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Chummer Build 478 Available

Build 478

  • Gear now retains its given name when moved between a character's Gear and Vehicle
  • when moving Gear between the character's Gear and Vehicles, items must also have matching custom/assigned names and notes in order to be considered a match and stack
  • fixed an issue where Martial Art Advantages would show their ID instead of their Name in tooltips
  • fixed an issue where purchasing a Spell Formula would cause the Select Spell window to throw an error
  • changed how Essence Loss is calculated when the Essence Loss Only Reduces MAG/RES Maximum house rule is turned on in Career Mode
  • changed when Essence Loss is calculated when updating displayed Attribute values in Career Mode

High Elves Data File Updated

The data and files for the new 8th Edition book are now available thanks to Brian "Karthoris"!

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Chummer Build 476 Available

Build 476

  • added an option to only download language updates for your chosen language instead of all languages
  • fixed an issue where Armor Mods that cost a percentage of the base Armor's cost may cause an error to be thrown when their final cost resulted in a decimal
  • Power Foci and Spellcasting Foci now have a precedence set so that only the highest active value of each is used (must select Special > Re-apply Improvements to fix existing Foci)
  • Skills now properly handled Skill Attribute precedence

New Strings

  • Checkbox_Options_LocalisedUpdatesOnly

Chummer Build 473 Available

Build 473

  • Default Character Sheet option is now saved correctly
  • added a Apply Linux printing fix option to the Character and Printing tab in the Options window (see below)
  • fixed an issue with printing character sheets when running Chummer through Wine (see below)

Printing with Linux/Wine
This update introduces a fix to allow machines using Wine to load Chummer on a non-Windows OS to print character sheets if they were previously crashing. To fix the printing issue, go to Tools > Options > General Tab > Character and Printing sub-tab. Turn on the Apply Linux printing fix checkbox, then click OK. You should now be able to print without crashing.

New Strings

  • Checkbox_Option_PrintToFileFirst