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Chummer Build 416 Available

Build 416

  • Weapons now support <spec /> which allows them to match an Active Skill Specialization (see below)
  • Technocritters now have their correct Attributes
  • Technocritters now calculate their Matrix Attributes based on their RES
  • Notes can now be attached to Vehicle Sensors and their plugins
  • Blood Spirit checkbox is no longer visible after choosing a non-Spirit Metatype category in the Select Metatype window
  • added a Change Starting Week button to the Calendar tab which lets characters change the date that the calendar should start on
  • corrected the cost of the PPP ensemble (without helmet)
  • Fashion Armor now has access to Clothing Armor Mods
  • added a house rule to indicate that Special Attributes do not count towards the 50% Karma spending limit on Attributes

Weapon Specializations and <spec />
Up until now, Specializations required that the Weapon's name or Category match the Specialization given to their corresponding Active Skill. With this update, the Weapons data file now supports a <spec /> tag. This now allows Specializations such as Blades (Swords), Automatics (Carbines), and Heavy Weapons (Machine Guns) to work properly.

New Strings

  • Button_ChangeStartWeek
  • Checkbox_Option_SpecialAttributeKarmaLimit