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Chummer Build 121 Available

Build 121

  • removed temporary support for converting Qualities from the old format to the current format
  • removed the RES Attribute from A.I.
  • Metatypes that have an Attribute whose maximum is 0 (typically A.I.s) can now set any other Attribute to their Metatype maximum
  • Physical Attribute controls are disabled when creating an A.I.
  • free Positive Quality BP and free Negative Quality BP Improvements are now correctly loaded from saved characters
  • clicking on Add Metamagic/Add Echo in Career Mode when the character does not yet have an Initiate Grade no longer throws an error
  • added Ruger Thunderbolt w/ Smartgun Weapon (Laser Sight version was not added since the Mod can be purchased for the same price)
  • Camera, Trideo and Microphone now consume 1 slot instead of a number of slots equal to their Rating
  • underbarrel Weapons now show their halved Ammo capacity when selected, not just when reloading them
  • Complex Form Options now cost BP/Karma
  • Complex Form Options can now be improved in Career Mode
  • changing a character's RES now changes the maximum value for the Complex Form field without having to re-select a Complex Form
  • MAG and RES Active Skills are now disabled when a character does not have access to those special Attributes
  • Uneducated Negative Quality should now impact Skills and Skill Groups properly
  • added support for selecting individual aspects of Contact Connection Modifiers
  • began adding support for Expense Undo entries (see below)

Expense Undo Entries
This will be an ongoing project. By right-clicking on a Karma or Nuyen Expense, you can choose to undo the purchase. This will only be for Expenses that were created during the current session. They will not be saved with your character information, so once you have closed the character, the undo history is lost (largely to prevent undoing something done 10 game sessions ago without undoing anything else). Currently supported items - Karma: Attribute, Karma: Add Quality, Nuyen: Cyberware/Bioware, Nuyen: Gear. This only undoes the expense for the item you have selected. If you later added child items you should undo these expenses first - the undo function strictly undoes the single item that is selected, meaning anything that was added after and not undone will not be refunded. This is intended to undo your most recent few transactions only.

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