Chummer, Warband, and the Civilopedia My own little development projects


Chummer Build 423 Available

Build 423

  • added a house rule to allow Technomancers to select Autosofts as Complex Forms
  • fixed an issue where an error would be thrown when attempting to load a character that (somehow) possessed an Adept Power at Rating 1 (now assumes it should be Rating 1)
  • fixed an issue where attempting to create a Critter that had a starting Skill Group Rating higher than 6 would throw an error
  • corrected the rounding method for calculating Street Cred
  • Programs with the Ergonomic Program Option no longer count towards the number of Programs running on the Commlink to affect its Response

New Strings

  • Checkbox_Option_TechnomancerAllowAutosoft

Chummer Build 420 Available

Build 420

  • fixed an issue where plugins would not be properly added to a Commlink when adding a PACKS Kit and selecting them would throw an error
  • when adding Armor to a Vehicle, the Vehicle now reduces the selected Rating to the maximum allowed value before accepting the Mod to avoid invalid configurations and throwing errors when the misconfigured Mod is selected
  • fixed an issue where Weapons that did not specify an ammo type after their number (such as 4 instead of 4(cy)) that received the Additional Clip Weapon Mod would believe it had more Ammo slots than it actually should
  • fixed an issue where Underbarrel Weapons that had more than one Ammo slot could not select anything beyond Ammo Slot 1
  • Spirits that Possess/Inhabit an Inanimate Vessel now receive the Immunity (Natural Weapons) Critter Power
  • Spirits Possessing/Inhabiting a Vessel now correctly add their MAG to the Vessel's Physical Attributes instead of adding the Spirit's own Physical Attributes

Chummer Build 418 Available

Build 418

  • raising INT with Karma in Career Mode no longer causes the character's Career Karma to increase
  • all Gear is now added to a PACKS Kit, regardless of its depth in the list
  • updated the Select PACKS Kit window to show all Gear, regardless of its depth in the list
  • adding a PACKS Kit now adds all Gear, regardless of its depth in the list
  • Gear attached to Armor, Weapon Accessories, and Cyberware are now added to PACKS Kits
  • Bonded Foci are now properly translated and display the translated "Bonded Foci" string when using a non-English language
  • added English versions of some XML tags to accommodate exporting to Squad Manager
  • Weapon Accessories now support <dicepool /> which can modify the Weapon's Dice Pool
  • added Martial Arts to the Game Master Summary sheet

New Strings

  • Message_DeletePACKSKit