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Chummer Build 133 Available

Build 133

  • Select PACKS Kit window now shows Staring Nuyen BP if a value is given
  • clicking in an empty space of the Kits list in the Select PACKS Kit window no longer throws an error
  • Gear plugins now have their Quantity set correctly when being added through a PAKCS Kit
  • added support for Complex Form Options to PACKS
  • added support for fully-defined Martial Arts to PACKS
  • added support for underbarrel Weapons to PACKS
  • added support for Vehicle Gear plugins to PACKS
  • added support for creating custom PACKS Kits based on a character through Special > Create PACKS Kit menu item in Create mode
  • Text-Only character sheet now prints Description, Background, Concept, and Notes sections when applicable
  • added Signal to the Build Nexus window
  • adding a Complex Form in Career Mode now asks for confirmation
  • Submersion History is now recorded properly
  • Undo for Submersion Grade Karma Expenses now works properly
  • Bound/Registered checkbox for Spirits/Sprites is now enabled in Career Mode
  • Vehicle Mods that come with a Vehicle can now be removed
  • Vehicles are no longer slowed down by the Armor they come equipped with by default (Armor Mods must exceed the Vehicle's standard Armor Rating to affect its Speed and Accel)
  • Free! and Do It Yourself now show the adjusted price in the Select windows
  • Enemies now allow for Connection Groups
  • A.I.s now have access to all of the Unwired A.I. Qualities, including those without BP values
  • unchecking Show only Qualities I can take in the Select a Quality window now works with A.I. characters
  • Physical and Mental Attributes can now be raised to their total maximum (Metatype Maximum + modifiers) instead of just their Metatype Maximum in Career Mode
  • Sprites now have access to the Sprites and Complex Forms tab
  • Sprites can now properly set their Complex Form Ratings to match their own Rating
  • individual character tabs now show just the character's name to make them easier to find
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