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Blood Bowl Pitch

When I found out the local GW store was going to be starting another season of Blood Bowl, I decided to give the game a try. After a quick trial game, I was hooked. I picked up a Human team and signed up for the league. After the first couple of games, I discovered that most of the people didn't have a pitch available. Knowing that a few of my friends would probably want to play it, too, I figured I'd set about creating a pitch of my own. After finding all of the pitch measurements online, I was set.

The board itself is a sheet of MDF that I had trimmed down to be just wide enough to fit in the trunk of my car. The sheet first got a coat of primer (as recommended by a friend - I'd have never thought of that for MDF, but that's why I'm not handy with that sort of thing). Once the primer was dry the whole thing was covered in green acrylic paint. My original intention at this point was to cover the whole thing in flock. I glued down some sandy patches, then started doing the flock in a few sections. When I realised how much of a pain in the butt that was going to be, and just the sheer amount of flock I'd need (not to mention the cost of it), I decided to do away with it. I scraped up most of the material and re-painted everything. I'm rather glad I did this now - the textured effect is really neat and looks better than just painting a few rough patches onto a green field.

While the paint was drying, it was time to plot the field. I created a grid using Paint.NET and tiled it across 9 sheets of paper that were taped together. I taped the grid onto the board and marked each intersection on the board by hammering it with a nail. With all of the points marked, I painted each of them in by hand which was a bigger job than I had anticipated.

That last pieces to be painted in were the score, turn, weather, and direction boxes which were all measured out at 1" squares. Rather than painting a turn track for each half, I did just 1 and have a special double-sided turn marker that has a "1" side and "2" side to show the current half.

The whole thing only took 2 days to put together and I'm very pleased with the result. It's durable but nice and light and very each to move from home to the store for a game.

Completed Blood Bowl pitch

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