctly ask for this information when added to a Vehicle
  • Complex Forms now enforce the number of Program Options they can have

New Strings

  • Message_ConntAddComplexFormOptionLimit