Chummer, Warband, and the Civilopedia My own little development projects


Chummer Build 430 Available

Build 430

  • added support for <rangebonus /> to Gear for Ammo to affect a Weapon's Range
  • added support for Geomancy Rituals to Spells
  • Vehicle Nexi Plugins are no longer restricted to only Commlink Module category
  • Physical Attributes now show their Augmented value and tooltips if the character has a Cyberlimb

New Strings

  • String_SpellRangeLineOfInfluence
  • Node_SelectedGeomancyRituals

Chummer Build 429 Available

Build 429

  • fixed an issue where attempting to add a plugin to a Nexus on a Vehicle would throw an error
  • added support for creating custom Improvements for Knowledge Skills
  • fixed an issue where deleting a piece of Cyberware would not refresh the character's displayed Attribute totals immediately
  • Attributes now show their augmented value any time the Attribute has one or more modifiers instead of when the natural and augmented values do not match so that tooltips are always visible to explain how the value was calculated
  • Vehicles now allow any System or Firewall instead of being limited to Device Rating +2 which is a limitation that is only applied to Hardware properties
  • fixed an issue where Weapons that did not have at least one Accessory or Modification would not receive their STR bonus to RC if the optional rule for it was enabled
  • Armor no longer includes Avail modifiers from Armor Mods that come included with it by default
  • Armor no longer includes Avail modifiers from Gear that comes included with it by default
  • added Change BP/Avail Limit to the Special menu to change the maximum BP (or Karma) and Avail the character is allowed in Create Mode
  • Commlinks now add any Gear that is attached to the in the data files, such as the plugins that should come with all military spec Commlinks
  • fixed an issue where newly created Gear that is moved to a new container would cause duplicate items to be created in the save file
  • added support for Free Sprites (see below)

Free Sprites
Any Sprite can now be converted to a Free Sprite by selecting Special > Convert to Free Sprite. Free Sprites gain the Denial Power and access to Echoes Critter Powers as per UN 157.

New Strings

  • Menu_SpecialBPAvailLimit
  • Menu_SpecialConvertToFreeSprite

Chummer Build 426 Available

Build 426

  • fixed an issue where Cyberware Plugins were attempting to use their parent's Gear properties instead of their own and would throw an error when trying to bulid a list of Locations used by Cyberware
  • Gear Capacity now factors in the Quantity of each plugin

Chummer Build 425 Available

Build 425

  • Create Mode tooltips that refer to BP values now use the BP values set in the Options window
  • fixed an issue where increasing a Skill Group Rating would also increase the Rating of an associated Active Skill that was affected by the Incompetence Negative Quality
  • fixed an issue where loading a character that had Incompetence Negative Quality applied to an Active Skill that belonged to a Skill Group with a Rating would throw an error
  • fixed an issue where adding a new Knowledge Skill and attempting to give it a Specialization while in Career Mode without saving and reloading the character would throw an exception
  • Mentor Spirits now show their player-selected bonuses on the Spells and Spirits tab in Career Mode in the same way they do in Create Mode
  • added an option to toggle whether or not Ergonomic Programs count towards a Commlink's effective Response value (enabled by default)
  • Commlink Operating Systems now allow any System or Firewall instead of being limited to +2 which is a limitation that is only applied to Hardware properties
  • added support for <metagenetic /> to qualities.xml to easily mark additional Qualities that count was Metagenetic Qualities
  • deleting an Emotitoy from a character now removes the bonuses for its Empathy Software
  • Weapons with only FA Firing Mode can now fire Short Bursts as described on SR4 154

New Strings

  • Checkbox_Commlinks
  • Checkbox_ActiveCommlink
  • Tip_ActiveCommlink

Modified Strings

  • Tip_CommonContacts
  • Tip_CommonNuyen
  • Tip_SkillsSkillGroups
  • Tip_SkillsActiveSkills
  • Tip_SkillsKnowledgeSkills
  • Tip_SpellsSelectedSpells
  • Tip_SpellsSpirits
  • Tip_TechnomancerSprites
  • Tip_BuildFoci
  • Tip_TechnomancerComplexForms
  • Tip_BuildManeuvers
  • Checkbox_Options_ErgonomicProgramLimit