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Chummer Preview Build 51 Available

Here's this weekend's update for Chummer. Just run Chummer's Update and grab everything that's there.

Build 51

  • added <weaponcategorydv /> support to the Improvement Manager which adjusts the Damage of all Weapons in a Category
  • added <cyberwareessmultiplier /> support to the Improvement Manager which multiplies the ESS cost of Cyberware
  • added <selectmentorspirit /> support to the Improvement Manager which prompts for a Mentor Spirit and applies its bonuses
  • moved <addattribute /> support to the Improvement Manager so anything can add MAG or RES to a character
  • moved <enabletab /> support to the Improvement Manager so anything can enable the special ability tabs for a character
  • added "limittoskill" support to <selectskill /> which limits the Skill list to only the Skills specified
  • added "excludeattribute" support to <selectattribute /> which excludes the listed Attributes from the Select Attribute window
  • EDG, MAG, and RES are no long subject to the one Physical or Mental Attribute at maximum rule
  • Lucky Positive Quality now affects EDG
  • EDG cannot be the selected Attribute for the Exceptional Attribute Positive Quality
  • Uneducated Negative Quality now prevents characters from putting BP into Technical Active Skills
  • Uneducated Negative Quality now removes access to Academic and Profesionally Knowledge Skills
  • added support for Martial Arts
  • added support for Mentor Spirits
  • added support for Bonded Foci
  • Select windows with Search now remember the Category of the item selected if a Search was performed
  • marked Rigger Adaptation and Weapon Mount (Normal, External, Fixed, Manual) Vehicle Mods as being from SR4
  • areas expand and contract with window size to play nicely in lower resolutions and maximized windows
  • adding an Enemy now updates the BP totals immeidately
  • Add Enemy now checks to make sure adding a new Enemy will not take you over the -35 BP for Qualities or -25 BP for Enemies limits
  • added Vehicle Weapons and Vehicle Missiles from Arsenal
  • Language Knowledge Skills are now correctly linked to INT instead of LOG
  • added support for Knowledge Skills to skills.xml (big thanks to whatevs for providing the content for it and pointing me in the right direction)
  • appropriate pieces of Arsenal Clothing now stack with each other for determining total Armor Ratings
  • Form-Fitting Armor now stacks
  • armors that start with "Form-Fitting" only contributes half of its values towards Armor Encumbrance
  • corrected an error that occured when selecting Adept Powers that affect an Active Skill
  • fixed an issue where Cyberware/Bioware with Ratings was calcuating ESS cost incorrectly in regions that use something other than "." to separate decimal places
  • added page number references to all item entries
  • page number is now shown on the character sheet (applies to items added to a character after this update)
  • added "Character Information" tab to enter general character information such as sex, age, height, weight, etc.
  • added general character information to character sheet
  • Nuyen amounts up to 999,999,999 are now properly formatted
  • new Knowledge Skills are placed in the correct location when the list is scrolled
  • added Essence and Nuyen Remaining information to the status bar
  • Gear can now have multiple <addoncategory /> entries
  • moved Sim Modules into their own Gear Category which can only be added to Commlinks and other devices that explicity refer to them in <addoncategory />
  • Matrix Programs can now only be added to Commlinks and other devices that explicity refer to them in <addoncategory />
  • Commlink Operating Systems can now only be added to Commlinks and other devices that explicity refer to them in <addoncategory />
  • added Basic User, Basic+, and Pro User Suites to Matrix Programs
  • added support for Commlink Response, Signal, Firewall and System upgrades
  • Commlinks now display their Reeponse, Signal, Firewall, and System values when selected in the Select Gear window
  • Commlinks now display their Response, Signal, Firewall, and System totals when selected on the Gear tab
  • Commlinks now display their Plugins on printouts
  • save files can now be linked to Contacts and Enemies
  • Weapon Modifications can now be added to standard Weapons
  • Vehicle Weapon Modifications now use Weapon Cost correctly for determine their own cost when applicable
  • adding Ammunition that starts with "Ammo:" now asks for a Weapon Category to be linked to
  • the Grade list is now properly disabled when adding a Cyberware plugin
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