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Chummer Build 114 Available

Build 114

  • added support for <overflow /> to the Improvement Manager which improves the number of Overflow Condition Monitor boxes the character has
  • Physical Condition Monitor in Career Mode now includes boxes for Overflow
  • added Overflow to the Condition Monitor on the Shadowrun 4 Character Sheet
  • Other Info tab now shows a character's Career Karma (Career Mode only) and Movement
  • corrected how the maximum modified Skill Rating is calculated (total maximum modified Rating = 1.5X the skill's base Rating)
  • added support for the special Vintage Weapon Mod from Gun Heaven which doubles the cost of all Accessories and Modifications
  • Initiation/Submersion Grades now record if a Group/Network and Ordeal/Task was used for each Grade
  • added a list to the Initiation tab which shows which options were used for each Grade
  • fixed an issue that caused the Weapon created by the Drone Mortar Gear to throw an error when selected or attempting to print
  • Elemental Strike and Elemental Resistance Adept Powers now ask for a value to be selected
  • <specificattribute /> Improvements now include support for precedence attribute which determines how they stack with other Improvements to the same Attribute (see below)

specificattribute precedence
This has been included to (and should only be used for) Cyberware, Bioware, and Powers that affect Initiative and/or Reaction which either does not allow it to stack with any other enhancement, or only certain ones. A precedence of 1 ignore all other Improvements and uses the COMBINED value of all other precedence 1 items (Wired Reflexes, Move-by-Wire, and Reaction Enhancers). A precedence of 0 ignore all other Improvements and uses the single highest precedence 0 Improvement the character has (Synaptic Booster). Short version: nothing you need to actually worry about - the necessary items have already been updated and Chummer figures out what it should use. :)

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