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Chummer Build 57 Available

Build 57

  • added support for Initiation and Submersion (only enabled when bulding with Karma since these require Karma to select)
  • added support for <livingpersona /> to the Improvement Manager which adjust a Living Persona's Attributes
  • corrected the Improved Attribute Adept Power's bonus
  • Attributes are now capped at the Metatype's Augmented Maximum with any modifiers to that value instead of the base Metatype Augmented Maximum
  • added Print to the File menu
  • character sheet now includes Description, Background, and Concept if they were filled in on the Character Info tab
  • Qualities now display their sourcebook and page number on the character sheet
  • Essence is now correctly calculated with the the higher of Cyberware and Bioware deducting the full amount and the lesser only deducting half
  • corrected the Essence cost for Cybereyes Rating 4
  • removed the empty Edit menu which restores the ability to Cut, Copy, Paste, and Undo in a text field
  • Martial Arts cost now calculates correctly when building a character with Karma
  • added support for FixedValue to be speicifed for Cyberware Capacity, Avail, and Cost which allows it to use values that do not follow a standard formula
  • merged Cybereyes Basic System, Eyeband, Single Cybereye, Cyberears, Dermal Sheath, Move-by-Wire, Wired Reflexes, and Stirrup Interface into a single pieces of Cyberware instead one for each Rating
  • removed the Martial Arts Positive Quality and made the Martial Arts tab always visible
  • total cost for each piece of Cyberware now correctly ignores free plugins and deducts the right amount from character's Nuyen total
  • add Custom Placeholder to gear.xml to act as placeholders
  • Adept Power Points Remaining text has been changed to match the format for Cyberware Capacity Remaining to make it easier to understand
  • character sheet now includes Lifestyles
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