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Chummer Preview Build 36 Available

The preview copy of Chummer has been updated to build 36. You can update your copy of Chummer by going to the Tools menu and selecting Check for Updates. A bunch of new stuff has been added for this build.

Most saves from previous builds will not work with this build due to a number of underlying changes.

  • added Cyberware from Augmentation
  • added support for +X to Avail for Cyberware
  • added support for cost multipliers for Cyberware
  • added full support for Gear
  • Save button in the toolbar now goes away after closing a the last character window
  • added tooltips for Armor Ratings to show how they are being calculated
  • removed the ability to tile and cascade windows since this caused rendering issues and confusion
  • only the highest value for each type of Cyberware Enhancement now applies to Attributes and Armor Ratings
  • Spells in the Select a Spell window are now listed in alpahbetical order for each category
  • added the ability to search for Spells in the Select a Spell window
  • added the ability to search for Weapons in the Select a Weapon window
  • Weapon Ammo is now populated when adding a new Weapon
  • added basic Vehicle/Drone support
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