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Chummer Build 203 Available

Build 203

  • added support for multipliers to the Metatypes cost Karma equal to their BP Optional Rule (default 1)
  • added Limbs for Standard Characters option to pick which limbs count towards the limb count total
  • average Attributes are now calculated across the chosen number of Cyberlimbs
  • tagged all Skull Cyberlimbs as occupying the head limb slot
  • fixed an issue that caused the Select Armor Mod window to allow Military Grade Armor Mods to be added to standard Armor
  • added Swim speeds to Metahumans (see below)
  • broke Movement out into separate fields for Movement, Swim, and Fly

Movement Changes
New Metahuman characters will automatically pick up their Swim speed information. If you want to apply this to saved characters, you must manually edit the save file. Open your save file in any text editor such as Notepad. Look for the tag called <movement> (it will be very close to the top). Using a Human as an example, it should read <movement>10/25</movement>. Change this to read <movement>10/25, Swim 5</movement> (you can find your Metatype's correct Swim speed below). Make sure to include the comma and spaces as shown. Save the file and you're set.
Dwarf: 4
Elf: 6
Human/Ork: 5
Troll: 7

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