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Chummer Preview Build 43 Available

Found a couple of minor things that I couldn't let go un-fixed, so I fixed 'em. A few new additions are thrown in since they were what I was working on last night.

  • added Nanocybernetics to Cyberware
  • added Transgenic and Nanotech Gear
  • added Genetech to Bioware
  • Armor Mods that add to Avail can now include R or F
  • Gear Accessories can no longer downgrade their parent's Avail from Forbidden to Restricted
  • added <skillarticulation /> support to the Improvement Manager to properly support the Enhanced Articulation piece of Bioware
  • all Select windows now remember the last Category selected and re-open with it as the currently selected Category
  • Qualities that prompt for a value are now correctly removed from the character when the Quality is removed
  • selected values for Qualities now appear on the character sheet printout
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