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Chummer Build 136 Available

Build 136

  • added support for <armorencumbrancepenalty /> to Improvement Manager which adjusts the AGI and REA penalties by the number specified
  • Nuyen totals are correctly updated after adding an Advanced Lifestyle
  • added Expense Undo support for manually created Karma and Nuyen Expenses
  • Skill Groups are disabled if you do not have access to at least one of the Group's Active Skills
  • adding a Negative Quality in Career Mode now creates a Karma Expense Entry which can be undone
  • added a Free! checkbox to the Select a Quality window in Career Mode which changes a Quality's cost to 0 Karma
  • Metatypes with a natural Essence of 0 can now be marked as Created
  • Armor Mods now create their Improvements using their selected Rating instead of Rating 1
  • Armor Mods now update their Improvements when their Rating changes
  • added Military-Grade Armor Enhancements from Arsenal
  • Nuyen Expenses now have a % adjustment field that modifies the total value of the Expense
  • when deleting Enemies in Career Mode, you can choose between removing them for free or removing them with Karma
  • special Attribute-only tests (Composure, Judge Intentions, Lift/Carry, and Memory) now appear on the Other Info tab and on the character sheets
  • Living Persona Attributes are now properly limited by the RES Attribute
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