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Chummer Build 413 Available

Build 413

  • added support for <throwstr /> to the Improvement Manager which effectively raises a character's STR for the purpose of determining the DV of Thrown Weapons
  • Copy, Paste, Create Bioware Suite, and Add Bioware Suite menu items are now properly translated
  • when updating, if a file fails to decompress properly (usually because of a downloading error), the update window will attempt to re-download the file
  • added an option to show only Active Skills whose Rating is 0
  • added <dicepool /> to Weapons in the printout XML
  • Shadowrun 4, Game Master, and Text-Only sheets now show the Dice Pool for character Weapons
  • Weapon Dice Pool tooltip now only shows Weapon Mods that affect the Dice Pool instead of all Weapon Mods
  • Dice Pool Modifiers portion of a Skill's tooltip has been replaced by the full list of items that affect the Skill's Dice Pool Modifier
  • corrected Commlinks to have a Processor limit equal to their total System Rating
  • added a Rushed Job checkbox to the Dice Roller window (see SR4 65)

New Strings

  • String_SkillFilterRatingZero
  • Checkbox_DiceRoller_RushedJob