Chummer, Warband, and the Civilopedia My own little development projects


Chummer Build 396 Available

Build 396

  • fixed an issue where selecting Armor that granted Improvements or whose Mods granted Improvements would immediately add them to the character when selected in the Select Armor window
  • added a Part of base Armor checkbox to indicate whether or not an Armor Mod is part of a piece of Armor by default in the same manner as the Part of base Weapon checkbox for Weapons
  • added <included /> tag to printout XML for Armor Mods which indicates whether or not they are included as part of the base Armor
  • all equipment now puts its total cost in the <cost /> tag in the printout XML instead of its cost formula
  • removed <cost3 />, <cost6 />, <cost10 />, <avail3 />, <avail6 />, and <avail10 /> tags from printout XML since they were not useful
  • Reduce Attribute now includes MAG and RES if the character has access to these Attributes
  • Reduce Attribute now includes a checkbox to determine whether or not the Metatype Maximum should also be reduced

New Strings

  • Checkbox_BaseArmor
  • Checkbox_DoNotAffectMaximum

Chummer Build 394 Available

Build 394

  • Reduce Attribute in the Special menu is now available to all characters in Career Mode, nod just Cyberzombies
  • Gear that has a Rating of +(Rating) now shows its calculated Rating instead when it is on its own and not attached to a parent item
  • Gear that has a Rating of +(Rating) that is on its own and not attached to a parent item no longer throws an error when attempting to move a character to Career Mode

Chummer Build 393 Available

Build 393

  • modified how the Language Manager stores information to make loading and finding strings slightly faster
  • added a text field to Spirits/Sprites next to the Metatype list to allow a name to be assigned to them
  • fixed an issue where deleting newly-added Gear plugins on a Vehicle would throw an error until the character was saved and reloaded
  • changing the Bonded status of a Stacked Focus no longer throws an error
  • added support for <requireammo /> to Weapons which denotes whether or not a Weapon needs Ammo to actually be reloaded (for special exceptions like battery powered Weapons)
  • Weapon Dice Pool now only applies an Active Skill's Specialization bonus when it exactly matches the Weapon's name or category as intended
  • fixed an issue where clicking on Armor Mods that come with a piece of Armor would throw an error until the file has been saved and reloaded
  • fixed an issue where attempting to Bond a Stacked Focus that included additional text (such as from a Weapon Focus) could throw an error