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Chummer Build 386 Available

Build 386

  • fixed an issue where the cost of plugins was not calculated correct for Ammo that is sold in quantities greater than 1
  • Ally Spirits now get their correct number of Critter Power Points
  • added support for <dvbonus> and <apbonus> to Weapon Mods
  • High-Power Chambering Weapon Mod now grants the Weapon bonuses instead of the High-Power Ammo so that Weapon stats are properly represented when empty
  • High-Power Ammo now correctly applies a -2 Dice Pool modifier instead of a -2 RC modifier
  • clicking OK in the Select Spell window without having a Spell selected no longer throws an error
  • clicking OK in the Select Complex Form window without having a Complex Form selected no longer throws an error
  • fixed an issue where the FIRE! options became disabled when using a language that has translated values for the different firing modes for a Weapon
  • Underbarrel Weapons now correctly show their own Ammo remaining and Range information instead of the information for the parent Weapon
  • added a tooltip to the Dice Pool on the Weapons tab in Career Mode to show how the Dice Pool is being calculated