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Chummer Build 416 Available

Build 416

  • Weapons now support <spec /> which allows them to match an Active Skill Specialization (see below)
  • Technocritters now have their correct Attributes
  • Technocritters now calculate their Matrix Attributes based on their RES
  • Notes can now be attached to Vehicle Sensors and their plugins
  • Blood Spirit checkbox is no longer visible after choosing a non-Spirit Metatype category in the Select Metatype window
  • added a Change Starting Week button to the Calendar tab which lets characters change the date that the calendar should start on
  • corrected the cost of the PPP ensemble (without helmet)
  • Fashion Armor now has access to Clothing Armor Mods
  • added a house rule to indicate that Special Attributes do not count towards the 50% Karma spending limit on Attributes

Weapon Specializations and <spec />
Up until now, Specializations required that the Weapon's name or Category match the Specialization given to their corresponding Active Skill. With this update, the Weapons data file now supports a <spec /> tag. This now allows Specializations such as Blades (Swords), Automatics (Carbines), and Heavy Weapons (Machine Guns) to work properly.

New Strings

  • Button_ChangeStartWeek
  • Checkbox_Option_SpecialAttributeKarmaLimit

Chummer Build 413 Available

Build 413

  • added support for <throwstr /> to the Improvement Manager which effectively raises a character's STR for the purpose of determining the DV of Thrown Weapons
  • Copy, Paste, Create Bioware Suite, and Add Bioware Suite menu items are now properly translated
  • when updating, if a file fails to decompress properly (usually because of a downloading error), the update window will attempt to re-download the file
  • added an option to show only Active Skills whose Rating is 0
  • added <dicepool /> to Weapons in the printout XML
  • Shadowrun 4, Game Master, and Text-Only sheets now show the Dice Pool for character Weapons
  • Weapon Dice Pool tooltip now only shows Weapon Mods that affect the Dice Pool instead of all Weapon Mods
  • Dice Pool Modifiers portion of a Skill's tooltip has been replaced by the full list of items that affect the Skill's Dice Pool Modifier
  • corrected Commlinks to have a Processor limit equal to their total System Rating
  • added a Rushed Job checkbox to the Dice Roller window (see SR4 65)

New Strings

  • String_SkillFilterRatingZero
  • Checkbox_DiceRoller_RushedJob

Chummer Build 409 Available

Build 409

  • fixed an issue where the Update window attempted to download translation files in a compressed format

Chummer Build 408 Available

Build 408

  • Vehicle Mods now support variable Costs
  • selecting a Cyberware or Bioware Suite that contains an item with a variable Cost no longer throws an error
  • added a house rule to allow Free Spirit Power Points to be based on MAG instead of EDG
  • data files are now downloaded in a compressed format and decompressed locally to greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for them to be downloaded
  • removed the Include Smartlink bonus in Active Skills option since it is no longer necessary (see below)

Include Smartlink bonus in Active Skills option removed
Weapons have displayed their own calculated Dice Pools since build 314. As a result, showing the Smartlink bonus in an Active Skill has become redundant and rather misleading since it is applied on a per-Weapon basis instead of the Active Skill as a whole. The Weapon Dice Pool accurately reflects any Smartlink bonuses the character receives.

New Strings

  • Checkbox_Option_FreeSpiritPowerPointsMAG

Deleted Strings

  • Checkbox_Options_IncludeSmartlink