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Chummer Build 441 Available

Build 441

  • fixed an issue where the default plugins that come with Cyberware (such as Image Link for Cybereyes) would not have their parent associated to them until loading a saved file, allowing their Grade to be changed
  • fixed an issue where clicking the Add & More button in the Select Cyberware window would cause plugins to be added to the last added item instead of the item originally selected
  • changed how the Select a Cyberware Suite calculates the total Nuyen and Essence costs
  • Cyberware Suites allow plugins up to any depth (recursive to any number)
  • Improvement Manager now supports forcing an item to use a specific side of the body
  • adding a Cyberware Suite now marks the character as having unsaved changes
  • Qualities can now have Essence, combined Attribute values, total Attribute value, Cyberware, Bioware, Cyberware categories, combined Skill Group values, Active Skills, and Street Cred being higher than Notoriety as prerequisites for selecting them to support the new Way of the Samurai Qualities
  • changed how the total values of Lifestyles are calculated in an attempt to avoid crashes on non-Windows computers using Wine
  • changed a number of items to use OS-independent path strings
  • Active Commlink checkbox no longer appears when a Commlink Upgrade is selected
  • Gear with Signal, Response, Firewall, and System can now be affected by Commlink Upgrade and Commlink Operating System Upgrade items to improve their Ratings