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Chummer Build 439 Available

Build 439

  • Cyberware attached to the character can now have plugins attached to plugins (recursive to any number)
  • Cyberware now supports items that both grant and consume capacity (X/[Y])
  • Commlinks on the Gear tab can now be marked as being the character's Active Commlink which automatically updates Matrix Initiative to use the proper Response
  • Program Packages and Software Suites can now be Hacked
  • added support for deleting Custom PACKS Kits through the Add PACKS Kits window
  • fixed an issue where Commlinks that came with plugins would create multiple copies of them when purchased
  • items in Custom PACKS Kits no longer include all of their default plugins and instead only add the plugins that were attached to them when the Kit was saved
  • added a "Generic Mod" Vehicle Mod to allow one-off Mods for Vehicles (typically Drones) more easily
  • fixed an issue where Gear with a <selecttext /> Improvement would not prompt for a value when added to a Vehicle
  • undoing a Nuyen Expense for a piece of Cyberware now removes any Weapons that the Cyberware created
  • added an Essence Consumption section to the Cyberware and Bioware tab that show the character's total values for Cyberware, Bioware, and Essence Hole deductions
  • added an option to control the number of decimal places that Essence is rounded to (2 by default)
  • a Complex Form's Rating can now be selected when in Career Mode with the Use alternate Complex Form cost optional rule turned on to see what the Dice Pool would be for the desired Rating

New Strings

  • Label_EssenceConsumption
  • Label_Cyberware
  • Label_Bioware
  • Label_EssenceHole
  • Label_Options_EssenceDecimals