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Chummer Build 130 Available

Build 130

  • multiple windows now appear as a series of tabs to make finding and switching between open character easier
  • Condition Monitor penalties are now applied to all Initiative scores in Career Mode
  • losing access to the MAG or RES special Attributes now resets their values back to the Metatype minimum in Create Mode
  • canceling an Improvement dialogue now rolls back all of the Improvements that would have been created by the selected item and prevents the triggering item from being added to the character
  • added System to list of Vehicle Modifications
  • Vehicles are now limited to +2 improvements to Response, System, Firewall, and Signal unless they have the Modular Electronics Vehicle Modification
  • added support for <selectmartialart /> to PACKS
  • added support for <lifestyles /> to PACKS
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